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8 Best Video Ad Templates and Websites

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

No matter what, a video ad is always helpful when you want to ascend the sales and traffic towards your product or service.

One can conclude it as the most effective trick to entice the buyers through social media platforms.

However, there are people who are not into creativity and making video ads seem to be difficult and hence they can’t think of one.

Moreover, there are the ones who have less time for creating video ads on their own and hence find them in a little complicated situation.

If it is relatable to you, then this place is just for you. With the help of video ad templates, you can resolve your problem.

And here, in this article, we will share you 8 video ad templates and website to ease your burden. Please stay tuned and scroll down for more information.

8 Best Video Ad Templates and Websites

1. Fast Food Template for Video Ad

Have you just begun an exquisite fast food venture on your own? Then to make it more impactful and muster more of the clients, the video ad template for the same is a huge requirement. To get one, the website named as evantoelements is there to be your friend. You can download the preview in the first place to get satisfied. The file size for this particular template would be 210MB and you can subscribe to get this video ad template. So, don’t just sit idle and grab this to make your customers tempted.

Fast Food Template for Video Ad

2. Urban Colors

To show the true urban colors, one has to trust motionden – a great platform to offers multiple video ad templates and let users customize it to get what they exactly want. You just need to give the login details to get started with. All it has to offer is the video stunning quality as well as dynamic typography.

Urban Colors

3. Trusted Business Partner Video Ad Templates

From a wide range of video ad templates, the website powtoon will be the best choice for making a customized video to help your business promoted and getting the trust of the customers. With the help of this video ad template, you can easily add the basic and necessary information about your business like the company’s achievements thereby getting more of the customer base.

Trusted Business Partner Video Ad Templates

4. Instagram Stories - Marketing

When it is about marketing on social media, how can Instagram stay behind! Knowing that more than half of the world is a keen Instagram user, having one video ad on Instagram is a must. For this also, evantoelement will provide you the template where organizing as well as making the video appealing is all in your hands. Take the best advantage of this video ad template and show your worth to the potential audience.

Instagram Stories

5. Character Animation Explainer

Of all the video trends, an explainer video never goes out of fashion. With the animated characters, one can easily explain the viewers about what their business actually does by creating a great situational video. To get this video ad template, you need to pay $49. Having over 400 animated icons and 21 kinetic typographies, it exactly does what you look for.

Character Animation Explainer

6. Lumen5 – Free Video Ad Templates

Here is what you need to have when free video ad templates is your priority. On browsing the website named Lumen5, you can’t get enough of the variety it has to offer. You can search for a particular video ad template by using the search bar at the top. Key in the needed keywords and get what you want from Lumen5.

Free Video Ad Templates

7. Design Wizard – Advertising Agency Video Templates

Satisfying the needs regarding innovative and creative video ads is easy with Design Wizard. You can have choice from more than 2000 readymade templates. Also, with the help of Design Wizard, the users can easily make alterations to the color and text of the branded messages via 100 font designs.

Advertising Agency Video Templates

8. Powtoon – Video Ad Templates

Powtoon is a complete package when an attention-grabbing video ad is need of the hour. Whether you need a video ad of 6 seconds, 15 or 30 seconds, the website owns every best template for you. Also, the ads on this website are optimized for social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Hence, get the best template from the collection as per the needs and say through it what you have to.

Video Ad Templates


We are done with the video ad templates and the website that we thought you need to know. Advertising the brand is really an essential process to make it reach the right audience rapidly. We just hope that you could take great benefit through this article. For more such information, please stay with us and comment down below about your views on the article.

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