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Split Screen/Multiscreen video

The division of the screen into two or more segments is known as the split-screen video editing technique. Each of the segments contains a separate video that runs simultaneously with all other videos displayed within the screen. This video editing technique is commonly used to depict a scene from multiple angles or to show characters placed in different locations having a conversation over the phone.

Applying Split Screen Effects to Videos

Click on the Split Screen tab and start browsing through the collection of Split Screen layouts. You can choose from more than thirty layouts that enable you to have as many as six different videos playing simultaneously within the screen. Once you find the Split Screen you’d like to add to your project you can double-click on it in order to preview it or you can drag and drop it to a specific location on the timeline.

 Filmora9 for Mac  Apply Split Screen Effects

After placing a Split Screen layout to a video track on the timeline you should double-click on it to bring up its editing panel. Proceed to add video clips to the Split Screen layout, animate or edit them. The default duration of the Split Screen layout is limited to just five seconds, but you can alter the default duration directly from the timeline by dragging one of its edges left or right.

Adding Video Clips to a Split Screen Layout

The process of adding video clips to a split screen layout is straightforward, as you just have to click on one of the drop boxes displayed in the preview panel and then click on a video you’d like to add to it in the Media tab. Repositioning the clip requires you to just drag from its default location and drop it to a new location in the preview window.

Editing a Split Screen Video

Click on the Video tab that is located next to the Media tab to start editing the split screen you created. To add and adjust borders on the Split Screen video, make sure that the Border tick box is checked and then adjust the size and the color of the borders that are displayed around each video you added to the Split Screen layout.

 Filmora9 for Mac  Edit Split Screen Videos

You can rotate the entire split screen using the Rotate slider that can be accessed from the Transform menu. Additionally, you can alter the Scale and Position values if you want to make the Split Screen smaller or larger or if you would like to reposition it. You can find our full guide through video editing in Filmora at this link.

Color Correction of Split Screen Videos

 Filmora9 for Mac Color Correction

The Color tab that is located next to the Video tab contains a plethora of tools that enable you to enhance the colors in a split screen video. So you can easily fine-tune the Temperature, Tint, Brightness, Contrast or Saturation values and apply 3D Luts to a split screen video. Follow this link to learn more about the color correction process in Filmora.

Animating Split Screen Layouts

 Filmora9 for Mac  Animated Split Screen

The Motion tab offers several different motion presets, and you just have to double-click on the motion preset you want to apply to a split screen video. The numbers displayed in the split screen layout, indicate the order at which videos are going to be played. Once you’ve applied a motion preset you should click on the OK button to confirm the changes.

All of the changes you’ve made in this manner are going to be applied to an entire split screen video, and if you want to edit each video separately you have to click on the Edit icon that is displayed at the bottom of a video in the preview window. You can also use the Zoom slider to enlarge a video or to make it smaller.

 Filmora9 for Mac  Animated Split Screen

After you click on the Edit icon, the Advanced Split Screen Edit Window that contains Media, Video, Color and Motion tabs is going to appear on the screen. The tools these tabs contain enable you to rotate a single video clip within the split screen, enhance its colors or trim it in order to remove the parts you don’t want to include in the final version of the split screen video.

Muting the sound of individual video clips in a split screen video

In case you didn’t remove the original sound of the video clips you added to a split screen layout you can click on the Speaker icon if you want to mute a particular video clip.