How to use iMovie for iPhone and Top 5 iMovie Alternatives for iPhone

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An easy-to-use video editor for Mac or Windows

Though there are various competent alternatives to iMovie for iPhone, but if you want to edit your video footage with more effects and cooler, you may need to use the desktop video editor.

One video editor which is available with unlimited features is the Wondershare Filmora for Mac and the PC. Special effects like green screen, split screen, and face off make the app very interesting to use. Multiple transitions, animated titles and motion graphics and various features work towards making the videos stunning and beautiful. You can watch the video about Filmora and download the free version to check out.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Making videos with iMovies on the iPhone is a very simple task, which can be handled even by novices. Before you make a video, first check the video storage available in your iPhone. You do not want all your hard work to be erased due to no storage. Follow the steps below to create a video with iMovie in your iPhone:

  • Tap the + button and go to the video time line and other tools.
  • Click on the media library button, which will bring up all the video clips on the camera roll.
  • Select the clips you want to have on your video. You can add more than one clip, for better effects.
  • Splice the clip by moving the red timeline marker to where you want to splice the clip.
  • A dissolve transition will immediately appear to where you have made the edit.
  • Next choose one of the eight themes available to work with.
  • Each theme has its own background music, title and transition style.

Top 5 iMovie Alternatives for iPhone

If you are looking for an easier video editor for your iphone, below are some alternatives to iMovie for iPhone for your choice.

#1. Splice

This app is one of the most recommended APP by the experts as an alternative to iMovie for iPhone. If you are using it on your mobile device, then you will be surprised to see that it provides you with the same amount of features that a desktop does. The interface has been optimized for use on the touch screen, which is a definite plus point. You can record your own audio tracks to be added to your movie or import tracks from the iTunes library.

Learn more about Splice

#2. Magisto

Magisto promotes a smooth user experience. Unlike the other alternatives to iMovie for iPhone apps, Magisto has fewer options and filters. Nevertheless, these can create truly magical videos. All these with what the company term as ‘magical video editing’. Which is nothing but the automatic cutting and analyzing of videos and making it appear more professional. It is a perfect app for those who don’t mind the control resting with the app and allowing it to create something exclusive.

Learn more about Magisto

#3. Pinnacle Studio

‘Easy enough for the hobbyist and powerful enough for the pro’, more than describes the Pinnacle studio. It is perfect for those who like to doodle in movie making or even for the ones who are passionate about movie making. The option instead of the iMovie for iPhone has an interface which includes all the details in a simple manner. The in- depth details make it appear like a powerful desktop app. The features are overwhelming and unleash the creative nature in you.

Learn more about Pinnacle Studio

#4. Viva Video

With around 30 million users around the world, VivaVideo appears to be one of the best superficial video editors available in the market. The app offers from among its many features, various filters, a high definition selfie camera and a Picture in Picture effect. The alternative to iMovie for iPhone is both creative and fun to work with. VivaVideo lets you trim and merge the videos effectively, add music and filters or dub the video with any voice. To make your videos attractive and noticeable the alternative for iMovie for iPhone provides with amazing texts, stickers, FX and transitions.

Learn more about Viva Video

#5. Videon

Videon is a powerful alternative to the iMovie for iPhone. It brings a tighter integration between the video recording and the editing process. It has many features that a user finds necessary while making a video. The alternative to iMovie for iPhone offers an adjustable frame rate, focus and exposure lock, special FX features and superior video editing tools.

Learn more about Videon

Comparison of the 5 best iMovie alternatives for iPhone:

Splice Yes Free/3.99$
Magisto Not necessary Free/ Monthly or yearly subscription for all features.
Pinnacle Studio Yes $12.99
VivaVideo Yes Free
Videon Not Necessary $4.99

If you are not happy with the above video editors, you can check more alternatives in Top 10 Best Video Editors for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

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