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Automatic Scene Detection

If you don't want to edit videos frame by frame with, scene detection can detect the whole video and split them all based on different scenes to filter out best parts and split out those shaking parts, blur parts and so on. Just one click, what you need to do next is to pick and delete the unwanted parts.

    • After import the media file, right click to pick up Scene Detection as follow.

Scene Detection filmora

    • Then in pop-up window, click detect. It will detect the whole video automatically, what you need to do is wait. It won't take too much time, say several second if your video is under 1 minute. Now the video is split to different clips as follow. There is a Sensitivity toolbar for you to adjust the sensitive level from low to high in the bottom.

split into different clips filmora version X

    • Click Apply below, it will move all files to timeline directly. Now you can start to pick up those unwanted parts, right click to delete or click the delete box directly to remove them.

delete unwanted parts filmora version x