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Adjustment Layer

Add general effects to multiple video clips at once.
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Improve Video Editing Efficiency

The effects in the adjustment layer affect all clips underneath. Save you time adjusting compound clips.

Make Overall Changes Quickly

The adjustment layer allows you to apply the same effects to multiple clips or across the whole timeline. You can enhance video editing efficiency without adjusting each clip individually.

No destructive Adjustments to Original Clips

Place effects into the adjustment layer rather than directly change the underlying clips to gain more flexibility in video editing. Want to try out different effects? Hide or discard the adjustment layer to revert to the original edits without undoing all things later.

Make Adjustments with Preset/Custom Settings

Filmora offers 18 preset blend modes to help you change color tones quickly. You can also customize parameters to achieve various visual effects and add keyframes to animate them, like resize, reposition, rotate, etc. Your custom settings can be saved for future use.

One Layer with Unlimited Effects

An adjustment layer can hold unlimited effects. It simplifies your edits and keeps your editing area tidy without occupying multiple tracks.

Wide Range of Applications

Adjustment layers can be used in a massive variety of effects. It allows you to easily change the color tones of all clips in the timeline or achieve a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio. Effects in the adjustment layer will not be affected by deleting or moving a certain clip.

Questions? We have answers.

How many effects can be added to an adjustment layer?
There is no limit to the number of effects applied to one adjustment layer. Filmora gives you the flexibility to use the adjustment layer feature as you wish. You can apply combinations of effects to a single adjustment layer or use different adjustment layers to control more effects. For example, it is accessible for you to set an adjustment layer specially for color grading so that you can adjust the color tone with ease.