How to Zoom in/out Videos in iMovie

By Jul 21,2017 21:32 pm

Zoom is a technique used in television production and filmmaking to change the focal length of a zoom lens during shot. In zoom-out effect, the filmed object will enlarge in apparent size and become more visible whereas in zoom-in, the opposite action takes place.

Best iMovie alternative for Windows for zooming in/out video

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If you are fed up with the problem of automatically zooming photo in iMovie then you can use Filmora 7.8, launched at the end of October, 2016. The pan and zoom feature of Wondershare Filmora will allow you to add and customize animation for still images. A huge list of sizes, fonts or text effects required for video editing is also supported by this software.

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How to create an amazing video zoom effect

The stunning video zoom effect can be created by following the tips given below:-

1.Moving the camera manually

You can move your camera manually away or towards your subject if your camera is not allowing you zoom when the shutter is open or you do not possess a zoom lens.

2.Keep your camera still

The movement of the camera can greatly affect your shot while utilizing a slow shutter speed. You can prevent camera shake by setting your camera on a still surface or using a tripod.

3.Focus on smooth zooming

You have to lay stress on ‘smooth zoom’ for getting fine smooth lines in your photo. A lot of practice is needed for mastering this technique.


Any kind of light whether it is neon sign or city light play an important role in zoom effect. Lights can produce stunning effects if they are applied effectively.

5.Reverse zooming

If you have a moving object then zooming in on a subject can provide better results in comparison to zooming out. So you should try this experiment also.

6.Partial zoom

You can also zoom partially as some zoom lenses have broad focal length.

How to zoom in/out video in iMovie on mac and iOS device

Zoom in/out video in iMovie on mac

You can follow the given steps for zooming in a video with iMovie.

  • The first step begins with launching the iMovie program and then choosing the iMovie project that you wish to zoom.
  • After this, tap “crop” button present on the top of the project workplace to see the video editing effects i.e. Kens Burns, fit and crop.
  • Now select the “kens burns” and this will bring up two rectangles i.e. red and green.
  • Place one rectangle at the ending point of zoom and other one on starting point. If you will drag the any of the corners of rectangle back and forth then the size of rectangle can also be changed.
  • Click on “play” button to preview the Ken burns effect. If you are satisfied then hit on “done” button to apply the effect.

Zoom in/out video in iMovie on iOS devices

The steps that you need to follow are the following:

  • The first and foremost thing is to click on iMovie application and choose the required video to add zoom effect.
  • Now select the frame of your own choice.
  • Click the crop icon and choose the Ken Burns effect.
  • Resize the rectangles in a similar way as that of MacBook.
  • After this, preview the video and make suitable adjustments if needed.
  • Once you are satisfied with effect, click on “done”. In this way, effect will be applied to your clip.

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