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73 Best Free Luts for Premiere Pro to Make Cinematic Videos

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Luts are commonly used by editors and photographers alike to fine-tune the color grading in their end projects. For everything from converting videos to black and white, to inverting the colors in smartphone photography, does so using a Luts.

These conversion files are not as complicated as they seem. In cinema, at least, they are the best way to colour grade footage to a high-quality finished product.

What editors and photographers don’t know is that there are free luts for premiere pro out there. This article is dedicated to finding cinematic lut premieres that you can use, for free, when putting together your films. What are the 73 best luts for Premiere Pro? Let’s find out.

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Free Cinematic Luts for Premiere Pro

Without further ado, here are some of the best free cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro that is available on the market.

1. Free LUTs from Colour Grading Central

Seeking to emulate the subtle nuances of Hollywood films (their words, not ours), these LUTs are imitations for high-end fine tuning to creating a perfect movie. As well as providing free LUTs for Premiere Pro, these also work with Final Cut Pro. The pack is called the Cinema Grade Plugin, and you can download it for free, directly from their website.

Colour Grading Central

One thing we do like about this package is that their plugin allows for previewing before application. They also bypass the drop-down menu selection. This eliminates a whole lot of scroll-through time as you search for the correct table.

2. 16 Free Canon Cinestyle Luts

Cinematic LUT premiere is turned into something exemplary with the use of these 16 free Canon luts. One of the biggest names in the photography industry: it is only fair that Canon gives away some of their honed software, for free! We tracked down the best of them so you could have access to a full range of free LUTs for Premiere Pro.

free Canon Cinestyle Luts

Fresh from Ground Controller, you can gain free Cinestyle to REC 709 LUT by following the link above. This gives you access to colour grading tables capable of retouching even the least colorful film. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to use, it works with most apps, and it is one of the best free luts for Premiere Pro that you can get. Plus, there’s 16 of them. It doesn’t get better than that.

3. 8 Cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro

These cinematic LUTs are provided in an easy-to-access format. Click to select your LUT and again to apply it, preview what it looks like, and improve your experience. All of this is simple with a cinematic lut premiere. These LUTs are provided by Filter grade, a well-known firm for tech freebies. We particularly like this pack because of the walkthroughs they provide.

Cinematic LUTs for Premiere Pro

It isn’t just easy to use – it is all there for you on video if you need more help. Go to their website, watch the instruction manual, and DIY the best cinematic color grading LUTs – for free! Whether you are struggling to install and use your free LUTs for Premiere Pro, or whether you are a total beginner, we recommend this package for you.

4. Free LUTs Cinematic from Preset Pro

Preset Pro is a little different from the other cinematic LUTs out there. This is mainly because they have been specially devised to work in harmony with Premiere Pro. Where the others on our list spared a glance towards compatibility with the likes of Final Cut Pro, the team at Preset focused solely on making free LUTs for Premiere Pro.

Free LUTs Cinematic from Preset Pro

This gives them the edge if this happens to be the system of your choice. If not, though, this double-edged sword might not work as you expect it to. The good news is it is completely free, totally cinema compliant, and lightroom friendly!

5. 35 Free LUTs for Color Grading

On the upper end of the spectrum comes this offering from Rocketstock. Rocketstock is another well-known brand, even if you haven’t heard this title before. Their parent company is Shutterstock – which everyone has heard. If there is a decent marker as to the high-tech capabilities of a LUT pack, it is the brand name behind it.

Free LUTs for Color Grading

These 35 LUTs are sure to contain what you need. Best used by those who are always editing, this pack includes vintage feel, lightening and darkening, softening and sharpening – everything you need from a full set of tables. Colour grade with the best of them with these free luts for Premiere Pro.

6. Free Movie Look Pack

This pack does exactly what it promises to: it gives you free luts for Premiere Pro, in a pack! This free movie retouching pack includes cinematic lut premieres within depth colour grading tuition. That’s right – this pack also comes with a complete tutorial that will help you get the most from your program. It’s not as extensive as some of the previous packs, but it does contain everything you need to get started.

Free Movie Look Pack

7. Free Vintage LUT for Premiere

If you are developing a moody, atmospheric film, then there might only be one single free LUT for Premiere Pro that you need… the Vintage table. This pack provides it – specifically, Kodachrome K-Tone LUT. This comes free from photographer Frank Glencairn, so you know the source is reputable.

Free Vintage LUT for Premiere

8. 10 Free Cinematic Luts

Finally, on our list today, we have the free cinematic LUTs only found at Fix the Photo. This firm does exactly what it promises to. It fixes your photographs and films with a choice of ten different tables. Instantly adjust your colouring, highlight or lowlight, or blend colours. This pack also has cull compatibility with macs.

Free Cinematic Luts

Rounding Up

A decent cinematic lut, Premiere Pro doesn’t always need a specially devised program. Many LUTs have been programmed to work across various platforms, operating systems – and film types. So whether you need film industry quality luts, or whether you are just a dabbler: you can find them all here, for free, right now. So what’s stopping you?

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