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What is Color Finale

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The question of which is superior between Color Finale and DaVinci Resolve may have crossed your mind if you're considering upgrading your color grading software. That's very natural, too! These two programs for color grading and color correction are among the best options for intermediate to advanced video editors. And with good cause. But what distinguishes each piece of software? Keep reading to find out.

In this article
  1. 1. What is color finale?
  2. 2. Ease of use color finale 2.0
  3. 3. Features
  4. 4. Color Finale 2
  5. 5. Minimum system requirements?
  6. 6. Availability and price

1. What is color finale?

One of the best color grading and correction programs is Color Finale from Color Trix. It can only be used with Final Cut Pro X at the moment and is downloaded as a plug-in. Therefore, Color Finale is something you should definitely think about employing if you're currently using FCPX to edit your video. Color Finale 2, the most recent edition, is incredibly potent. Compared to the default Final Cut Pro coloring tools, it offers a significantly more detailed coloring experience. It's also shockingly simple to use. After installing it, Color Finale 2 will be accessible under "Video Effects." Simply drag and drop it onto the desired clips to use it. Alternately, make an adjustment layer and apply it to your entire video.

The use of curves, vectors, color wheels, and HSL curves will be available to editors. These can all be utilized in layers. Additionally, rearranging and modifying the layers is simple. The masking and an enhanced LUTs browser are two of Color Finale 2's finest additions. Masks are easy to handle and apply to video clips, and they have a great tracking capability. This makes it simpler for editors to isolate particular colors or sections inside film for intricate coloring.

Additionally, with Color Finale 1, the LUTs browser has been improved. LUTs are now much simpler to go through and preview. Additionally, Color Finale can be shown the location of your computer's favorite LUTs for rapid application. Alternately, you might make your own LUTs and store them for use in later projects. These resources offer a wide range of color options.

The nicest part about it all, though, is how easy Color Finale is to use. Numerous excellent Color Finale instructions may also be found on their YouTube channel. The base version of Color Finale 2 software costs $99 to buy. Alternately, spend $149 once to get the full feature set of Color Finale 2 Pro.

2. Ease of use color finale 2.0

In this division, Color Finale 2 is the undisputed champion. All you have to do to use FCPX editors is download the software. It will be accessible when you launch FCPX the following time. Additionally, editors more experienced with Premiere Pro will still find Color Finale to be simpler to use than DaVinci Resolve. This is due to the fact that DaVinci Resolve uses an entirely unique method than other tools for editing videos. With Resolve, there is a very high learning curve. But with Color Finale 2, you can get started after watching a few tutorials.

3. Features

On the timeline of your Final Cut Pro project, a comprehensive range of professional color grading tools.

Image quality: Avoid problems with color management or image compression that could cause degradation between the editing and grading systems.

Speed: When compared to the conventional color tools found in Final Cut Pro, the color toolset in this extension has been fine-tuned and their user interface has been optimized for a speedier grading workflow.

Efficiency: Keep your project in Final Cut Pro for all of your high-end color grading needs, and there will be no need for round-tripping.

Transcoder: Color Finale Transcoder is an FCPX addon that lets you preview, alter, and transcode RAW files. BRAW, ARRIRAW, and CinemaDNG are supported. As Final Cut Pro X natively supports R3D/ProRes RAW files, there's no necessity to support them. Inside the extension, you can change the transcoding codec, color space, output file resolution, delayering mode, and highlight recovery. Color Finale Transcoder lets you change RAW files' color temperature/tint, ISO, and sharpness/detail. Import a preview LUT to see how your film will look.

Value: Included are brand new tools for image processing as well as picture analysis - there is no requirement to buy any other plugins.

4. Color Finale 2

The color correction tool known as Color Finale 2 is a plug-in that can only be used with Apple's Final Cut Pro software. It is superior to the color correcting capabilities that are incorporated into Final Cut Pro and transform the software into a professional grading solution. There is a Standard version and a Pro version of Color Finale 2 available for purchase.

This article may refer to some features that are only available in the Pro edition; thus, please visit our website for a comparison of the features included in each of the two versions. Color Finale 2 Pro will interact with Tangent hardware control surfaces, in addition to the differences in features that are already there. Both Final Cut Pro and Motion have an option to install Color Finale 2 as a video effect filter, known as a plug-in. It also installs a separate Color Finale application, which is necessary for the program to function properly within the framework of macOS. This application is only used to check for and apply updates to Color Finale 2, therefore the user will not ordinarily need to access it. The Color Finale 2 effect can be applied to any video clip, compound clip, title, generator, or adjustment layer (title effect) on the timeline by dragging and dropping the Color Finale 2 or Color Finale 2 Pro** effect from the effects panel in Final Cut Pro.

The interface of Color Finale 2 is split into two sections: a control panel that can be found in the Final Cut Pro inspector and a layer editing panel that can be moved around and resized. These panels make use of a design language for the interface that is similar to that of Final Cut Pro. Both have contextual pulldown pickers and contextual menus, in addition to return arrows that are located next to the majority of the parameters in order to reset their values to the default (identified by three vertical dots).

5. Minimum system requirements?

Apple Mac 2012 or newer OS X 10.13 and later Requires graphics card sold by Apple supporting Graphics card with Metal support Final Cut Pro X 10.4 or later 4 GB of RAM.

6. Availability and price

The ability to produce high-quality results within Color Finale without the need to round-trip to another program is the primary advantage of utilizing this software. Doing all of your editing, grading, and finishing work right within FCPX may save you a ton of time and effort, which is especially helpful when you're working under strict time constraints. The price of Color Finale is only $99, which is very affordable.


Color Finale includes several high-end color suite capabilities. Color Finale includes standard color tools including 3-way color wheels and RGB curves, plus a basic LUT option and a six-channel vector grading feature. Using this vector tool, it's easy to brighten skies, adjust building colors, or enhance skin tones.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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