Remove Watermark on Videos

Watermark is the only limitation for Wondershare Filmora for Mac free trial version. Because I really got hundreds of questions about how to remove watermark on videos, today I would like to solve your problems within several minutes.

Please note that all solutions in this article below is nothing about crack skills and I wish you can stay away from that. In a word, the legal way to remove this watermark is to get the code at paid or free.

How to Remove Watermark on Videos

For the paid solution, the first and foremost thing is to save the project file and keep original files intact. Project file is not a video format file, it's the exclusive file ended with .wsve for preserving all related elements edited on timeline. Saving it, you can further edit your previous video with detail elements. However, if you delete all original files or replace them, this project file will run errors.

WSVE button

Don't know how to save project file? Check the guide page here.

Now you can purchase the code from application directly or from Filmora website.

free trial version register

For the free trial version, there would be a Register on the top right corner on the Filmora application screen. Click the Register button to get Trail Hint Windows, in which you can compare the difference between Free Trial Version and Full Registered Version.

trail hint windows

Click Buy Now, then a browser window will pop up for you to choose suitable License with different checkout methods. Besides the 1 Year Subscription, Lifetime License, you can even place multi-user License order or ask for Price Quotes for SMB Enterprise. It is recommended to check out with Paypal. Click Check out with PayPal button to login with your Paypal account and complete the payment.

checkout methods

Or you can go to click Buy Now and follow the payment procedure we'v mentioned above to complete the payment.

Then go your Paypal email to check box, you will find a default email sent from Wondershare System. This is your order number, your purchased product. Below you will find the licensed e-mail and Registration Code.

email sent licensed code

Now let's back to the project file, double click to reopen. Click shopping Cart button, Register, input the licensed e-mail and Registration Code you got in email, click Register.

input email and code

Then a window will tell you that Wondershare Filmora for Mac has been registered! Click OK.

Now the last step is export it with suitable formats. Click and choose different save ways.

different save ways

Now, play back the exported video and you will see the watermark is gone!

How to Remove Watermark on Videos (Free)

What if you need Free way to get code? That's easy!

Just join the campaign to write a review about Filmora and win the free Wondershare Filmora License.

Interested? Contact our Support for more detailed information.

Download free trial version of Wondershare Filmora for Mac below:

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