How to Add Background Music to iMovie Project and Videos

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Sometimes, the video will be amazing with some background music, say, wedding videos with some background wedding songs. iMovie gives you the option to add background music to your iMovie project. With a little bit background music, you can make your videos seems more professional. Follow this iMovie tutorial on how to add background music to iMovie to enhance your videos instantly.

Part 1: How to add background music in iMovie

Step 1. Build a project

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Open your iMovie project, choose Window > "Music and Sound Effects," or click the "Music and Sound Effects" button in the iMovie toolbar to bring out the Music and Sound Effect browser.

Browse to find the music you want to use in your project or you can use the Search field to find the audio file you want by name. You can add music clips from your iTunes library directly.

Step 2. Add background music

After finding the music you want to add as background, now it comes to add background music to videos and project in iMovie.

To add background music to iMovie project, simply drag and drop it to your project, making sure you don't drag it over a clip. Release the mouse button when you see the green Add (+) symbol to add background music to iMovie project. The added background music is in green, showing it is the background music clip. And it begins at the start of your iMovie project and ends with your video regardless of the duration because iMovie will automatically adjust it. At the end of the project, there will be a music indicator.

add background to imovie

To add background music to a certain part of video clips, drag the music to the video on where you'd like to begin, release the mouse button when you see the green Add (+) symbol to add background music to iMovie videos. You can select the clip and while the border turns yellow, drag the slider to extend or shorten the background music.

add background music to iMovie

Step 3. Adjust background music

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Now you can edit and adjust the background music so that the music can begin somewhere in the middle of the song, etc. Choose the background music clip, click the gear and choose "Clip Trimmer", "Clip Adjustments" and "Audio Adjustments" to customize your iMovie background music. You can trim the music, adjust the volume and set audio fade in, fade out effects, etc.

If the above information is not for your iMovie version, please leave a comment.

Part 2 How to add background music with iMovie alternative

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To apply audio effects or video effects to polish your video, you can use an iMovie alternative program like Wondershare Filmora for Mac. This is a much more powerful video editor that provides extensive amount of audio effects, visual effects (Royalty Free) and more features you can use to add a Hollywood touch to your video. Multi-audio track management system will allow you to add several audio files to a video simultaneously, which means you can add your background music,voiceover, or some sound effects to your video with a few click. What's more, there are more than 300 effects available, and you can use the built-in sound tracks without worrying about the copyright issue. Below explains how to do it step by step. Get started to download a free trial below:

Learn more audio editing, just click Audio Editing Tips.

Step 1. Import your video and music files

After running this software, use the browser to load both the video and music files from iTunes library, iMovie, etc. Then drag to video to the Audio track and music to the music track.

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Step 2. Add and edit your music file

Drag the audio clip to make it fit for your video. You can also click the "Trimming" button on the toolbar to cut the unwanted part. Then double click the music file to adjust the pitch, volume, speed, fade in/out effect as you like.

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Step 3. Export or share the file

filmora output

After adding music to the video, click the play icon to preview the effect. If you're satisfied, click the "Export" button to save the file. You can save it to different formats, upload to YouTube or burn to DVD.

Watch the tutorial below about how to add background music to your video, and download Filmora video editor for free and check it out now.

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