How to add mosaic/ censor effect in iMovie

By Jan 20,2017 22:44 pm

You might have heard about Photographic Mosaics that are generated with collection of so many still images. A recent advancement in this field has created new wonders as now we can also create video mosaics with assembly of so many video clips and the ultimate results will be a large size image. This is really an interesting task to do and the biggest example of this technique can be seen in game God or War where your favourite character Kratos has been created with similar technology by combining a large number of videos. The mosaic of video helps to replace the memory consuming videos with still images that contain complete information with less bandwidth and small saving time as well as size. One of the best software to create such mosaics is iMovie platform as it consists of all easy to use tools.

How to add mosaic (blur objects) in iMovie?

First of all you need to have iMovie on your device but ensure that you have latest version of this software with all advanced tools. If you want to add basic mosaic effect then you need to drag the black bar onto your footage and merge it anywhere on your timeline. As soon as you place it the black bar will start appearing on your video screen and users can drag it anywhere as well as can resize it as per need. This is all about basic mosaic addition but if you are thinking to use advanced tricks then you have to follow process as below:

  1. When you wish to add mosaics with pixels then first task is to export movie and then adjust size for pixels to smaller scale manually in order to have better results.
  2. Now import file to iMovie and create a low range copy for your original video; once you add this movie it will start appearing on your timeline below original file.
  3. It is time to crop the pixel added movie file and then you can place that cropped part anywhere on your project as per need. It can be applied on movie clip of any size and resolution level without any trouble.

This simple to execute steps can create your video mosaics so easily within very less time and the resulting files can be used for many other applications.

How to add mosaic using iMovie alternative for Windows?

If you are not able to use iMovie due to its complicated interface and compatibility issues then here is one more useful software tool for you. Wondershare Filmora can help you in creation of beautiful mosaics within very less time due to its easy to use interface. The best thing to know about Wondershare Filmora is that it can support all major video file formats and users can download trial version of this software for free from official website. Wondershare Filmora is best solution for beginners and can produce wonderful results within less time.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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