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10 Best Free Audio Editors in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Audio editing is the process of enhancing, manipulating, and organizing audio files. It involves cutting, merging, applying effects, and removing background noise to improve audio quality. Whether it's a dialogue in a film or vocals in a song, high-quality audio significantly engages listeners. Some artists spend thousands of dollars on sound engineers to achieve professional results.

However, with technical advancements and AI, many feature-packed audio editors are launching. Anyone can create high-quality audio content without paying a dime. Notably, not all free audio editing software are created equally. That’s why this article lists the best audio editing software for editing from the comfort of your home.

1 - Filmora 2 - Audacity 3 - Ocenaudio
4 - Audiotool 5 - WavePad 6 - GarageBand
7 - Lexis Audio Editor 8 - MixPad 9 - Dolby On
10 - LMMS

1. Filmora [Free trial and Paid subscription]

Best For: Smooth Video and Audio Content Creation With AI

At the top of the list comes Wondershare Filmora, an all-in-one video editor. From video creation to editing and audio manipulation, this platform has everything an artist needs. This audio file editor has countless AI features to enhance the quality of your media effortlessly. Moreover, it provides an AI copilot assistant to beginners in video editing that serves as a personal assistant.

Do you know it lets you create your own music track when nothing suits your video purpose? Yes, you can generate your own masterpiece with basic instructions across the AI Music Generator. Also, Filmora allows you to remove background noise with one tap through its AI audio denoiser. Users can also fade out music by Audio Ducking so the dialogues can stand out amidst background music.

Edit Audio with AI

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Edit Audio with AI

For macOS 10.14 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download

  • If your chosen track doesn’t fit the video duration, Filmora lets you stretch the audio with AI.
  • With a timeline-based editing window, you can edit and enhance each video aspect.
  • Filmora can separate vocals and music from the audio so you can dub videos as desired.
  • Beginners face difficulty accessing advanced features until they discover the AI Copilot editor.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android 

How To Edit Audio in Filmora: A Quick Tutorial for Beginners

Filmora has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and operate. To witness real-time audio editing, follow the given steps to edit audio in Filmora:

Step 1. Import Media After Launching Filmora and Import Media

Launch Filmora on your device and proceed to the "New Project" button across the main interface. Tap the "Import Media” icon in the media panel to import your audio and videos into Filmora. Then, drag the video to the timeline panel to begin your audio editing process.

add video to filmora
Step 2. Apply Audio Ducking Feature to Audio

After you’ve added the video to the timeline, tap it and access the “Audio” tab on the right-hand side of the panel. Scroll down and toggle the “Audio Ducking” feature to adjust the respective settings using the sliders.

apply audio ducking to filmora
Step 3. Apply AI Audio Denoise Feature to Video

In the “Audio” section, locate the “Denoise” feature and extend its list to turn on the “Normal Denoise” toggle. Adjust the denoise level with the help of “Normal Denoise” sliders. You can also adjust and remove noise using the “Wind Removal” and “Hiss Removal” options.

apply ai audio denoising to filmora
Step 4. Export the Video After Completion With Your Preferred Settings

Finally, when you finish editing, click the "Export" button at the top of the right-side panel. After that, an "Export" Window will appear, allowing you to customize the export settings as per your choice. When you are done setting the export parameters, tap the "Export" button and migrate the video to your system.

export edited video to computer
filmora box
Filmora Audio Editor

Edit Audio with AI

Experience the power of Filmora's AI tools and make your audio or music stand out like never before!

2. Audacity

Best For: Handling Large Audio Projects.

In the realm of free audio editors, Audacity is a big name due to its diverse file type support. Notably, it supports file import and conversion of MP3, FLAC, and WAV formats. It can handle hours-long podcasts and big audio projects without crashing. Besides, it can simultaneously work on two tracks to create the desired sound. You can cut audio, copy, and paste while applying filters and effects.

audacity audio editor
  • It offers unlimited undo and redo to protect your projects from all fronts.
  • Audacity supports a large plugin library and performs deep audio analysis.
  • This software is considered a complex one and overwhelms beginners.

Compatibility: Windows, Linus, macOS

Price: Free

3. Ocenaudio

Best For: Beginners in Audio Editing.

Ocenaudio is known for its proficient multi-track audio editing. It is one of the best free audio editing software with an advanced memory management system to edit files of several hours long. Also, it can perform basic corrections and advanced adjustments in audio. In this regard, it can control pitch and quantize with broad effects.

ocenaudio audio editor
  • This software can also record audio and mix the tracks without requiring a music DAW.
  • Users can change and control the appearance of software for a smooth working experience.
  • It doesn’t support an effect stack and a manual to get guidance for complex editing.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

Price: Free

3. Audiotool

Best For: Collaboration of Artists on Projects.

If you want to collaborate with other artists on a music project, this software can help you. It is designed for artists' collaboration and invites other producers to work online on projects. Plus, it has a built-in publishing platform, so you can get instant feedback and inspiration from millions of songs. This music editor free can modify your tracks by applying filters from 14 different effects.

audiotool audio editor
  • Audiotool has more than 200K presets of synthesizers, effects, and tons of virtual instruments.
  • You can route, chop, merge, and split different audio tracks to get the desired results.
  • Due to the extensive resources, it crashes easily and confuses users with its interface.

Compatibility: Web

Price: Free

5. WavePad

Best For: General Editing and Audio Effects.

For beginners and professional editors, this audio editor free has essential editing tools. It supports various formats to trim, cut, and merge audio clips. Apart from basic editing, it can enhance specific frequencies in a recording by removing unwanted noise. Furthermore, it has audio restoration tools such as pop removal, amplification, reverb, and equalization.

wavepad audio editor
  • Unlike other tools, it offers a voice changer and a text-to-speed feature.
  • WavePad can search, scrub, and bookmark audio files to facilitate quick editing.
  • According to users, it has a slow rendering speed, and you must buy MixPad for audio mixing.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Kindle




Master Edition


Standard Edition


Master Edition, Quarterly Plan


6. GarageBand

Best For: Free Audio Editing and Recording on Apple Devices.

This software comes built-in in Mac for those who quickly want to create and share music. It has a large instrument sound library with more than 255 audio tracks. Besides, this music editing software free lets you add virtual drummer sessions to your songs. You can also record your performance with its multi-track recording feature and edit it afterward.

garageband audio editor
  • A notepad integration allows you to add comments and lyric ideas to your song.
  • It provides touch instruments, a microphone, and a guitar to capture live performances.
  • GarageBand doesn't offer a console view to see a standard audio output.

Compatibility: macOS, iOS

Price: Free

7. Lexis Audio Editor

Best For: Handle Diverse Audio File Formats.

Are you looking for an audio recorder and MP3 audio editor all in one? If yes, this software can help, and you can download the output in the desired format. It has all basic editing functions, such as cutting, copying, pasting, and trimming. Despite that, it has 10 band equalizer and audio speed, pitch, and tempo changer. Users can insert silence, fade in, and fade out audio portions as required. 

lexis audio editor tool
  • It supports MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, WMA, 3GP, and other audio file formats.
  • Using Lexis Audio Editor software on iOS, you can import files from iTunes.
  • This audio editor supports different file formats on different operating systems, which confuses users.

Compatibility: Windows, Android, iOS

Price: Free

8. MixPad

Best For: Multitrack Recording and Audio Mixing.

MixPad can optimize your audio quality and edit audio files in a minimum of time. It can record individual or multiple audio tracks and provides royalty-free sound effects. Additionally, it provides audio effects like reverb, EQ, and compression to create your beats. During the editing process, it automatically detects the tempo and location of beats for your ease.

mixpad audio editor
  • It can help you perfect the vocals with pitch correction and change tools.
  • Users can analyze their mix with FFT and TFFT sound frequency tools in MixPad.
  • The free version of MixPad may hold your edited product until you pay or subscribe.

Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS




Master Edition


Home Edition


Master Edition, Quarterly Plan


9. Dolby On

Best For: Record and Livestream Your Musical Videos.

Do you need to instantly record songs or videos or go live while maintaining audio quality? If so, this free MP3 editor can help you capture inspiration anytime, anywhere. It lets you live stream to Facebook Live and other platforms while applying studio effects. Such effects may involve spatial audio, noise reduction, compression, and EQ.

dolby on audio editor
  • It provides unique sound styles for your music recordings and voice memos.
  • Dolby On offers a dynamic EQ that fine-tunes bass, treble, and mid controls.
  • Some users claim there is a lack of video quality options and customer support.

Compatibility: macOS, Android, iOS

Price: Free

10. LMMS

Best For: Electronic Music Creation and Beat Production.

LMMS is an open-source and community-driven project that also features as a digital audio workstation (DAW). This MP3 editor for free is driven by GitHub and helps you make music from scratch. With its simple interface, you can compose music, arrange its sequence, and mix songs. Also, you can consolidate instrument tracks through beat and baseline editor.

lmms audio editor
  • This platform allows MIDI and hydrogen project files to be imported and worked on.
  • Using its Piano roll editor, you can fine-tune patterns, chords, notes, and melodies.
  • Compared with other tools, it doesn’t allow recording audio through a microphone.

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, macOS

Price: Free

filmora box
Filmora AI Audio Editor

Wondershare Filmora - AI Audio Editor

• Simply split, rearrange, and apply more than 100+ remix effects on multiple audio clips
• Edit audio files like denoise, crop, audio ducking, audio auto synchronization, etc...
• Cross-platform supported - (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

A Summary Comparison of the 10 Best Video Editing Software of 2024

To avoid confusion and gain clarity about the audio editing software discussed above, review the table below. Here, you will find the key features of the software and the prominent functionality that makes it special.

Audio Editors

Key Features

Best For

1. Wondershare Filmora

AI Audio Ducking

AI Denoise

AI Speech Enhancement

Smooth video and audio content creation with AI

2. Audacity

Multi-track editing

Audio effects and filters

Large plugin library

Handling large audio projects

3. Ocenaudio

Basic corrections

Pitch control.

Record audio

Beginners in audio editing

4. Audiotool

Artist’s collaboration

Audio filters and effects

Music publishing

Collaboration of artists on projects

5. WavePad

Noise remover

Equalizer and Reverb

Basic cutting, merging, trimming

General editing and audio effects

6. GarageBand

Touch instruments

Integrated Notepad

Multitrack recording

Free audio editing and recording on Apple devices

7. Lexis Audio Editor

Add silent parts in audio

Change tempo and pitch

Basic editing

Handle diverse audio file formats

8. MixPad

Pitch correction

Detect tempo of audio

Reverb and compression

Multitrack recording and audio mixing

9. Dolby On

Noise reduction

Livestreaming of audio

Dynamic EQ

Record and Livestream your musical videos

10. LMMS

Consolidate instrument track

Compose music

Piano roll editor

Electronic music creation and beat production

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download

FAQs About Free Audio Editor

  1. What is the best free audio editing software?

Wondershare Filmora is the best audio editing software for beginners and professionals. Its exclusive AI-powered features facilitate quick editing without expertise. With its intuitive interface, anyone can make professional-quality musical videos in minutes.

  1. What features should I look for in a free audio editor?

When selecting a tool, user-friendliness is the first thing you should look into. It will save you valuable time that could be spent learning how to operate that platform. Secondly, check the diversity of audio editing tools that must go beyond basic editing. Also, you should consider the file compatibility it accepts and allows for exporting the outputs.

  1. Is there a free MP3 editor for beginners?

Yes, if you are a newbie audio editor, Ocenaudio is a good-to-go option. It offers all the basic audio editing functions that hobbyists require to polish their projects. Besides, it has a simple and clean interface that is easy for a non-technical expert to navigate.

  1. How can I edit audio clips on my computer?

If you are using a macOS, you can edit audio files with the built-in GarageBand. However, if you are using a Windows PC, there is no native option to edit your audio files; however, you can consider using Wondershare Filmora for effective results. This audio editing service can also be utilized on macOS devices, giving diverse platform compatibility.

  1. Can I edit audio files online without downloading software?

Certainly, there are several online audio editors that exists to edit audio files directly on browsers. Among such options include Audiotool which is discussed in this article. If you want to explore more options, you can try TwistedWave online audio editor,, Kapwing, and Clideo.

  1. What is the best free audio editor for podcasts?

Audacity is considered best for editing podcasts due to its ability to handle long projects. It can also edit multiple tracks, which is essential for layering podcasts with intro/outro music. Moreover, it offers filters to enhance audio quality and noise reduction to make your podcasts professional. 

  1. How do I choose the best free audio editing software?

To choose an app, consider your needs and operating system first. After looking into compatibility, you can define your budget and level of expertise. Then, you are suggested to read user reviews and analyze the pros and cons of the software. It will help you select a reliable audio editor based on your needs.

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