Top 10 cool effects for iMovie to make your videos stunning

By Feb 04,2017 11:01 am

Apple has recently launched its one of the most advanced video editing software application named as iMovie that works perfectly on Mac as well as iOS devices. The very first version of iMovie was released in 1999 for Mac OS 8 and presently with lots of advancements this software tool is included for free with almost all latest Mac devices. iMovie is capable enough to import photos and videos from hard drives too and one can easily edit them with various tools like add titles, effects, music, themes, basic colour correction and video enhancement etc. the latest version of iMovie named as iMovie 10.1.4 has been released on 2nd December 2016 with some stability improvements.

If you are new to iMovie platform and want to know about all adventurous things that are possible with iMovie then the information provided below will be helpful for you.

Top 10 cool effects for iMovie:

  1. Work with Blue or Green Screens:
  2. It is not important to go to different locations for adjustments of colours on your video backgrounds rather it is possible at your home itself. Yes, with the help of iMovie you can easily cut any single colour from your background, make it transparent and then replace it with other useful colour background. Most commonly used background colours are green and blue as they provide complete unique shade as compared to human skin colour.

  3. The Dolly Zoom Effect:
  4. Although this effect is utilized at the time of video shoots but if you have iMovie at your device then it is possible to create wonders even after shoot using Dolly Zoom effect. In this effect, the foreground is made motionless whereas background appears moving with additional zooming technique. It helps to create wonderful videos within very less time and viewers will definitely enjoy such immobile fronts with consistent background zooming.

  5. Steadycam Effect:
  6. This wonderful effect helps videographers to smooth motions with a professional touch. If you wish to track moving objects with very keen observation then steadycam effect will be highly useful for you. This effect can be easily used for professional object tracking applications.

  7. External Microphones:
  8. There is no doubt to say that sound effects add more beauty to your videos and they appear much attractive on screen. The major reason behind use of external microphones is to record videos with higher production values even with least expenses. Generally poor sound quality distracts viewers from your content but use of external microphones can improve sound in videos while enhancing the whole experience and viewers will definitely appreciate your work.

  9. Built in effects:
  10. The impressive built in effects of iMovie helps to change appearance of videos progressively with time. It is possible to alter colour, contrast as well as brightness for any video clip. One can also make use of these special effects distorting any image content for various applications.

  11. Create Cutaway type shots:
  12. It is also possible to create interesting storyline by cutting scenes in between and you will never notice any loss of information by doing this. You can cut scenes from different portions and add them on some other locations; it also helps videographers to make use of different takes so that something with best appearance can be used.

  13. Split Edit to make videos interesting:
  14. This effect is commonly used in video industry as it helps to improve shots by larger extend. Split edit effect serves producers with immense flexibility so that any audio content can be merged at any situation to make videos more effective. Such type of edits can be achieved fast and they provide a professional appearance to videos. You can watch audio waveforms of any clip using this split effect and it can be used to alter any desired segment of video for creating something more interesting.

  15. Split Screen for Videos:
  16. This advanced tool helps to create multiple images in screen at a time so that you can add proper attention to each one of them after comparison and they can be used for complementing each other. iMovie helps to improve quality of each and every shot with added flexibility and producers can make selection for best audio effects at the same time to create wonders in every take. It serves like best professional editing tool but can be implemented for short processing only.

  17. Movie Trailer creation:
  18. It is possible to announce a forthcoming movie in impressive style by creating artistic shots. You can easily select clips from whole movie without revealing the suspense and they can be merged together to develop a trailer with funny, impressive and attractive manner. It will help to focus on movie concept and will soon grab attention of all viewers towards your creation.

  19. Cut in Time for Music:

Here you can easily generate an opening sequence for music or movie so that viewers can be brought to right mood and they can stay focused till the end. You can build higher interest level viewers using this professional effect and iMovie helps producers to utilize it in effective manner.

iMovie alternative for Windows:

If you are working on Windows platform then you may need any other software tool for all above effects as iMovie will not be compatible with your system. Experts recommend Wondershare Filmora as one of the best tool for window users as it has everything that you need to create outstanding videos. Same as iMovie, it possess all interesting effects like adjust audio-video track, merge videos, rotate, crop, split, trim and many more. This software comes with easy to use interface and all flexible features same as iMovie where you can easily add green screen, background music, motion graphics, titles, texts and change faces inside videos as per need. Just simple drag and drop feature you can easily create new projects and save them to any desired video file format. It is possible to create clean video interface using wondershare filmora and resulting videos can be exported to any desired platform without any trouble.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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