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Edit Action Camera Videos

Filmora for Mac (Latest Filmora version X) provides a variety of practical features for editing action cam footage such as fisheye correction, video stabilization, speed controls, and color correction. Here’s how to:

1.Fisheye Lens Correction

After you import a video clip into Filmora for Mac and place it on the timeline, double-click on it to bring up the Video editing panel. Locate Lens Correction and make sure that the checkbox next to it is marked.

In the Lens Correction menu, select your action camera model from the Select Profile drop-down menu and select the video resolution from the drop-down menu directly below it. Afterwards, the software will automatically perform the fisheye correction.

  Filmora 9 for Mac  Instant cutter merge

The Adjust Level slider can be used to fine tune the level of lens correction.Crag the slider to the right to increase the lens correction adjustment level and watch the Preview Window to see the results.

2.Changing Video Playback Speed

There are two ways to alter the playback speed of a video in Filmora.

1) Right click on the video clip you want to speed up or slow down and select the Speed and Duration.

  Filmora 9 for Mac change video speed

In the window that appears on the screen you can drag the Speed slider left or right to change the speed of the video.

  Filmora 9 for Mac change video speed

2) Select the action camera video in the timeline and click on the Speed icon   Filmora 9 for Mac change video speed in the toolbar. Use the Fast or Slow options in the drop-down menu to choose how much you want to speed up or slow down your video.

  Filmora 9 for Mac change video speed

3.Making Freeze Fames

Use the timeline zoom controls to magnify the timelin, so you can easily find the frame you'd like to freeze. Then, place the playhead at that location. Click on the Speed icon   Filmora 9 for Mac change video speedand select the Freeze Frame option from the drop-down menu.

  Filmora 9 for Mac change video speed

The default duration of a freeze frame is 5 seconds, but you can drag its edges in the timeline to change its duration. If you would like to change the default duration of all freeze frames, click on Wondershare Filmora and select Preference. In the window that opens go to the Editing tab and change the default duration of freeze frames.

  Filmora x for Mac create freeze frame

4.Stabilize Shaky Footage

Action camera videos often contain v visible frame to frame jitters that can be distracting to viewers. Filmora's Stabilization feature can be used to significantly reduce the effects of camera shake, smoothing out your video and making it more pleasant to watch.

Double-click on a video clip in your timeline to bring up the Video editing panel and then go to the Stabilization menu. Make sure the box next to Stabilization is checked. In this menu, click the Analyze button.

  Filmora 9 for Mac create freeze frame

After the analysis is computed, use the Smooth level slider to increase or decrease the level of stabilization. As you drag the slider you'll notice that the image will zoom in if you increase the smooth level and it will zoom out if you decrease it.

If the edges of your video appear flawed after the analysis, that is a normal part of the process. Increase the smooth level to zoom in past those edges.

5.Enhancing Colors in Action Camera Videos

To access the color correction tools in Filmora for Mac, double click on the footage in the timeline to open the video editing panel and then switch to the Color tab.

  Filmora 9 for Mac  color correction

Alternatively, you can click on a video clip to select it and then click the Color Tuning icon on the toolbar to enter the Advanced Color Tuning window.

  Filmora 9 for Mac  advanced color correction

For more details please read Advanced Color Tuning and Enhancing video clips guides.