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How to Use OBS Chroma Key With/Without Green Screen

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 15, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Whether you're someone new to the world of streaming or just seeking to enhance the aesthetic of your existing stream, a green screen is a terrific way to add some quality to your broadcasts. A green screen is a terrific tool for broadcasters and video makers who wish to cover their backdrop or change it with something else completely. Once you have one, it might be tough to understand how to set up a green screen, but once you get the directions down, you’ll be able to seem like you are wherever you desire! The procedure of setting up your chroma key settings in OBS is pretty straightforward and can be done within a few minutes.

These days most live streaming software packages support chroma keying as a feature. The first thing to do with any live broadcast is to arrange your shot. Will the camera stay stationary, or will you be moving it? Once you’ve determined the shot, you can calculate approximately how much green screen you need. It’s recommended to provide for a little additional green screen around the subject to prevent having them clipped outside of the chroma keyed region. When inserting a chroma key OBS will automatically produce certain baseline settings. In most circumstances, you’ll need to fine-adjust these parameters. In this post, we’ll teach you how to accomplish this fantastic look using OBS. You should remember, however, that you will want to set up your equipment and switch on your illumination before modifying the settings in OBS Studio. This way, you won’t have to alter them again after you go live.

1. How to Add Green Screen with OBS

Learning to use chroma key in OBS allows you to remove and change backgrounds, giving your stream a Learning to utilize chroma key in OBS enables you to remove and modify backdrops, giving your broadcast a much better production quality and feel. If you are employing various backgrounds or a sequence of green things behind you. You may utilize the chroma key source more than once to remove various hues, enabling you to obtain better background removal. Not only can OBS Studio erase the backdrop of your live video streams, but you can also remove the backgrounds on pre-recorded movies and still photographs. Chroma keying has become quite popular lately. People utilize it not simply for gaming, but also in Zoom conferences, live interviews, talk shows, etc. Although it may appear hard, at first sight, setting up Chroma Key in OBS Studio is quite straightforward. Let’s look at the easy steps you need to follow to set up a green screen in OBS.

Steps to Add Green Screen with OBS:

Step 1: Install and open OBS. From your main screen, hit the “Plus” symbol situated beneath the sources box. Foremost things first, you need a green screen. If you already have one, skip this step and proceed.

A green screen is merely a backdrop of one single brilliant hue that may be taken off in post-processing. It offers a ‘canvas’ on which a topic may perform and will subsequently display with a translucent backdrop. Add it simply via your webcam.

install and open obs

Step 2: Select “Video Capture Device from the available choices and then select the Filter as shown below. Name is anything you would want to keep track of your sources. Chroma keying is a visual effects method that eliminates a color backdrop from still or moving pictures and is also included as a filter in OBS.

video capture device

Step 3: If your camera is installed, it should auto-populate in the forms. If it doesn’t, or you have many cameras, choose the relevant camera manually. Select the color of your screen, then change the similarity and smoothness bars until you settle on the parameters you require. Adjustments will vary from person to person based on light, green screen quality, and the distance you are from the screen.


Step 4: Ensure that the Video Capture Device is at the top of the Window capture scene. Use the up-down arrow to move it in the Source area after highlighting it. This will place the Video Capture Device scene at the top Save your settings when you’re done. You should be ready to start streaming.

window capture scene

2. Best Green Screen Video Editor to Use

Even while OBS Studio is stable and has a large variety of capabilities and tools, it may be better suitable for game recording. A program that is more comprehensive and supports video editing and chroma keying tools. This program features an easy-to-use interface and a lot more functions. You may also download films and distribute them immediately on social media or email. It provides more than simply a live streaming green screen software tool like OBS Studio. This program is more of a professional-grade green screen recorder and video editor, for both Mac and Windows platforms. Here we propose Filmora. It is a strong and excellent green screen video producer and editor with a professional touch to the animation video creating quality. Studio-quality movement used to be something only large businesses could accomplish. Today, due to Filmora, they're easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable to produce.

Filmora features a well-designed user interface, a decent balance of control and would provide you high-quality output every time. It is better ideal for professional videographers and those who are online content creators due to its distinctive and professional appearing productions. It can handle all the contemporary video formats, including video editing and output for HD and 4K. It offers a broad selection of easy-to-use capabilities that may assist you to produce lesson films, editing action camera footage and building viral movies like those used on social networking websites, and more. If you have various shades of green, you may chroma key a source many times, each time specifying a distinct shade of green. Without any correction, merely putting on the Chroma Key filter will probably look quite horrible. But happily, there is a variety of options where you may fine-tune the chroma key removal. So, with Filmora, it is better appropriate for short films and it is giving you the most value for its pricing.

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Step 1: Import the media document, including the Chroma Video

After the download and installation of this program, now you're in the software interface. The next procedure is to import your media documents. To accomplish so, press the Import button on the left part of the screen as follows: In the following step, add the files to the timeline as shown above, which will also include them for your media records area.

the chroma video

Step 2: Editing Video Project File

Presently as you've just placed that video clip within the media library of Filmora. You may also adjust the video clips using its convenient editing capabilities. To accomplish so, choose the specific video clip in the timeline and you will see the video changing options available on the interface as follows:

editing video project file

Step 3: Edit the Green Screen

Inside the Filmora, once you’ve integrated the green screen video into your project. Select the Chroma key effect as shown here:

edit the green screen

Step 4: Export the Project

After the successful creation and modification of your preferred video outro, now is the time to export it to your desired place or immediately post it to your YouTube channel, follow the instructions below to achieve so. Click on the Export button inside the Filmora Video Editor and you will see the Export window being launched as follows:

To submit your material straight to YouTube, hit your content directly to YouTube, Hit the YouTube menu at the menu bar of this window which brings you towards the YouTube export window as follow:

export the project


The usage of chroma keying has been increasingly popular in recent years, with various uses of this video effect employed for live streaming. Chroma keying is used to erase the backdrop of a video clip which is then composited over another scene or picture. The most apparent usage of this technology is for weather broadcasts when the presenter is composited over the top of a weather radar picture. In more recent times we’re seeing video game broadcasters chroma keying themselves into their live feeds. There are various sites to explore for streaming backdrops. Most come as overlay packages with distinct themes. A good location to look is Filmora. Else, if you want to add a new backdrop to your broadcast, you may simply add a new picture source to your scene in OBS. So, check out what best fits you and opt for the one.

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