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iMovie Themes: How to Get More iMovie Themes (Updated 2017)

One nice feature of iMovie is that it provides some built-in themes to make your video appear more professional and vibrant while creating a unique appearance that will have broad appeal. This means that you can use the iMovie themes for different videos ranging from family gatherings to sporting events to those that fit your own unique vision. But you may have noticed that the number of iMovie themes is quite limited. So how to get more iMovie themes? Here I find some solutions for you:

Solution 1: Switch to iMovie alternative - Wondershare Filmora

If you are tired of finding iMovie themes, or the found themes still don't help complete your project, You'd probably want to switch to an easier solution with more choices, this iMovie alternative Wondershare Filmora for Mac and Windows is definitely worth a try.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

As we can see from the above video, in the Easy Mode, there are Simple, Old days, happy, sport, love, and travel themes available. You can make a quick slideshow or video with pictures and musics with the Easy Mode in Filmora. While in the Full-Feature Mode, there are over 300 effects available, including titles, motion elements, overlays and royalty-free music tracks. What's more, there are more Effects Sets available in Filmora Effects Store, such as block buster, fashion, fitness, beauty, Japanese set, education, and action camera winter sets. Besides, you can get some themes just by sharing it with your friends. Watch the block buster effects video below to check how amazing it is.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Besides the plentiful effects and themes, Filmora allows you to edit your video easily with just a few steps. Watch the video below to check what Filmora can do for you and download Filmora for free to check out:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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Solution 2: Get more themes from iDVD

As far as I can see, no additional themes for iMovie are available at the moment. But if you have used iDVD, you certainly have found an array of menu themes there. Actually, you can add these themes to iMovie. Here is a tutorial:

1. Find and customize the iDVD themes you like

After launching iDVD, choose your favorite menu theme. Then customize it in whatever way you like. You can add your own photos or videos, delete or replace any the titles and change background. After that, press the play button to preview your work in real time.

2. Save the edited theme

imovie theme

If you're satisfied with the result, select File > Save as VIDO_TS folder. Then an error message will pop up because you haven't added any video to the project (you only try to export the menu theme). To shut it up, choose the "Open DVD Map" option. In the pop up window, drag any video file to "Drag content here to automatically play when the disc is inserted" area - it doesn't matter what video it is. After that, name the theme and save it to any folder you prefer. When it is done, close iDVD.

3. Convert the theme to be added in iMovie

Open the VIDO_TS folder. Then you can use Video Converter for Mac to convert the .VOB file to iMovie compatible format. After that, you can integrate it into your iMovie project.

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Check the video below the get the detailed step information.

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Nov 23,2017 12:00 pm

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Not only is this topic so misleading, it is also a lie. I was trying to use their software as a result of this article. I could not do themes. I asked Wondershare's support directly: "Is it possible to use Themes in the Mac version as an alternative to iMoive?" Wondershare answered, "Sorry to tell you that there is no Easy Mode in Mac version." This article claims their software's Easy Mode capabilities are an alternative to the exclusively MacOS software iMovie. The Mac version of their product, which is being slyly advertised here, does NOT offer themes at all. This capability simply does not exist in Filmora for the Mac despite what this article is specifically trying to make you believe. I spent valuable time evaluating Wondershare's product, before I learned that this blog is well SEOed, but completely misleading.
kinda tell you something about their product huh?
This topic is so misleading. It should say alternative to imovie trailers rather How to Get More iMovie Themes.
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