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How to Remove Echo from Audio: 3 Easy and Proven Ways

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Nov 08, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

You just finished recording your content and everything seems fine. But when you start editing, you notice echo in your audio with reverberations. This can be so annoying and you will have to publish your content before you remove echo from audio. There are several ways to do this. Some prefer audition echo removal while others are familiar with audacity remove echo tactics. You may also remove echo in Premiere Pro and achieve quality results. This will remove the echo sound in your audio and help achieve better sound clarity. In this article, we explore how you can remove echo from audio using these three main methods and achieve the best results.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Audacity: A Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Part 2. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Adobe Audition: A Quick Tutorial
  3. Part 3. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Premiere Pro: A Quick Guide
  4. Bonus Part. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Wondershare Filmora: A Guided Tutorial
  5. Conclusion
AI Vocal Remover
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Audacity: A Step-by-Step Guide

Echo in your audio can occur for many reasons. You could be recording a podcast in different locations and working from a home studio. This could naturally create echoes in your audio when microphones pick undesired background noise. When you realize such noises post-production, Audacity may be your solution. Audacity reduces echo and other background sounds with high accuracy. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

Step 1: Start Audacity and Import Audio Files

Visit the Audacity website and download the software if you haven’t already. Do the simple installation process and open the Audacity software on your desktop. Import the audio files that you want to edit by going to File, and then opening or dragging and dropping the files into Audacity.

import files audacity

Step 2: Select Sound Track

Select the track you need to edit by clicking Select on the left side menu. Then choose the file that you want or press CMD+A on Mac or CTRL+A on Windows.

select track

Step 3: Get a Noise Profile

Under the Effect dropdown menu, click Noise Reduction then select Get Noise Profile. This will prepare the track for noise reduction. The window will close immediately after this. Repeat the steps by clicking the Effects Menu, then Noise Reduction, and OK.

noise reduction

Step 4: Replay and Amplify Audio

The waveform of the audio track will change. Replay it to hear the results. Press CMD+Z or CTRL+Z on your to undo the process if not satisfied. Then, repeat the previous steps and play around with different values to achieve a better outcome. When you like the results, the audio volume output will be lower. Click Effects then Amplify to bring the volume back again, and adjust it to the level that you want.

amplify audio

Part 2. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Adobe Audition: A Quick Tutorial

Adobe Audition is an effective editing software that will clean up echoes, winds, reverberations, instruments, and anything in between. The software offers a perfect solution to achieve pleasant audio within minutes.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Audition and Import Files

Start by launching the Audition software on your PC. Then, import the files you want to edit by going to File. Click Menu and select Open to browse the files on your computer.

start audition

Step 2: Select Audio File to Edit

You need to select the audio files that you will be removing echo from. Go to the Edit menu, Click Select, and choose Select All. You can also double-click the track.

select file

Step 3: Start the Noise Restoration Menu

Click the Effects Menu, and then the Noise Reduction Restoration. Choose the DeReverb option. This will open the DeReverb window where you can make appropriate adjustments. You also have the option to left-click at the start of the selection. Then drag the dereverb over the part of the track you want to apply it to.

start noise reduction

Step 4: Adjust the Amount of DeReverb Effect

Use the slider at the bottom of the DeReverb window to make the adjustments. Drag the slider slowly as you listen to the audio sounds. Be careful not to drag it too far that you start hearing buzzing and clipping. Once satisfied, preview the audio then click Apply and the audio file will be ready.

add dereverb effect

Part 3. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Premiere Pro: A Quick Guide

The other effective way to remove echoes and reverberation in your audio file is using Premiere Pro. To remove Echo Premiere Pro, you need to add your audio click with Echo and process it with the software. Here is a summary of the steps to follow:

Step 1: Start DeReverb Effect

Start by importing the files that you want to edit to Adobe Premiere Pro. Then drag it into the timeline. On the search box, type DeReverb. You can also click on Audio Effects, followed by Noise Reduction/Restoration, and then DeReverb. Click on the effect and drag it to your clip on the timeline.

start dereverb on premiere pro

Step 2: Setup Your Settings

You should see the new effects under the Effects Control panel. Click the little arrow to the left, followed by Edit to open a new window.

edit effects

Step 3: Adjust Settings

The new window will display the Clip FX Editor. You will have the option for presents on the top where you can find a default, light, and heavy reverb reduction. Choose one of them and preview it. Adjust the amount of reverb using the slider on the bottom. You can also check the Auto Gain to automatically take care of the volume as you edit the settings. Preview the settings and close the window once satisfied.

adjust settings

Bonus Part. How to Remove Echo from Audio in Wondershare Filmora: A Guided Tutorial

In most cases, you will want to remove echo from audio files to continue editing them further. Probably it is a voiceover for your next YouTube video or even a podcast upload. Wondershare Filmora allows you to do this and more. The versatile video editing software come with some unique features that make audio and video editing a breeze. You even get an AI Copilot that serves as your personal assistant when editing your files.

Free Download
Free Download

AI Vocal Remover

For you to remove echo from your audio files with Filmora, you will need to utilize the AI Vocal Remover feature. The feature is specially designed to separate vocals and music from any song. However, it also allows you to remove other audio elements from your soundtrack, including echoes and wind. You only need to optimize your preferences, and the feature will handle the rest. Here are the few simple steps you will need to follow:

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Create a New Project

First of all, start the Filmora software on your desktop. Then click the “New Project” tab. This will open the Filmora editing space.

launch filmora

Step 2: Import Your Soundtrack or Files

Select the “Media” tab in the toolbar. This will allow you to edit the soundtrack files you want to edit in this project. Click on the “Files” icon and select the files to import. You can also drag and drop the files from your Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder onto the Filmora media section.

import soundtrack

Step 3: Start AI Vocal Remover

Choose the clips you want to remove echoes from in the timeline. Then click on the “Audio” and select “AI Vocal Remover.” Adjust the settings for DeReverb and Wind removal to remove echoes from your audio file. You can also explore Hum removal, AI Speech Enhancement, and Denoise to achieve optimal results.

start ai vocal remover


Echoes in your soundtracks can be so annoying. They affect the clarity of vocals and can make your audio or video seem unprofessional. While there are many ways you can remove echo from audio, we recommend Wondershare Filmora. The versatile video editor comes with a broad choice of features to help you edit your audio more accurately. You can remove echoes, wind, and more while maintaining the same quality of your audio. The software also allows you to continue editing your audio or video further as desired.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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