10 Sites for Downloading Free 3D LUTs

Now that you know what 3D LUT actually is and how to apply it to videos, you might be interested in how to get more aesthetically beautiful and free 3D LUT effects. Below, you are going to find 10 sites which allow you to download free LUTs and 3D LUTs. They all offer you great possibilities in video editing, ensuring that you get the exact outcome that you have pictured in your mind.

Recommendation - Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an easy to use while powerful video editing software which not only allows you cut, trim, crop, rotate, and reverse videos, but also offers various 3D LUTs to ignite your video by clicks.

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Check the video blow to get more detailed information about how to correct color in Filmora

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Why choose Wondershare Filmora

  • All the classic video editing functions like trim, crop, zoom, cut, split are included.
  • Adjust brightness, playing speed, change audio volume, pitch, fade in/fade out effect.
  • Apply special video effects like tilt-shift, face off, mosaic blur, frozen picture, green screen, PIP and more.
  • Export for web, mobile, DVD and integrates with YouTube, Facebook for one-step upload.
  • Available both on Win and Mac

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1. Ground Control Color:

This is a great place for you to find a plethora of color grading LUTs for free. These LUTs are separated into camera-specific and stylistic ones. They provide you with just enough to get started, even though there are also premium packages of sophisticated tools for you to use.

2. SmallHD:

At SmallHD, you get the chance to enjoy 7 free LUTs, as well as a helpful color grading tutorial. You can use these filters both when you are shooting and when you are video editing afterwards. The LUTs available come from popular films, and you can integrate them accordingly.

3. Juan Melara:

If you choose this option, you will get four free LUTs that will blow your mind. Four print film stock emulators are included (Fujifilm 3510, Fujifilm 3513, Kodak 2383 and Kodak 2393) and they can help you out with video editing. They are easy to setup and start using.

4. Iwltbap:

Seven free LUTs are offered via this alternative, whereas there is a huge collection of 145 LUTs available for purchase. Even with the free stuff, you will be able to enjoy options like Aspen, Sedona, Delog and Aparaho for SmallHD. You can preview them, too.

5. Color Grading Central:

With Color Grading Central, 3D LUT download becomes easier than ever. You get a lot of cool tutorials, along with stylistic LUTs and presets. In addition to all that, there is a free live workshop available for you to attend and master the art of color grading and video editing.

6. DeLUTs:

Although this is basic, you can go ahead with downloading this specific LUT and experiment with its options. It is an interesting choice for those who do not feel ready to explore color grading LUTs to their maximum extent. Just like an appetizer, it can offer you a fair idea of what is more to come.

7. Frank Glencairn:

For those who enjoy vintage, this is a cool LUT to download. This LUT offers all the benefits of Kodachrome, without having to compromise the overall quality of the video or image. In this way, you can adjust the colors perfectly to meet your own requirements, so as to get a nostalgic look with intense red, blue and green colors.

8. Lutify.me:

When it comes to cinematic color grading packages, Lutify.me is a great option. They only offer reliable and already used 3D LUTs available for download. In order to get that professional look on your videos and pictures, you need something you can trust. These LUTs certainly offer you the reassurance of professionalism and effectiveness.

9. Motion VFX:

A list of five free LUTs is included on this site, with the addition of a cool way to store and organize your LUTs. Badlands, Dramatic, Cold War, Frontier, and Startling, are the LUTs that you can use, after having downloaded this great option. Image processing is made a lot easier with the help of these LUTs, although there are also premium packages provided to those who want to take the extra step.

10. Core Melt:

There are two free LUTs for you to benefit from when using Core MeltLUTx. When using Apply Basic LUT and Apply Camera LUT, you get a great deal of flexibility as to color grading. Of course, this is not an exception to the rule. This means that there are more sophisticated LUTs available at an extra cost.

So these are the sites where you can get free LUTs and engage in high-quality 3D LUT download. Make the most of their features and edit your videos accordingly, for the best outcome!

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