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Add Elements, Transitions

Elements are motion graphics you can use to decorate your videos.

Transitions can be added between your video clips to improve the flow of your video or to add interest.

In this guide you will learn how to add these two kinds of effects to your videos.

1. Add Motion Elements to your video

Navigate to Elements tab in the top menu. Filmora for Mac includes over 150 different elements by default, and you can access even more with Filmstock subscription.

    • To add an element to your video, choose one that you like and drag it into the timeline.

add elements in filmora

  • To remove an element from your video, right click on it in the timeline and choose Delete.
  • Save an element to your favorite list by selecting the element in the Elements menu, right clicking on it, and choose Add to Favorite.

add to favorite in filmora verison  for mac

2. Add Transition effects between video clips

    • To add Transition effects to your video, first drag two video clips into the same video track on the timeline and place them next to each other. Then, navigate to the Transition tab in the top menu. Click on the transition you want to use and then drag and drop it in between those two clips.

add transition in filmora  for mac

  • To delete the transition, right click on it and choose Delete.
  • Save the transition effect to your favorite list by selecting the transition effect in the Transition menu, right clicking on it, and choosing Add to Favorite.