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Use Texts and Intro/Credit

Filmora for Mac (Latest Filmora version X) makes it easy to create text & titles that match your style. Captions, lower 3rds, subtitles, openers, and end credits are among the text options available in Filmora for Mac. You can even add animated text effects like dialog balloons. In this guide you’ll learn how to access and use them.

1. Adding Titles and Text

There are a variety of animated text presets you can access under the Titles menu. You can customize any text effect you find and save it as a new preset.

Adding text to your project

Go to the Titles menu, choose a text effect, and drag it into the timeline. You can also right click on the text effect and choose Apply.

You can also enter plain text, it's no animations or extras,just simple text.

add text

In the Titles menu on the left side of the screen, you’ll see folders for different types of text effects marked Opener, Titles, Lower 3rds, Sub Titles, and End Credits. You can preview each effect by double-clicking on it. Drag and drop the effect you want to use into the timeline, or right click on it and select Apply.

Applying Openers and End Credits

To add an Opener (also called an Intro) go to the Opener menu under Titles and right click on the Opener you want to add. Select Apply and the Opener will be added to a new video track.

  Filmora 9 for Mac add title effects opener

To add End Credits, go to End Credits under Titles and right click on the credits you want. Then, select Apply from the submenu.

  Filmora 9 for Mac add title effects end credits

2. Personalizing Text Effects

To enter text:

Double click on the text effect in the timeline to open the Text Editing panel and type in your message. You can then modify the properties (font, spacing, size, style, alignment, color, and more) of the title effect.

  Filmora 9 for Mac add title effects

Click on the Font drop-down menu to change the style of your text. You can also download a font from the internet, install it on your OS, and then use it in Filmora.

Note: If you download a font from the internet you will have to restart Filmora for Mac before that font becomes available in the software's font library.

To preset styles to text effects:

Go to the Preset tab of the Text Editing menu and click the thumbnails of the preset styles to apply them.

To change the position of text in the Preview Window

  Filmora 9 for Mac add title effects

You can set a position for your text by changing the Position parameters in Text Editing panel. You can also click and drag your text in the preview window to move it where you want.

To adjust the duration of text effects

The default duration of all the text effects is 5 seconds, but you can change that by dragging either of a text effect’s edges in the timeline. You can also click on the Duration icon   Filmora 9 for Mac duration icon to change the effect’s duration.

  Filmora 9 for Mac duration

If you want to change the default duration of all title effects in Filmora go to the Wondershare Filmora menu, click on Preferences, and then enter the new default duration beside Effect Duration.

  Filmora 9 for Mac Title duration

To Apply or Change Text Animations

In the Text Editing panel click into the Animation tab. Filmora offers more than 80 different text animations you can apply by double clicking on an effect to preview it and then clicking OK to apply it.

  Filmora 9 for Mac animation

3. Advanced Title Editing

Click on the Advanced button in the lower right corner of the Text Editing panel to access the Title Inspector window.

  Filmora 9 for Mac title inspector

Besides enabling you to add shadows or borders to the text you insert, the Title Inspector also lets you add new text boxes by clicking on the Add Textbox icon   Filmora 9 for Mac title editing . In addition, you can add shapes like bubbles and arrows by clicking on the Add Shape icon   Filmora 9 for Mac title editing or insert an image by clicking on the Add Image icon   Filmora 9 for Mac title editing . Each new element you add will be displayed on the timeline below the preview window in Title Inspector window.

Changing the color or opacity, of your text, or adding blur to the text, are also options you can access from the Title Inspector window.

Customizing Text Style

Besides entering customized text, the Customize tab contains five more options: Text Fill, Text Border, Text Shadow, Shape Fill and Shape Border.

  Filmora 9 for Mac title editing

Text and Shape Fill: in Text Fill you can choose from Color Fill, Image Fill or Gradient Fill. In Shape Fill, you can choose Color Fill or Gradient Fill.

  • Color Fill: pick a color to fill your text or shape.
  • Image Fill: choose from the built-in images or click image fill to load your own image and have that fill your text.
  • Gradient Fill: set the start and end colors and click an arrow button to set the direction.

Tip: You can drag the slider below to set the Blur and Opacity (transparency) values.


Add a border around the letters of your text or a shadow behind them. You can drag the Blur slider to blur the text shadow or border or the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency.

4. Saving Customized Text Effects as Presets

Filmora for Mac lets you save customized text effects from both the Title Inspector and the Text Editing panel. Once you’ve made all the adjustments you want to a text effect, click on the Save as preset button located in the lower left corner either menu.

  Filmora 9 for Mac title editing

A dialogue box will pop up where you can enter the name of the new preset.

  Filmora 9 for Mac title editing

The new preset will be saved in the Custom folder in the Titles tab.

5.Delete Title

All title effects in the timeline can be removed by selecting them and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard or by clicking on the Delete icon in the toolbar. You can also right click on the title effect you want to remove from the timeline and select Delete.