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Pan and Zoom

The Pan and Zoom or generally referred to as Ken Burns Effect allows you to embed still photographs in motion pictures or an animated transition to a digital photograph in order to create the illusion of movement. This display of a slow zooming and panning effect and fading transitions between frames is used by many filmmakers to keep viewer interest.

To use the Pan and Zoom feature in Filmora, you can follow the steps below:

1. Import your source videos or images to the Media Library. Then add the video or image to the timeline by drag-n-drop or right-clicking and choosing the Insert option.

2. Right-click the video and select the option Crop and Zoom.

find crop and zoom option

3. A Crop and Zoom popup window will appear, go to Pan and Zoom section. Here you’ll see two frames on the footage, a red frame marked as “Start” and a light-blue frame marked as “End”.

get pan and zoom on mac

4. You can select from the 4 preset options available under the preview section. 

  • Zoom in mode: Using this option you can zoom in from the larger frame to the smaller blue frame. This feature can be used to zoom in on a character’s face in the video.

zoom in mode on mac

  • Zoom out mode: You can also zoom out from the smaller red frame to the larger green frame to show a larger screen.

zoom out mode on mac

  • Pan left mode: You can move horizontally from the left red frame to the green frame on the right side. This can be done to follow a subject or move among characters.

pan left mode on mac

  • Pan right mode: Move horizontally from the right red frame to the left green frame. To move from the right frame to the left to showcase other characters and focus on a particular subject.

pan right mode on mac

Note: You can swap the start and end area instantly just by clicking the swap button above the OK button.