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15 Best Online Video Makers in 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Are you passionate about making videos and searching for a right option to create a few? In the following article, we will list some remarkable video makers online who will cater to all your needs. Be aware of the fact though that these video makers are online-based services and thus the available editing features can be quite limited. Readers who are seeking for full-featured video editors will need a desktop program. Here we recommend Wondershare Filmora, an easy-to-use while full featured video editing software for Windows and Mac. Check a short video to get an instant overview of what Filmora is able to do:

Free Download
Free Download

Why Choose Wondershare Filmora?

  • A wide support for different formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, AVCHD, MKV and more.
  • Enables you to crop, trim, cut, split and combine in a few clicks.
  • Up to 100 Audio and Video Tracks for organizing your project and layer media for green screen effects, picture-in-picture, or blending.
  • Edit smaller proxy files instead of your full-sized videos to ensure a smooth experience.
  • Various filter and visual effects to touch up your video.
  • Save the edited video to any popular video format or fit to the mobile device.
  • Burn to DVD or upload to YouTube and Vimeo instantly.
In this article
    1. Animoto
    2. Kizoa
    3. WeVideo
    4. Magisto
    5. Wideo
    6. Powtoon
    7. Flixpress
    8. Masher
    9. MakeWebVideo
    10. Loopster
    11. Biteable
    12. Clideo
    13. Canva
    14. FlexClip
    15. InVideo
  1. Comparison of the Top 15 Online Video Makers

Top 15 Video Online Makers

1.  Animoto

Headquartered in New York City, Animoto is an online and mobile video maker which enables a user to choose his own pictures, music and clips and turn them into magical video slideshows. Founded in 2005, the website creator offers a great digital experience and cloud-computing service with options like a vast music library and video style options. Animoto bags second position in the countdown.

online video maker animoto


You can try the FREE version and also choose from $8, $15, and $39 for the Basic, Pro, and Pro Plus versions, respectively.

  • You can easily add and change the fonts, transitions, and effects within the video without requiring any knowledge.
  • There is a complete music library for adding sound to the video.
  • In its free version, the output video content contains a watermark.


“It's great for newbies and people that just want to create a fun video. You can just add your photos and videos and in a few minutes you're done.” – GetApp

 “I didn't like this product as a teaching tool. For an ELA teacher, I didn't understand how I could incorporate this software into my classroom.” – Common Sense Education

2.  Kizoa is an online video and slideshow maker which offers you a vivid experience. It is an extraordinary collage maker and photo editor too. It gives free rein to users to develop magnificent pieces using photos, clips, transitions, and visual effects. The company’s website offers users to create according to themes like weddings, birthdays, babies, etc.

online video maker kizoa


For Basic – free with videos up to 1 min

For Starter - $29.99 with videos up to 10 min

For Creator – $49.99 with videos up to 20 min

For PRO – $99.99 for unlimited videos

For Business - $299.99 for unlimited videos

  • It provides control over the parameters and details of the video, including timing, duration, size, and position.
  • You can also adjust the aspect ratio of the videos.
  • There is some confusing options present within its interface.


 “I was referred to Kizoa by a friend and started to use it. It is a great internet application for making photo collages and videos.” – Trustpilot

 “BUY SOMETHING ELSE! No archives no backup nothing! I'm under a deadline and cannot meet it because this program is faulty and cannot be relied on to store my work. Therefore, it is useless.” – Sitejabber

3.  WeVideo, launched in 2007, has a user-friendly procedure to create online videos and gives innumerable tools to unleash your creativity. It offers its services to business start-ups, campus sharing of videos, and timeline and storyboard editing. The website maker stands at 4th position amongst all. Wevideo offers you a video editor mobile app also, which you can use with ease. Wevideo academy teaches the basics of video making and editing to their esteemed users.

online video maker wevideo


Individual & Business: $7.99 per month for Unlimited and $19.99 per month for Professional

Schools: $89 per year for a single teacher

Schools & Business: $299 per year for Classroom Pro

  • Its green screen feature gives you the ability to create realistic videos.
  • The tool contains specific uses for personal needs, learning, and people in business.
  • When downloading videos, the process takes quite some time.


 “My overall experience with WeVideo is great. This is a very helpful tool for the creator.” – Capterra

 “One thing I cannot do in WeVideo is unlink the audio from the video in a clip. This makes split edits (L- or J- cuts) a little more difficult by making you use a second video track.” – GetApp

4.  Magisto

As the name suggests, works magically. Magisto is yet another platform for sharing life experiences in the form of online videos. It works automatically and turns your raw video material into a full-fledged polished, and beautiful carved piece. Magisto has inbuilt editing styles that a user can use in deciding the mood, atmosphere, and style of the clip. An extremely professional workforce sits on your raw material to nourish and bring out something new. A separate visual and audio analysis is the icing on the cake.

online video maker magisto


Premium: $9.99/month and $59.88/year

Professional: $19.99/month and $119.88/year

Business: $69.99/month and $419.88/year

  • It offers the option of hosting, downloading, and sharing content from the same platform.
  • People often recommend its library of themes and music for adding to videos.
  • Does not allow the processing of longer videos within the platform.


 “What I like about Magisto is that they have a great library with great themes, great music, and a relatively easy to use platform.” - GetApp

 “I felt like it is an unfair business practice the way they refuse to cancel my subscription.” - Capterra

5.  Wideo is yet another online platform to create the best digital content for your education, business, or home use. It provides you with a flexible procedure to choose, create, edit and share videos instantly. is all about making result-oriented videos suiting to your needs with minimum effort. It offers you the facility to save the video online and edit it later, which is extremely laudable in the current scenario.

online video maker wideo


Basic: $59/month and $228/year

Pro: $99/month and $468/year

Pro+: $199/month and $948/year

  • Wideo gives the ability to edit the individual elements within the template with ease.
  • It contains the ability to set precise frame accuracy within the video.
  • The templates are not developed in high-quality, which restricts the options for the user.


 “It is easy to use, has a popular drag and drop feature, and is effective.” – GetApp

 “And their support is really bad. Their answer to everything is to spend more money.” – GetApp

6.  Powtoon

Powtoon is the center stage for both online videos and presentations. It has user-friendly, instinctive, and captive presentation software to create online content for someone who has no technical knowledge or skills. ‘Powtoon’, as the name suggests, is a mix of presentations and animated cartoons that have been successful in bracing the market.

online video maker powtoon


Lite: $30/month and $120/year

Professional: $182/month and $720/year

Business: $100/month and $1200/year

  • Powtoon is a great tool with an easy-to-use interface containing proper navigation to different tools.
  • It contains a feature of automatically saving the work within the platform.
  • The process of creating characters is limited within the platform.


 “I liked very creative tools to make presentations appear interactive and interesting to audience. By using Powtoon it is very easy to make yourself stand out and be remarkable.” – Capterra

 “Somewhat exporting function is bit difficult to user. And some features are difficult to understand.” – GetApp

7.  Flixpress

Aiming at creating the best online media content, allows its users to make and broadcast premium videos within a few minutes. also endeavors to create easy, affordable, and professional videos to introduce a product or service in the market. Hence it caters to both formal & informal needs.

online video maker flixpress


You can try the Free version and $0.83 per month for personal.

  • You can include high-quality, advanced graphics and effects within your videos.
  • There is no learning curve involved in the process.
  • To get more access to good features, you are required to move to a paid plan.


 “Numerous video qualities. Video previews are of good quality.” - Capterra

 “Sometimes, it works slowly. Some kind of emojis needed to be added like talking Tom and all etc.” – Software Suggest

8.  Masher

Created in 2008, allows users to create phenomenal digital work by mixing and integrating photos, music, visual effects, and filters. Its vast in-built library allows users to choose the best among thousands to yield better results. The Masher’s library has videos belonging to world’s prominent organizations like BBC, CBS News and China Central Television, among others. The music is also provided by experts to create an appealing video.

online video maker masher

Price: Free to use for everyone

  • You can add special effects to your videos without wasting any time.
  • It is great for those who wish to start video editing as a profession.
  • It is not as feature-rich as compared to other online video editors present in the market.


 “I can't wait to see more themes - please keep them coming! Can you also add more music tracks?” – Masher Website

 “Sorry to see that Masher, which is referenced in the Digital Citizenship curriculum (Grade 8, Lesson 5) is no longer free for teachers and students to use.” – Common Sense Education

9.  MakeWebVideo

Anyone would love super-easy tasks that can be accomplished in short span of time., a product from Mersica, is all about this. It offers its users to create online videos for a minimum duration of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Just select a template, customize your video and share it with friends instantly. All videos here are produced with Adobe After Effects, the most loved and accessible software ever. It has other services like free trial video and video hosting.

online video maker makewebvideo


Pay for each template from $15 per video or $59 per month for an unlimited version.

  • You can preview the results for free before downloading the output video.
  • It offers other unique options, such as speed adjustment of videos.
  • The videos downloaded from the platform for free are in low resolution.


 “The software is really very feasible and easy; also, it has many video templates you can try with.” – Trustpilot

 “This website is legendary, using it was able to create a high-quality video to promote a restaurant, it's so versatile, simple and time efficient, it's the top website for creating such videos.” – Trustpilot

10.  Loopster

It is another product from the lap of Grand Junction, Colorado, which is the leading online video editing software. Loopster has more editing tools as compared to other biggies in the sector. It incorporates a video editor, and advanced features make you generate a stunning piece of work. It is ranked as the top and most visited and appreciated website.

online video maker loopster


Plus Membership: $4.99 per month or $47.88 per year

Movie Producer Membership: $9.99 per month or $95.88 per year

Education Package: $79 every three months

Business Package: $129 every three months

  • It provides the option of collaborating with other users to complete videos for free.
  • You can have a 10-minute video time in the free plan.
  • There are not any effects and animations available on the platform.


 “The very nice user interface is not imposing and encourages creativity. The ability to collaborate with teammates and friends is a nice plus.” – G2

 “One needs to buy the $4/month subscription to have 720p and no watermark.” – Slant

11.  Biteable

Biteable is known for its abstract features of providing individuals and teams with the perfect platform to create videos with collaboration. The online video maker is packed with great tools that provide you with complete control of the video. It also gives you the ability to track the engagement of the video to help you ensure that the created content has successfully diverged.

online video maker biteable


Pro: $99/Month (Includes 1 Member)

Teams: $199/Month (Includes 3 Members)

  • You can use it effectively for editing the scenes within the video.
  • Its options are great for determining the intensity of your work when you start a project.
  • You are very limited in adding elements within pre-designed templates.


 “I definitely applaud their customer service - they are very responsive and helpful.” – GetApp

 “Spent the morning creating a video ad on the trail version with a view to purchasing:

Can’t download video on trial version; won’t play copied link; won’t play embedded link: won’t be buying.” - Trustpilot

12.  Clideo

This is another free and simple online video maker that provides you with the most suitable interface to work on. With no complications involved in the process, it supports a wide variety of video formats, making it a great option to work with. While the tool stands among the best online video makers in the market, it provides a protective environment to its users to ensure perfect video creation.

clideo online video editor


$9 monthly or $72 annually for Clideo Pro

  • It is very easy to work with the tool for editing or creating online videos.
  • You can also set the aspect ratio of the video while creating.
  • It attaches a watermark with every edited video in its free version.


 “Overall experience was good in the past as it is beginner and user-friendly.” – Capterra

 “It was great for my 2 min video no problem, but when I did a 10 min video with lots of edits it wasn't strong enough to export the video, it kept crashing. So only good for promo videos, or short videos.” – Trustpilot

13.  Canva

Canva is known for many potential services, including photo editing and video making. Its online video-making tool provides a professional experience, including animations, fonts, music, and much more. The use of such diversity in the elements makes Canva a professional option for enhancing videos. Its ability to provide features at every stage helps you finish the video with perfection.

canva online video editor


Enjoy Canva for free or $119.99 annually for Canva Pro

  • The interface provided while creating videos is very effective and helpful for new users.
  • You can work on a video project with a team in connection.
  • There are very limited export settings available on Canva after creating a video.


 “Super easy to use and learn, and the pro version adds a lot of extra features. Background remover is easily the best feature and worth the price if you do your own product photos.” – GetApp

 “The inability to remove watermarks without the paid version. This prohibits a user from downloading their design and further editing it without a blurry version.” – Capterra

14.  FlexClip

If you wish to create stunning video clips through an online video maker, FlexClip can be a great option for this purpose. Known for its easygoing interface, FlexClip offers thousands of templates to work with. Its niche-specific presets allow you to create great video content to share with people. With its transition and overlays, things get much more impressive and intuitive for the viewers.

flexclip video editor


Basic: $9.99/month

Plus: $19.99/month

Business: $29.99/month

  • There are no copyright restrictions on the content used from the stock library, as it is royalty-free.
  • It offers a wide variety of formats to export the video into.
  • There are not enough tools present in the online video maker as compared to other platforms.


 “I love how easy it is to use FlexClip. It’s a great tool for quickly creating videos with voiceover and simple text overlays. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.” – G2

 “We forgot to mark our calendar to cancel the subscription. On the day of renewal, we found out about the renewal only by our CC being charged - no warning, nothing. We requested a refund on the day of renewal, and they refused. VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE.” - Capterra

15.  InVideo

With its 5000+ video templates, InVideo gives you the perfect platform to start your video editing on online platforms. With pre-defined transitions within the videos, you can add voiceover to your video with its text-to-speech conversion. InVideo gives a very different experience in online video editing, with features that are not usually common with online editors. Its animation library helps you get connected with commendable content for your videos.

invideo online video editor


Business: $30/month

Unlimited: $60/month

  • There is an option of using automated text-to-speech to include quick voiceovers in videos.
  • You can easily enhance the appearance of the project with the available accessories.
  • It does not allow you to shift between templates while editing videos.


 “It is a highly effective program to promote image and video editing. It has reliable support that allows you to replace any problem with a solution.” – G2

 “The fact that I need to pay $10/month to get their premium stock photo and video. And it's hard to upload voice over with auto time-sync.” – Capterra

Comparison of the Top 15 Online Video Makers

Name Price Media Resources Ease of Use Service Top Features
Animoto Free with Watermark Abundant 4.7/5 4.8/5 Good collaboration.
Kizoa Free with Watermark Few 3.8/5 4/5 Multiple copyright-free music
WeVideo Free with Watermark Abundant 4.5/5 4.7/5 - Data-backed analysis
- Interactive video content
Magisto $9.99/month Abundant 4.4/5 4.6/5 Dedicated templates
Wideo Free with Watermark Few 4.1/5 4/5 Create a variety of videos covering different niches
Powtoon $89/month Abundant 4.8/5 4.85/5 An exceptional diversity of niches in video templates
Flixpress Free with Watermark Few 3.75/5 3.9/5 Observe the video quality in the preview before downloading it
Masher $2.99/month Few 3.7/5 3.8/5 Include special effects
MakeWebVideo Free with Watermark Abundant 4.2/5 4.1/5 Whiteboard animation and explainer videos
Loopster $4.99/month Few 4.1/5 4.05/5 Work together on a project
Biteable $99/month Abundant 4.35/5 4.6/5 Make perfectly branded videos
Clideo $9/month None 4.2/5 4/5 Add 500MBs worth of videos simultaneously for free
Canva Free with Limited Features Abundant 4.55/5 4.65/5 - Add narrations in the video along with voiceovers
- Rich templates
FlexClip Free with Watermark Abundant 4.65/5 4.75/5 A huge number of vector elements
InVideo Free with Watermark Abundant 4.75/5 4.8/5 The AI-based text-to-video converter and background remover

Conclusion and Recommendations

With that, we bring our comparative discussion of the 15 best online video makers to an end. As you have observed that there are a lot of tools in the market providing such services, it is evident that tools like InVideo, Powtoon, and Animoto offer unique services in video editing. Their online video makers, combined with their tertiary services, provide some of the easiest and most diverse options to create perfect videos.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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