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How to Crop a Video in iMovie on Mac?

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

iMovie is very popular software that allows you to play videos on the Mac operating system computer, and even it is available for the iPhone and other iOS devices. iMovie is not just a player but also offers you several other options, so you can easily crop your videos on Mac or do another editing to beautify your videos. If you need to crop your video files and share them over the internet on social media accounts then iMovie is really a very good option for you. Here, we are going to tell you about how to crop a video on iMovie with ease and the best alternative which can help you to crop the videos with ease.

Part 1. How to Crop a Video on iMovie on Mac

Whenever you think about cropping video with the help of iMovie then you must care about two things. One is that you don’t add videos on the other videos. Another thing is that you must choose the perfect format to resolve the compatibility issues to get the best output after cropping. If you are ready, then please follow the below steps to know how to crop a video in iMovie on Mac.

Step 1: Create New Project

First, launch the iMovie on your Mac system and click the “New” button.

Step 2: Select iMovie

After creating a new project click on the “iMovie” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Import Videos to Crop

After selecting iMovie click on the “Import Media” button in the iMovie interface, and then you need to select the video from the local hard drive of Mac which you want to crop.

Step 4: Select Crop Button

After importing the video you need to select the crop button from the toolbar which is available above the video player. Now the crop option will show a button with the name “Crop” on the left side.

Step 5: Crop Video

Now you have to use the handler frame around the video and then select the area which you want to crop.

Step 6: Save the Cropped Video

After finishing the cropping video then you need to “Save” the cropped video to save the changes you have done to the video. That’s it. This is the way about how to crop a video on iMovie.

Part 2: iMovie Video Cropping Tips

Tip #1: Choose the Right Format

Whenever you want to crop your videos using iMovie you must choose the right format videos because this is really very important to get good quality output videos. If you choose the wrong format then you may also face compatibility issues while playing those videos on other devices.

Tip #2: Preview before Finalizing

iMovie can crop your videos easily, but actually, you must also take care before finalizing the cropping of your video. Sometimes the part you are cropping on your current screen of video is fine for you, but there are chances that due to the cropping others parts of the video can be disturbed. In that case, you need to preview the video before saving the cropped video.

Tip #3: Aspect Ratio of the Video

Aspect ratio of the video also plays a very important role which you need to take care of. While cropping your video you must take care that the aspect ratio of your current cropped video is matching with the output format of the video.

Tip #4: Select the Perfect Output Format

Output format is also a very important thing while cropping the video. Whenever you crop any video you must take care of selecting the output format. For example, if you select the small dimension for cropping video and the large dimension in the output format, then your video quality can be disturbed.

Part 3: The Best Video Editor to Crop a Video – Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is wonderful video editor software for Mac computers and the best alternative program to the iMovie. This program is available for the Mac as well as for the Windows operating system devices. The program offers you to edit the videos with the video effects, green screen, blending mode. You can apply the transitions, effects, titles, filters, and motion elements to your videos while using the video effects option. With the help of Wondershare Filmora for Mac, you can also pick the color from one video and then apply that color to other videos or a complete video batch. You are not just limited to saving the videos offline even you can directly share the videos online from the program interface with just a few clicks of your mouse.

How to Crop Videos using Wondershare Filmora for Mac:

Step 1: Launch and Import Videos to Program

Firstly, Download and install the software then run it on your Mac computer. After running the software you need to click on the “Import Media Files Here” and then choose the video which you need to crop from your Mac drive. You can also add a video by dragging and dropping directly in the functional area.

Step 2: Go to Crop Window

After adding the video in the interface you need to click on the “Crop & Zoom” toolbar or you can right-click on the added video and then select the “Crop & Zoom” option.

Step 3: Crop the Video

Now, adjust the border around the cropping window according to your video requirement. You can also enter the size of the video manually but using the Custom size option under the added video. After doing the cropping adjustments you need to click on the “OK” button to save the video. This is the way about how to crop a video on the iMovie alternative.


This is all about iMovie crop video and making the necessary editing of your videos. If you are looking for simple cropping and editing, then iMovie is really a good option for you but if you need to apply several effects and make your videos beautiful then the Wondershare Filmora for Mac is the best and easiest program for you. It not only allows you to crop the videos, but also you can easily edit the videos and make them beautiful to post on social media and share with your friends or family.

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