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Chroma Key in Premiere Elements: 2 Ways to Do Green Screen Videos

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Sep 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Blockbuster movies, music videos or TV commercials often feature breathtaking visual effects that are produced with the help of a simple green screen . The digital cameras and powerful video editing software have enabled filmmakers to create entire worlds that have never been seen before on the big screen. If you are just an independent filmmaker who would like to play around with different visual effect, there is no reason to despair, because green screen videos can be created with almost no budget.

We will show you how you can create green screen videos with Premiere Elements in this article, and we will also show you an easier way to create green screen videos with a video editing software that is much easier to use.

How to Make a Green Screen Video With Premiere Elements

The key ingredient to creating a perfect green screen video is having a perfectly captured green screen footage. If you already have the footage, you can proceed to create your green screen video in the Premiere Elements. Before you begin applying effects make sure that your green screen video clip is positioned on the video track above the track that features the background video.

1. Make Green Screen Videos with Videomerge

The faster and easier way to create green screen videos involves using the Videomerge option, located in the Premier Elements' effects panel. Alternatively, you can right-click on the green screen video clip, then find the 'Clip' feature and select the 'Apply Videomerge' option. After you apply the effect the background of your green screen video clip will become transparent and the background video will become visible. You can adjust the 'Tolerance' slider in order to fine-tune the freshly created video.

2. Make Green Screen Videos with Green Screen Keying

If you would like to use another way to create your green screen video, you can apply the 'Green Screen Key' effect, that is located in the video editor's effects panel. Premier Elements also offers Chroma Key and Blue Screen Key effects that can be used with other background colors. Drag and drop the 'Green Screen Key' on your green screen video clip in order to apply it and then proceed to adjust the effect settings.

Use Mask Only option to have a better overview of which parts were replaced by the background video and adjust the Threshold and Cutoff sliders to achieve maximum effects. Hit export, select the preferred output format and wait for your video to be exported.

An Easier Way to Make a Green Screen Video

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Creating green screen videos with Premiere Elements is not a complicated process, but it does require you to have some previous knowledge. Filmora video editing software will enable you to produce green screen videos effortlessly.

Simply place the green screen video clip onto the editor's PiP track and position the background clip on the video track directly below the PiP track. Right-click on the green screen video clip, select the Green Screen feature and wait for the settings window to appear on the screen. Click on the Advanced tab and wait for the second window to appear, then Select the effects tab and check the 'Make Parts of this video transparent' checkbox, fine-tune the settings and the process is complete.

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Liza Brown
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