How to split screen (side by side) in iMovie

By Mar 12,2017 22:31 pm

For creating an edgy promotional video or a comparative review video analysis, the split screen effect is an effective tool. It helps in putting two products or topics side by side on a video screen while the narration covers the subject. The feature however, requires support from precision editing software to come through on video.

What is split screen effect?

The effect refers to the display of two alternate video streams side by side or simultaneously in a particular sequence. The effect is also termed as video overlaying or the more common picture in picture effect.

How to split screen using iMovie for Mac

  • Start by selecting a video clip that you want to play simultaneously and drag it over the base video clip that is already on you timeline.
  • When you see the green + icon, release the click.
  • The video controls for overlay should pop up automatically, if not then click on the video overlay settings menu button.
  • Click on the pop-up menu on the overlay panel and choose the split screen effect.
  • The video clips should now be cropped and displayed side by side on the screen and the slit screen controls should be ranged above the screen.
  • Change the split screen appearance times and durations by making adjustments on the timeline. Once satisfied click n the apply button to save the changes.

How to split screen using iMovie for iPhone/iPad

  • On your iMovie software on your iPad/iPhone – Click on start a new project.
  • Add both sets of video simultaneously.
  • Click on the ellipsis and choose the split mode
  • This will give you a side-by-side split. You can change the type of split screen from the overlay controls at the bottom of the screen.

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How to split screen using iMovie Alternative

For some users using the spilt screen controls on iMovie might be a little complicated and ultimately tedious for breaking larger videos in to shorter structures. The alternative to iMovie is Filmora video editing software, which allows change screen saturations, the brightness and adjusts the pitch of the audio within the video. There is an ‘add chapter’ feature which allows for creating slit screen shorts for an extensive story without making it overly complicated for users.

  • Choose your desired video and then click on the cut icon within the Filmora interface to get the cutting handles. Place the handles at the points where you want the video to start and stop to create a short clip.
  • You can split the main video in to multiple screens depending on to the type of effect you want to create.
  • The interface is quite uncomplicated and allows you to put multiple videos in a split effect to create a full feature story.
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