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6 Best Text to Speech Generators for YouTube Videos [Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & Online]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

Best Text To Speech Converter and Video Editor

Filmora's Text to Speech (TTS) function allows you to convert your text files to voiceover and bring more elements to enrich your video.


Speech has a significant impact on the success rate of the entire YouTube adventure, whether storytelling or a standard sales pitch. It helps to have a decent voice and speaking abilities. However, not everyone gets both simultaneously; many individuals employ voice artists to provide voice-overs.

Some freelancers charge $5-$100 for a 5-minute voice-over. However, not everyone can afford an expensive voice artist, especially for longer films or just starting. Here are other options that I discovered as the most acceptable free text to voice generators for YouTube videos.

Let's take a deeper look at the most excellent free text to speech software for YouTube videos.

Getting Started

Text to speech is a speech synthesis software that speaks aloud digital and textual content. The software offers a wide range of applications and is utilized by everyone from professionals and students to toddlers and adults.

Viewers are emotionally attached to documents such as PDFs, books, novels, and e-learning courses when they hear narration with a human voice. Text-to-speech systems are ideal for multitasking by busy professionals.

It's no surprise that there are numerous text-to-speech options available. Audiobooks are also becoming more popular for the same reasons.

We'll go over the best text-to-speech tools available in this guide. We've gathered a detailed list of the most exemplary free and commercial text-to-speech applications to help you choose the best option for your needs:

#1: Murf

It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online

Murf is a text-based voice-over maker. You can either compose your script or submit a voice clip to convert it into hyper-realistic AI voices. Murf delivers expert voice-over artists with experienced voices. You can check multiple parameters in the voices. You can use Murf to signify a brand, a product, a company, a presentation, and many more.



  • Murf allows you to create voice-overs from the text. It also allows you to transform your speech into editable text, which you can subsequently edit or convert into AI voice.
  • Murf Studio provides the ability to synchronize your speech with visuals.
  • Murf provides over 100 authentic voices in 19 languages.
  • It also gives options for inserting pauses, altering narration tempo, and emphasizing certain points.
  • It also includes features such as script checking with grammar assistance, free background music, video and music cutting, and more.
  • Murf offers comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, access control, a pronunciation library, and a service level agreement (SLA) for enterprises wishing to develop voice-overs in bulk.






$0 / Month

$13 / Month

$26 / Month

$166 / Month

Try all 120+ voices

10 mins of voice generation

10 mins of transcription

Share link for audio/video output

No downloads

Single User

No credit card required

Unlimited Downloads

24 hours of voice generation/year

Access to 60 voices (10 languages)

Commercial Usage rights

Chat and Email support

Single User

Unlimited Downloads

96 hours of voice generation/year

48 hours of transcription/year

Access 120+ voices (20 languages)

Commercial Usage rights

Recorded voice editing

Voice changer

Up to 3 users

Priority Support

5+ Users

Unlimited Voice Generation Time

Unlimited Transcription time

Custom Voices

Single-sign on (SSO)

Collaboration and Access Control

Dedicated Account Representative

Centralized invoicing

Service Agreement

Deletion recovery

Unlimited Storage


  • You may experience frequent technical glitches.

#2: Speechelo

It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online

Speechelo gives a realistic voice tone and expressions. This gets people more interested in voice-overs. You can use Speechelo to create sales videos, training films, and instructive videos, among other things. It includes attributes such as breathing and pauses, vocal tones, changing speed and pitch, and compatibility for 23 languages.



  • The text-to-speech engine in Speechelo can add intonation to the voice.
  • It contains over 30 voices that sound natural.
  • It has both male and female voices.
  • It works with various video editing tools, including Camatasia, Adobe, Premier, and iMovie.
  • Ordinary tone, cheerful tone, and serious tone are the three tones you may use to read your text.



$47 (Discount price)

One-time payment

With 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The output of Speechelo will be 48kbps. If you're familiar with sound production, you'll see that this is a very low output.
  • It might produce inaccurate output if you input long voice-overs.

#3: Synthesys

It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online

Synthesys helps to convert text into a natural-sounding voice. With Synthesis, you can choose from various tones, accents, male and female voices, languages, and reading speeds. Moreover, It simply takes three steps to create a natural-sounding artificial speech that you may use for a variety of commercial applications.

  1. To begin, select the gender, style, accent, and tone you want the created voice to have.
  2. You can paste or type the content you want to turn into speech into Synthesys' AI voice-producing platform.
  3. Lastly, click 'create' to start creating your artificial speech in minutes. You may adjust the reading speed and pause length from here.


  • Cloud-based software.
  • Expert and natural-sounding voices are available in an extensive collection. 
  • There are over 35 female voices and 30 male voices.
  • You can create and sell unlimited voices.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface.


Audio Synthesys

Human Studio Synthesys

Audio and Human Studio Synthesys

$29 / Month

#39 / Month

$59 / Month

Unlimited voice-overs downloads

Access to 30 Real Human Voices

Access to 66 Languages & 254 General Voices

Fully Web-Based

Unlimited Videos

Access to 73 Humatars (Extra Outfits included)

Access to 66 Languages & 254 General Voices

Upload Your Own Voice

Full Video Customization

Fully Web-Based

Unlimited Videos & Voice Overs

Access to both Software

All features included

20% OFF


  • It has character limitations when making a voice-over.
  • It does not have a free trial version.

#4: Nuance Dragon

It is available in Windows only

Nuance Dragon is an artificial intelligence-powered voice recognition system. It offers both residential and commercial solutions. It spans across various data centers and delivers cloud services.

Its hosting platform is Microsoft Azure, which is HITRUST CSF-approved. All of their solutions follow industry-standard guidelines. Nuance Dragon protects data in transit and at rest with 256-bit encryption.



  • Nuance Dragon complies with HIPAA regulations, which are critical for public sector security and confidentiality.
  • It applies to a wide range of professions.
  • It offers complete protection.






It has 99% recognition accuracy

Immediate access to your dictation.

One-time payment.

It has 99% recognition accuracy

Share documents

Sync custom words and commands

Immediate access to your dictation.

One-time payment.


  • It works only on Windows, and it is not available on Mac.
  • It does not have a free trial version.
  • It does not include Premium Consulting or Integration Services.

#5: Notevibes

It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online

Notevibes is a tremendous text-to-speech tool that comes in both a free and a commercial edition with many features. It offers customers over five hundred translation characters while also allowing them to modify the pronunciation.

As a result, users have access to all of their resources to learn a new language and significantly increase their reading skills. Furthermore, Notevibes features 177 distinct voices speaking in 18 different languages.

Users appreciate the natural-sounding voices that assist them in pronouncing words correctly. Users from many walks of life can profit from the tool because it has many functions.



  • Realistic voice generator
  • Aloud Speaking
  • Make an MP3 of your audio speech.
  • 47 Individual Voices
  • Characters: 200 – 1,000,000


Personal Pack

Commercial Pack

Corporate Pack

$9 / Month

($107 per year)

$90 / Month

($1080 per year)

$4,000 / Year

For personal use only: private listening, personal e-learning

1,200,000 characters pack per year

201 Premium Voices available

18 Languages (EN, ES, DE, FR, VT, RU, PT, IT, NL, TR, JP, KO, HI and etc)

MP3 Download

1 Account License

For Commercial use: YouTube, broadcasts, TV, IVR voiceover and other businesses

12,000,000 characters pack per year

Advanced voice editor new

201 Premium Voices available

18 Languages (EN, ES, DE, FR, VT, RU, PT, IT, NL, TR, JP, KO, HI and etc.)

SSML tags support

MP3, Wav Download

Audio files history

You 100% own intellectual property for all files

For Corporate Users

All in Commercial and

50,000,000 characters pack per year

Master account for management

Team License (up to 10 users)

Priority email support


  • It does not have a preview. You have to generate the voice-over to listen.
  • You can't combine a single audio file out of many audio files.
  • The Voiceover & Editor Page is unique in that it has two sections: one for creating the voice-over and another for obtaining audio files. Switching between them will take some time. If you're working on a large project, moving between bot sites will be a hassle.
  • No project-based organization

#6: Natural Reader

It is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Online

Natural Reader is among the few free text-to-speech programs with several exciting features. It's pretty easy to use, and you can get started right away by loading texts into its library.

Furthermore, the tool allows users to manage several files in various formats. Lastly, the built-in OCR will enable you to submit images or text scans and have them read aloud.



  • Built-in OCR
  • Choice of interfaces
  • Built-in browser
  • Dyslexic-friendly font







(Free to use)


(One-time payment)


(One-time payment)


(One-time payment)

Unlimited use with Free Voices

Miniboard to read text in other applications

Pronunciation Editor

Works with PDF, Docx, TXT and ePub

2 natural voices included

All features of Free Version included

Convert to MP3

4 natural voices included

All features of Personal Version included

6 natural voices included

All features of Professional Version included

5000 images/year for OCR to read from images & scanned PDFs


  • There is no way to skip or jump around any text on the page.
  • You will need internet access in the free software to access the voices.
  • The paid version is very expensive in comparison to others.
  • Long-term use is complex.

Pro Tip:

If you just use text-to-speech software sometimes, it's best to utilize one of the many free options available. On the other hand, paid versions are great if you want extensive functionality and don't mind limitations on usage.

You should check for text-to-speech software with natural voices enabled in commercial applications. A top-rated system should include real-time speech capabilities and a user-friendly UI.

Text to Speech Services' Advantages

TTS systems can help content owners such as corporations, YouTubers, institutions, media houses, mobile app developers, e-learning solution providers, and others in comparable fields in the following ways:

  • Global Reach: TTS voices that sound human, are clear, and can be customized can let you communicate with people worldwide. You can even incorporate translations in multiple languages to read the text in their own language.
  • Improve User Experience: Allowing speech in pre-sales and after-sales can reduce human agent burden, provide individualized services, lower operating expenses, and speed up productivity.
  • Saves Money and Time: Companies can quickly and easily implement TTS systems with little maintenance.
  • Improves Productivity: E-learning experts and HR departments can create learning modules for staff training using TTS. This will allow employees to learn the information while working anywhere and at any time.

Text to speech solutions can also help online students, researchers, teachers, device users, app users, website visitors, machine users, and others in the following ways:

  • People with Reading Difficulties: A considerable portion of the global population suffers from learning or reading disabilities, including language-based learning disabilities. TTS solutions in your documents might assist them in better understanding the document. It can also aid persons with vision problems and literacy issues.
  • Multitasking: Listening to something allows you to execute multiple physical duties at once, such as cooking, cleaning, exercising, etc. It's a welcome break for busy professionals who can't find time to read the stacks of books that have accumulated on their desks for years. They can just put on their headphones and listen to them while doing other things.
  • Great for Kids: Instead of being glued to their computers or phones all day, your children can listen to audio files, including their books and other study materials. It will safeguard their priceless sight. It will also increase word recognition, cognitive skills, make finding and correcting problems in their writing easier.
  • Journey Mate: People can listen to information while traveling by using speech to text. You may always listen to the noises and enjoy them while riding without having to strain your eyes, regardless of how rocky the road is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Text to Speech Software?

TTS (text-to-speech) is an assistive technology that reads text aloud. TTS systems provide computer-generated sound, and we may vary the reading speed by increasing the speed or slowing things down.

Is Text-To-Speech Technology Handy?

According to studies, text-to-speech technology helps viewers concentrate on the content rather than the process of reading, resulting in a greater understanding of the topic and more engagement.

While some argue that audiobooks, or scripts read by paid voice actors, are superior to computer-generated voices, there is compelling proof that text to speech can be a handy tool for YouTube content creators.

Is The Voice Quality Consistent Across All Text to Speech Programs?

Voice quality ultimately depends on the service. However, some use human voices, while premium solutions employ the voices of well-known narrators like David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman.

You can even mimic the sound of youngsters speaking. Many gadgets, particularly online web page scanners and even audiobooks emphasize the text they are scanning.

What Are the Benefits of Using Text to Speech Software?

You can use this type of technology in a variety of ways. Some programs read text from a digital document or an interactive online page for users. Some programs can even convert handwritten text into speech using modern technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Text-to-speech software is compatible with various devices and applies to all kinds of individual digital devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

What Is the Process of Converting Speech in Text to Speech Software?

The majority of text-to-speech software works in the same way. Users can either upload or input the content to convert to audio. Then they choose from the different voices to evaluate which sound is best for the voice-over.

Many TTS solutions rely on OCR technology in some form. OCR allows us to obtain text from documents and photos by recognizing written and digital text. If you click an image of a street sign, the program will read the words printed on it.

Is it possible to use Text to Speech on YouTube?

Absolutely, you can get them in YouTube videos, but to prevent advertising strikes, make sure you post videos with authentic human voices somewhere between.

What Text-To-Speech Software Does YouTube Content Creators Use?

To incorporate voice-overs on their sales pitches and informative videos, most YouTubers pay for text-to-speech software like Synthesys and Speechelo.

Is It Possible to Monetize YouTube Videos Using Text to Speech?

It varies on the text to speech engine you're using; some TTS engines support YouTube monetization while others don't.

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