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How to Make Stunning Glitch Effect in Photoshop? [Ultimate Guide]

It is interesting to see the increasing use of glitch effects, but not everyone is satisfied with the glitch templates. For that, learn to make your glitch effect in Photoshop with us.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 20, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Many of us are fascinated by glitch art. The aesthetic effect it adds to your content is unmatched. You can add color and class to your pictures with glitch picture effects. Someone who isn't aware of the glitch effect is inspired by any technical mishap or digital error. The damage that the malfunctioning of a system causes is used as an art and an effect to beautify things.

You can add the glitch image effect to your photos easily. There are multiple cool templates available on the internet that could be used. You can also make your own stunning yet customized glitch effect Photoshop. If this has impressed you, then stay here because we will talk a lot about glitch photo editors. 

Part 1. How Do You Do Photo Glitch Effect in Photoshop?

The jagged lines, the colorful pixels, frozen visuals, and also the distorted colors, everything perfectly blends to make a glitch effect. Usually, this is how all the glitch templates are, but if you get an opportunity to customize your image glitch effect and make your special effect, what will you do?

The best option to adopt in any such circumstances is Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can create a stunning and mind-blowing Photoshop VHS effect. If you want to learn about its steps, then continue reading.

Step 1: The process starts by importing the image to Photoshop on which you plan to add the photo glitch effect. Then you should always convert the image from colorful to black and white. This could be done quickly by going into the 'Image' menu from the menu bar. Next, go for the 'Adjustments' option and select 'Desaturate.'

tap on desaturate option

Step 2: Now duplicate the image by dragging it onto the New Layer icon in the Layers Panel. Then double click on the duplicated image. This will open a ‘Layer Style’ settings menu. Here, click on the icon for ‘R Channel’ and deselect it.

disable channel r

Step 3: Now, it's time to add the first glitch element. For that, hold the ‘Shift’ key and move the image by using the left/right cursor keys on the keyboard. This will offset the image layer from the original.

add first glitch element

Step 4: You can now select the ‘Mark’ tool from the left side. Make a rectangle anywhere on the image with the Mark tool and then switch back to the ‘Move’ tool. Then again, nudge the rectangular portion left or right to offset it. You can repeat this process multiple times on different areas of the image.

use mark and move tool

Step 5: At this point, make a New Layer and fill it with White. Now right-click on this white layer and select the option of 'Convert to Smart Object.'

tap on the option of convert to smart object

Step 6: Move to the menu bar at the top and go to the 'Filter' section. From there, select the option of 'Filter Gallery.' A new window will show up. Head to the 'Sketch' category, and there change the 'Pattern Type' to 'Line.' You can also play with the 'Contrast' and the 'Size' of the lines.

change the pattern

Step 7: Now, in the ‘Layers Panel,’ select the option of ‘Overlay’ from the dropdown menu so that the different layers can show through. You can adjust the visibility of the lines by adjusting the number on the scale.

tap on overlay

Step 8: After setting everything for the glitch effect in your image, you can now add colors using the ‘Gradient Map.’ Or you can also import some graphic textures to Photoshop and add them to the image. Don’t forget to change the ‘Binding Mode’ to 'Overlay.' You can then play with the color and graphic settings.

change the binding mode

Step 9: Once all the color adjustments have satisfied you, it's time to add some text to your glitch image. For that, head to the ‘Text’ tool from the left menu and type in your text. Edit it as you did to your image so that you can make a cool glitch text effect Photoshop and with this, you are all done with making the most stunning glitch effect Photoshop.

customize your glitch effect

Part 2. 5 Awesome Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions.

With Photoshop, you can create your photo glitch effect as you prefer instead of using the available standard templates. What if you don’t have enough time to create the effect? Are you going to use the basic and standard templates?

If you are looking for some jaw-dropping glitch picture effects rather than using the basic effects, then this section of the article is perfect for you. We are going to talk about 5 fantastic glitch effects Photoshop action.

1. Distorted Glitch Photoshop Action 

The first effect we will discuss is Distorted Glitch Photoshop Action. The effect is very easy to use. You can set it with just one click action. The effect allows you to do adjustment settings with very easy steps to edit it.

The effect has all the dark, distorted, and disturbance-related elements that make it an amazing effect to add glitch effect to image.

distorted glitch photoshop action

2. Geometric Glitch Photoshop Action

If glitch effect with lines is too mainstream for you, then this next effect will surely impress you. This effect is the Geometric Glitch Photoshop Action. You can edit this effect. All its colors, layers, and even elements are fully editable.

You can create a modern yet professional glitch image with this stunning effect. The effect lets you add shapes, abstract styles, and also glitch lines to make cool images.

geometric glitch photoshop action

3. Animated Glitch Photoshop Action 

If you are looking for a glitch effect to add to animated content, then nothing is better than Animated Glitch Photoshop Action. The effect template is fully editable with 12 distinct color options. The animated effect has a very organized structure of layers, color coding, etc.

By using this effect, you can add a great vibe to your image. The template greatly shows the distortion, digital error, etc. You can play around with RGB to make it look crazy brilliant.

animated glitch photoshop action

4. Futuristic Photoshop Action

The next effect in line to be discussed is Futuristic Photoshop Action. This effect has all the bright and neon colors. The effect could be added easily to your images regardless of the type of your content. Graphic designers and photographers use the Futuristic Effect to create stunning and professional glitch images. 

futuristic photoshop action

5. Glitch Art Photoshop Action

The last effect template that we are going to shed light on is Glitch Art Photoshop Action. The effect is fully editable with 10 different abstract elements. The template has absolutely professional results. The effect delivers complete glitchy vibes.

The distortion, the abstract elements, the digital error, and everything else in effect represents all the glitchy vibes.

glitch art photoshop action

Final Words

This article is everything one person needs if they want to learn about glitch effect Photoshop. We have talked about creating a jaw-dropping glitch effect in Photoshop. The steps to create a stunning glitch effect have been mentioned above.

We then shared 5 incredible glitch effects that could be used in case you don’t want to create your own effect.

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