Top 5 iMovie Plugins And Installation Tips

By Feb 04,2017 11:11 am

If you are a regular iMovie user then definitely you might be aware of its critical plugins and add-on requirements in order to achieve professional performance. Experts suggest using best quality add-ons and plugins for enhancement of editing experience on iMovie platform so it is better to learn about top five updates that no one can ignore in order to have memorable iMovie experience.

Top 5 iMovie Plugins:

There are large numbers of iMovie plugins available in market but your select for top best tools completely depends upon your need. All plugins come with unique features that are completely compatible with iMovie interface and can be accessed easily at the time of video editing.

Below are few important details about top five tools:

  1. ASCII & ART:
  2. You will definitely enjoy the easy to use interface and rich quality of this tool. ASCII & ART has abilities to provide amazing video editing experience with so many artistic effects that are available within reasonable price range. One of the most loved features of this tool is its highest conversion speed for images as well as videos.

  3. Big & Bold:
  4. Here is one of the highly rated plugin for iMovie platform due to its simple and advanced interface. With its amazing features, users will be able to have complete control over titles as well as text and they can be easily modified using flexible motion changing elements.

  5. Crops & Zooms:
  6. With Crop & Zoom plugin you will be able to enjoy easy zooming as well as few advanced effects as like circular, square, blocky or ultra smooth peephole. It is also possible to utilize unique ramp effects on videos and the key feature is that one can club so many effects or transformations like rotate, shrink, stretch and flip etc to create something really wonderful. This collection of transformations can be also utilized for animations that work with camera shake effect on iMovie platform.

  7. Gree Three slick:
  8. This plugin comes with ten different volumes where each one of them possesses hundreds of effects, transitions and titles. If you make a decision to use Gree Three Slick with iMovie that means you are going to save almost 40% of your overall cost. The award winning performance of this platform can help professionals to make incredible video clips and one can even create animations same as Hollywood movie series.

  9. iBubble:

You can avail this plugin with thirteen unique titles and it serves with speech bubbles, arrows, labels, thought bubbles, plain text, moving text as well as glowing text effects etc. The major reason behind its huge popularity is the easy to use interface and advanced features that can make your dream of creating outstanding videos true with least efforts.

How to install iMovie plugins?

If you are ready to install iMovie plugins and are searching for right methods to get them on your device then information below can be useful for you. Many people face troubles in installation of iMovie plugins but you need not to call any expert to perform this task rather it can be completed within few seconds if you follow right guidelines. Most of people usually keep their plugins in plugin folder that is created inside resources location of Applications: iMovie. But it is not the standard place to keep your plugin files as they are difficult to find and execute on time. Experts suggest creating a special folder for plugins inside Library of your system. All that you need to do is go to library folder inside your device and then get inside iMovie folder. Here you need to create plug-ins folder where all desired plugin software backups can be placed. If these plugins are perfectly placed inside iMovie folder then only they can appear on time at your video editing platform otherwise they will not be able to show effects on your video timeline. Professionals recommend creating special space for plug-ins inside your hard disc so that everything can be called fast as per need on real time basis. The right place for putting all your plug-ins is: Just go to hard disc drive and then move towards your user name. Inside this folder you will find Library folder and it will contain iMovie software and all its important files. Go inside iMovie platform and then create plug-in folder, this location can be easily identified and it helps to present all transitions and effects on continuous basis without any delay in performance.

Here is an important thing to note that in case if you place your plug-ins inside iMovie App bundle then it could be difficult to get services from these tools for long run. As no one can identify the changes made by iMovie updates to plugin folder; the updates will simply produce an error message whenever you will try to use these plugins for real time editing so it is good to create a separate folder for plug-ins and keep them safe for future needs.

iMovie alternative for Windows:

iMovie works fine on Mac as well as iOS environment but if you are window user then definitely you need to search for any other effective solution to fulfil your advanced video editing needs. Professionals often recommend Wondershare Filmora as one of the best video editing software tool for beginners as well as long term video experts due to its easy to use interface and availability. You can easily rotate, adjust, merge, crop, split and trim videos on Filmora platform whereas the advanced features include addition of background music on random slots, management of motion graphics, titles and text files inside video frames. If we compare iMovie with Wondershare Platfrom then almost all great features will be available on Filmora and it can provide simple to use but advanced video editing platform to all users. The best thing to know about Wondershare Filmora is that users can install it directly from official website without any payment as trial version can be accessed with all interesting features for one month.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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