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10 Great New Year Video Ideas for YouTubers

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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YouTubers always try to do something better than their competitors' content. Different organizations, businesses, and mainly the common YouTubers have to come up with things that attract their audience's attention. Organizations primarily celebrate the New Year with their employees and upload videos on YouTube so they can encourage other organizations.

On the other hand, businesses with a happy New Year to people by providing them discounts, and they create and upload videos in that context too. On the other side, YouTubers make videos or blogs on the New Year to wish their subscribers a better way. This article will discuss some New Year video ideas you can use to wish your people.

Part 1: Calendar Plan for New Year

You should start New Year event preparations almost a month before so everything you want to do in the New Year should be perfect. These preparations could be about buying traditional clothes, fireworks, things that are required to celebrate a traditional New Year event. People or organizations who work on YouTube content have more to do at New Year events.

The whole month of December is quite busy for YouTubers as they have to make a decision on different things. These things could be like what should be the content of the video, what new thing could be added in the video that makes it unique. That's why the planning for the New Year event should be quite good so that you won't face any inconvenience at the time of the event.

You first need to define your priorities, what is the most important thing to do, and how you can do it efficiently. After that, you should fill in your schedule accordingly when and where you should do the respective tasks. Then consider the purpose of the content you are going to upload, or can you convey the message and theme of your New Year video idea.

Part 2: 10 Good New Year YouTube Video Ideas

To create better and creative content for YouTube videos at New Year events, you should work on new ideas that might attract your audience's attention. For that purpose, we will present you with some New Year YouTube video ideas that will help you to make an excellent New Year YouTube.

new year video ideas

1. Year-End Recap

This New Year video idea is based on all you and your people have done the whole year. You can make a video that brings back memories from the entire year. In the case of organizations and businesses, you can create an appreciation video that contains the different clips from different events for employees or colleagues.

2. New Year Wish

The focus of this happy New Year video idea is to make sure that you wish a New Year to all your surrounding people that matter to you. These people may include your family members, colleagues, friends, neighbors, and employees who work for you. You can make a YouTube video in which you wish these people to make them feel happy.

3. New Year Greetings

New Year greetings are one of the New Year YouTube video ideas that are all about wishing people that matter to you. In this kind of video, you should make sure that you include yourself in the video and wish your YouTube community a happy New Year too. This could be a part of the video where you present your achievements of the year with good wishes for the next year.

4. New Year To-Do List

You can also consider the to-do list as the New Year video idea that will cover the list of whole preparations you will do for the New Year. This list may include the preparations of both indoor and outdoor decorations, clothes, food, gatherings, and all other things that can be counted in the New Year's to-do list. You can add this in your YouTube video to feel more like a New Year.

5. New Year Tradition Introduction

The New Year tradition introduction is one of the best happy New Year video ideas. You can convey the idea of how different countries celebrate the New Year according to their traditions. Like the Chinese New Year, video ideas are according to their customs and traditions as they show their temples, clothes, food, etc., in their New Year videos.

6. Happy New Year Sales Promotion

If you have a store, brand, business, or something about which you want to advertise that you are giving sales promotions on your items. You can do it by using this New Year YouTube video idea that will help you convey the sales promotion message to the target audience. By making such videos, you can surely increase your sales.

7. Happy New Year Celebration

This New Year video idea of the New Year celebration is about how you celebrated the New Year event with your family, friends, colleagues, and business partners. You can create a New Year video from the captured moments from the New Year event and can upload it on your YouTube channel. This will be quite entertaining for your subscribers.

8. New Year Party Invitation

You can also make a YouTube video for inviting people to a New Year event that you are hosting with the complete venue. It is all up to you, whether you want to have a New Year party or not. But if you decide to give a party, you should necessarily make a video following this New Year video idea.

9. New Year Travel Plan

It counts as the happy New Year video ideas that seem to entertain people the most or people want to want those videos specifically. According to this idea, if you have traveling plans for the New Year, then you should make a video telling your subscribers which area you are visiting to celebrate the New Year. You can also do this after coming back from your New Year tour by sharing your adventures with the community.

10. Chinese New Year Origin and Tradition

If you are Chinese and you want to convey the message that what is Chinese New Year's origin and traditions, then you need to follow this idea. By following one of the best Chinese New Year video ideas, you can highlight the content in the video from where this tradition has been started. You can present the Chinese foods, decorations, theme colors, and clothes in the video.

Part 3:How to Create Engaging New Year Videos?

Along with many other features, Wondershare presented a complete video editing solution for the YouTubers called Filmora Video Editor, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it keeps getting popularity in the market of old and fresh editors. This video editor provides the best experience to its users as it is responsible for sound effects, video templates, and video effects. It also provides you with New Year's YouTube video ideas.

Key Features of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Some of the features of Wondershare Filmora New Year video maker that makes them unique and better than other video editors are described below:

1. User Interface

The user interface of Wondershare Filmora is highly compatible with the user's request, and it responds to these requests as quickly as it can. More about the interface of Filmora is, it is organized, simple and clean in every way. Filmora's user interface is easy to use for users that only have basic knowledge.

filmora interface

2. Video Editing

One of the main features of Wondershare Filmora is video editing, and it includes the video templates and effects that you are going to choose for editing your New Year's video. The whole video editing process in Filmora is quite simple in itself. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface of Filmora makes it accessible on the whole screen.

video editing in filmora

3. Transitions and Effects

Wondershare Filmora is exceptional in all ways then it is either about special effects or transitions that will help customize the editing experience. It offers almost 300 objects, music, overlays, special effects, audio effects, and transitions for its users.

transitions and effects of filmora

4. Split Screen

If you want to create content that specifically contains commentary, tutorials, or interviews, then you should apply a split-screen to your video. The split-screen feature of Filmora is quite easy to access and even easier to implement.

split options in filmora

5. Color Matching

The new additional color matching feature of Wondershare Filmora increases its level up in performance. Color matching seems to be very important when you are making a video with two different footage and different cameras.

color matching feature

6. Motion Tracking

This motion tracking feature of Wondershare Filmora is impressive in capturing the motion of moving objects in the effects, frame, caption, and add text, etc. It tracks the motion of the object across the whole screen.

do motion tracking in filmora

7. Filmstock

Filmstock is one of the incredible features of Filmora that is a resource website and contains millions of sound effects, video templates, and video effects. By using Filmstock effects center, you can access and edit any kind of effects and video templates to make your videos more attractive and provide users with the best experience.

How to Make New Year YouTube Videos Using Wondershare Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora is a complete video editor with unique features that provide users with the best experience of creating videos. You need to follow the given steps in order to create a video using Wondershare Filmora:

Step1 Begin the Editing by Choosing a Template

With the help of Filmstock, you can directly choose a template from the library of millions of templates. You can even count on your creativity by editing a video from the start on your own.

Step2 Customize your New Year Video

You can easily customize or change different parts of the templates, such as animations, texts, images, effects, transitions, and video clips. You are also allowed to select and upload your assets.

Step3 Insert Sound Effects

You can now level up your video by adding sound effects to it. You can either choose a track from the music library or just upload your music to add a suitable soundtrack.

Step4 Download your New Year's Video

You can now choose the download quality and can download the video directly on your computer or just download it in a recommended quality for all social channels.

To get a better view of how to create a YouTube video using Filmora, check the below video.

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● In this article, we cover up the New Year YouTube video ideas that are helpful for all organizations, businesses, and YouTubers who upload videos on the New Year. This part of the article covers the ideas of creating attractive New Year videos.

● On the other hand, we introduced you to Wondershare Filmora and its remarkable features that can help you in making better YouTube videos. You can also follow the above steps for creating videos using Wondershare Filmora.

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