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How to Use Green Screen in iMovie

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Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

If you shoot a video with a single colored background (often green or blue), iMovie allows you to make that color transparent. You can replace the background with any other video clip, graphic or still image as you like. That is the green screen effect in iMovie.

With iMovie green screen effect, it's easy to superimpose anything into any shot. For example, you can transport yourself to anywhere you like, or appear in your favorite movies. That's interesting, right? How to do green screen in iMovie? Now follow the steps to apply green screen effect in iMovie and you will find adding iMovie green screen effect is just a piece of cake.

Part 1: How to apply green screen effect in iMovie

Firstly, you have to prepare at least 2 footage, the green screen footage and the background footage, check this article to know how to make a green screen video.

imovie green screen

Step 1. Start a new project

From File > Import > Movies to load the green screen and background videos to iMovie from your Mac. Please make sure your videos are supported by iMovie. If not, iMovie will not allow you to edit the videos in it, and you need a Video Converter for Mac to convert the videos to iMovie MP4 so that you can load them to iMovie for editing. Drag videos from the Event browser to the Project Library. Or you can use Wondershare Filmora for Mac to edit video files directly without any conversion, which supports almost all kinds of input and output video formats.

how to do green screen in imovie

Step 2. Drag footage into the timeline

Drag the background clip into the timeline, you can crop, trim, adjust this background image/video as you like. Then, click on your green screen footage and drag it down to the timeline and put it into the track above the background image/video.

apply green screen effect in imovie

Step 3. Apply the green screen effect in iMovie

Make sure the two footage has the same length. Click the green screen footage in the timeline (it will be highlighted by a yellow box) then, click on Video Overlay Settings over the preview window, choose the "Green/Blue Screen" option. Now, the real magic happens here.

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apply green screen effect in imovie

Step 4. Adjust iMovie green screen effect

You can adjust the effect to improve the final result by using the "Softness" and "Clean-up" tool.

Check this video to know more details

Part 2: An easier way to apply green screen effect with Filmora for Mac

In order to do a green screen video, Wondershare Filmora for Mac is born at the right time. It is an easy-to-use video editor with which you complete the chroma key process easily. And all your ordinary video clips will shine brightly again under this magic program. Sounds interesting? Don't be hesitated, download it for free now and follow the below simple tutorial to experience it:

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Step 1. Import media files to the program

Click "File" > "Import Media" or direct drag your media files to the program.

Place the background video or image to the Video track, and then place your green screen video to the track above it. After that, you can adjust the show-up time by moving them on the timeline.

chrome key in filmora

Step 2. Use the green screen tool

Double-click the green screen footage in the timeline to enter the video panel. Go to Chroma Key (green screen) tab and enable it to activate the Chroma Key then, drag the slider to adjust the intensity level to make the background transparent.

change background of video with green screen

Step 3. Save your green screen video

Click the Play icon to preview the result. If you're satisfied with the result, click "Export" to save your video to different formats, DVD discs or mobile devices. You can also directly upload your creation to YouTube and Vimeo.

change background of video with green screen

Learn more techniques about Green Screen Effect

Watch the video below to get more creative ideas about how to do green screen in Wondershare Filmora.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Frequently Asked Questions About iMovie Green Screen

Here are some FAQs about the iMovie green screen for your information.

1.  How to change a video’s background in iMovie without the Green Screen effect?

You cannot change the background of a video in iMovie without using the Green Screen effect. None of the other blending modes iMovie offers allows you to change a video’s background without affecting the objects in the foreground.  

2.  What is the Green or Blue Screen effect in iMovie?

The blue or green screen effect enables you to separate the objects in the video’s foreground from a monochrome background. However, you should keep in mind that this effect can only be applied to videos that have a blue or green background without any details.

3.  How do you use the Green Screen effect in iMovie without having the footage shot against the green background?

Even though you can try to apply the green screen effect to a video that doesn’t have a monochrome green or blue background, the results you will get are going to be underwhelming. That is why you should only attempt to use the green screen effect in iMovie if you have the footage that is shot specifically for this purpose.

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