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How to Create Picture-in-Picture Videos in Premiere Elements

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The Picture in Picture or Image Overlay effect is an effect that adds another smaller picture to a video, a picture that covers a section of the background video. Unlike the split screen effect which splits the screen and thus reduces the portion of the shot that is visible, Picture in Picture effect utilizes two overlaying shots one over the other and both shots are fully visible. This visual effect is commonly used by online video content creators for explaining or highlighting information that is crucial for the story told in the video, but TV news and other television programs use it frequently as well.

In this article, we will show you how to create the Picture in Picture effect in Adobe's Premiere Elements, and we'll also provide you with a much easier way to create this effect with an alternative video editing software.

How to Create Picture-in-Picture Videos in Premiere Elements

There are two different modes in Premiere Elements from which you can create the Picture in Picture effect. It is better if you choose to apply this effect from the Expert mode because you will have more options and better control over what you are doing.

1.Applying Picture in Picture effect from the Quick View mode

To begin the process of adding a superimposed picture to your video, click on the Quick View tab. Drag and drop the video you want to use as the background video onto the timeline and place the playhead over it. The background video should become visible in the editor's Monitor Panel. In the next step, you should head over to the 'Graphics Panel' and drag an image or a video you want to superimpose to the Monitor Panel. You can adjust the duration of the effect in the Picture in Picture dialogue box and you can set the position of the superimposed video by dragging it to the desired location on the Monitor Panel. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the video clip from the Windows Explorer to the Monitor Panel and then select the Picture in Picture option.

2.Applying Picture in Picture effect from the Expert View mode

To enter the Expert View mode in Adobe Premiere Elements you need to click on the Expert View tab. Once you are in the Expert View mode place the background clip onto the video track and position the playhead over it. Now that your background clip is visible in the Monitor Panel you can either drag the video you want to superimpose from the 'Graphics Panel', Windows Explorer or 'Project Assets' folder and simply drop it on the Monitor Panel. If you would like to reposition the overlaying clip, simply drag it to the area of the Monitor Panel in which you want the clip to be placed. Adjust the duration of the Picture in Picture effect and your freshly completed video is ready to be exported.

A Better Way to create PIP videos

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If creating PiP videos with Premiere Elements seems complicated to you, we can offer a better and much simpler way to create this effect. The Filmora video editing software features a PiP track that enables you to produce Picture in Picture videos almost effortlessly. All you need to do is place the overlaying clip to the PiP track and double-click on the clip to access the Motion Panel. Once the panel emerges on the screen, click on the 'Advanced' button to gain access to Masks and Effects offered by Filmora. The Picture in Picture effect is just one among many effects that enable Filmora's users to create visually engaging videos that captivate the viewer's attention.

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