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Boris FX Continuum features for Filmora Video Editor

FIlmora now supports Continuum, professional-quality effects plugins from award-winning developer, Boris FX.

6 Continuum Units have been customized for Filmora users, unleashing amazing creative visual effects and graphics potential. Includes Particles, Stylize, Lights, Image Restoration, Blur and Art Looks. Each Continuum unit contains multiple filters with complementary creative presets designed by Boris FX. Browse from 91 unique effects and thousands of presets.

How to use Boris FX Continuum in Filmora?

download boris FX in Filmora
load Boris FX in Filmora
apply boris FX in Filmora
  • 1. Download Continuum in Filmora

    Launch the Filmora video editor, go to the Effects tab and expand the BroisFX category, click on the Download Now button to download and install Boris FX. For Mac users, you may need to install the downloaded Boris FX manually.

  • 2. Restart Filmora to Load Boris FX

    After installation, restart Filmora to load the downloaded Boris FX effects. Import the video to the timeline and click on the thumbnail to preview the Boris FX effect, drag and drop it to the video in the timeline to apply.

  • 3. Apply Presets and Adjust

    Double click on the video, switch to the Effect tab, and you will see the effect you have applied under Video Effects. Click on the applied effect, and from here, you can select the preset and customize it based on your preferences.

What's New in Boris FX Continuum and
Filmora Bundle

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Continuum Art Looks

The Art Looks Unit features 10+ effects for transforming your footage into a work of art. With these effects, you can make a video with watercolors, comics, bump maps, pencil sketches, or charcoal sketches looks easily.

There are 100s of drag & drop presets to choose from, and each preset can be customized, including the mocha, mask and matte settings.

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Continuum Image Restoration

The Image Restoration feature includes 15 effects to fix footage quickly. Use these effects to fix flickering in videos, remove damaged pixels, stabilize shaking, reduce noise, and sharpen footage, or retouch digital markups.

Each effect contains customizable presets, in which you can adjust the parameters.

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Continuum Blur

Using the effects in Blur unit, you can draw the audience's attention to exactly where you want. Create lens blurs, unsharp mask, motion blur, direction blur, gaussian blur, spiral blur and radial blur.

Besides customizing the presets in each effect, you can also adjust W Mocha, tracking, masking and even Beat Reactor audio-driven animation.

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Continuum Stylize

Stylize allows you to add slick modern looks and retro vibes to videos and titles in a few seconds. There are 11 effects to choose from, such as damaged TV, video glitch, cast shadow, reflections, scanline, and RGB pixel noise.

For each effect, you can choose one preset from the list and customize the settings. These effects also allow you to adjust mocha tracking and masking, Beat Reactor and audio-driven animations.

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Continuum Particles

Particles has a collection of 11 effects which allows you to create fluid stunning realistic particle animation fast. Add real-time particles in minutes, including rain and snow, explosions & fire, sparks and 3D arrays.

It also features hundreds of drag and drop presets so that you can customize the shape, length, size, and other parameters.

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Continuum Lights

Lights gives any scene the perfect lighting. There are 21 effects available, so you can add subtle stage lights, spotlights, or other light effects to fit any performance. It has never been easier to control scene lighting with these stylized ambient lights, glows, and more.

Just like other effects in Boris Continuum, you can also adjust the mocha motion tracking, beat reactor and audio-driven animations in its customizable preset interface.

Recommended System Requirements for Better
Video Editing Experience with Filmora

Supported OS Windows 10/Windows 11 (64-bit only)/Mac OSX 10.14 or higher
Supported Filmora Version Filmora V11 and later versions
CPU Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores (Apple M1, M2, and ARM are compatible from Filmora v12.2 and above)
RAM 8 GB or more
Graphics card High-end ATI Radeon and NVIDIA Quadro, or GeForce series, check the full list here
Disk High-speed disk array or SSD storage

Questions? We have answers.

1. I have purchased the Filmora video editor, do I have to pay for Boris FX?
The Boris FX is a third-part plug-in that is not included in the standard Filmora plan and requires additional payment.
No, Filmora has a business partnership with Boris FX, therefore you won’t be able to export until you purchase it in Filmora V11.