Edit Audios

Sound is one of the elements that determine the success of your video production. Wondershare Filmora for Mac allows you to add music, abd voiceover to your project. It also allows you to do some editing on the audio track.

Add audio files

You can insert background music, even record and add your own voiceover narration to audio track.

To add background music

Select music from Mac:Click the Plus icon button to browse for audio files in your computer or directly drag and drop the audio files to Media Library.

Select music from Filmora Built-in Soundtrack: You can choose a song from Filmora built-in Soundtrack library without worrying about copyright issue. Currently, there are 50 royalty free tracks available, including TENDER & SENTIMENTAL, ROCK, FOLK, ELECTRONIC and YOUNG & BRIGHT. You can select the most suitable ones to make your video fantastic.

filmora mac sound library

To add voiceover

On the toolbar above Timeline, click Recordrecord voiceover to bring up the Voiceover dialog. Click the start button to record and you will have 3 seconds of countdown to start speaking. When finished, click Stop. Then the voiceover clip will appear on the Timeline.


To start a new record on the Timeline, no need to close the dialog, just move the Time Indicator to another position and hit the start button again.

Tips: It's recommended to do the recording in about 10-second sessions, so that it's easier to remove a badly recorded narration and redo it. To remove, just right click the audio clip on the Timeline and choose "Delete".

Split audio clips

Use the Split Maker to indicate where you want to split the audio clip on Wondershare Filmora for Mac. Then right click on the clip and select "Split" or click the Split button above on the toolbar.

split audio

Adjust audio settings

Wondershare Filmora for Mac also enables you to adjust the default audio settings. Double click the audio file on the Timeline to activate Audio Inspector, and then you can adjust Pitch, Speed and Volume or add Fade in/out effects. Simply use the slider to tune your audio up. You can immediately hear the result. If you are not satisfied, click Reset to start from scratch.

adjust audio settings

Mute audio

To mute the video clip which contains audio track, just right click on the video and choose "Mute" from the content menu.

mute audio

Detach audio from video

To detach audio from video, simply right-click on the video and choose "Detach Audio" —the detached audio track will automatically appear on the Audio Track.

detach audio

Audio De-noise

Audio de-noise is used to reduce the stationary noise (such as wind noise, current noise...etc) from the audio part of the video or the audio file. After you drag and drop the video/audio to the video track, please double click the file. If it is a video file:

1.Go to Audio tap.

2.Tick the option Remove background noise.

3.Drag the slider to different levels (Weak, Mid or Strong)to reduce the noise accordingly.

If it is an audio file, please double click it and follow above instructions to reduce the noise.


Audio Equalizer

Please follow below instructions to use Audio Equalizer (EQ).

1.Drag and drop the video/audio to the timeline.

2.Double click the video/audio, go to Audio section to access Audio Inspector window.

3.You can either directly select the presets in the dropdown list of Equalizer, which includes Default, Classic, Dance, Low Bass, Sparkle, Pop, Rock' n' Roll, Soft, Techno, Hard Rock, Ska, Country, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Custom. Or you can Select Customize button and access the Customize Equalizer window to adjust the gain by dragging the sliders upwards or downwards.

4.Select Save to save the settings.


Audio Mixer

To use the Audio Mixer, please follow these instructions:

1.Drag and drop all the media(video/audio) files to the timeline.

2.Select Audio Mixer button.


3.Select the tracks one by one to start customizing , you can roll the small ball along the circle to switch the sound from left channel to the right channel. You can also move the cursor upwards or downwards to adjust the gains. For sure, you can input a customized DB value to make it more precise.

4.Plus, you are able to choose Surround(virtual) or Stereo. You just need to drag the corresponding tracks to the positions where you need along the Pan.

5.Select OK to save the settings and go back to the timeline to preview the result.


Download the free trial version below:

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version