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Memes for iPhone

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

We all know that GIFs are an exciting way to communicate with friends and families and are very popular among teenagers. There are so many ways to search memes for iPhone; let's look at the inbuilt options that Apple has given along with some of the most used third-party applications. Memes for iPhone come with extra clarity and more fun.

In this article
  1. How to find the iMessage GIF keyboard?
  2. 1. Mematic
  3. 2. GIF & Memes app
  4. 3.
  5. 4. Imgur
  6. 5. Imgplay
  7. 6. Meme Keyboard
  8. 7. Meme Soundboard
  9. 8. Meme !!

How to find the iMessage GIF keyboard?

If you are using ios10 or more, you have a GIF keyboard attached to the messaging app with the name of #images. If you don't have one, you can also use a few 3rd party applications.

  • Click on the messages and start composing a new one or continue with the existing message.
  • Tap the icon 'A' available to the text field's left.
  • If the #images icon is not visible, press the icon with four bubbles on the bottom left corner.

1. Mematic

Mematic is nothing but a meme generator app that allows clients to create new and exciting memes. Memes made through this app show a watermark at the left bottom corner that says 'made with Mematic.' In 2012, iOS brought this app into use. After three years of service, this app was later updated so that android users could use it as well. This app is similar to other meme applications that provide different GIFs and images.

In the beginning, the users need to select a style of image macro that includes a demotivational poster, tweets, top and bottom text, breaking news, and many more. Users can either choose a photo of the folder given by the app, or they can also add it from the phone's camera roll. They can also text and can reposition it.

mematic app

Features of Mematic

  • Great workflow with a user-friendly interface.
  • Provides a great collection of graphic art, sketches, and funny photos.
  • Automated meme designer.
  • Allows you to add text to the image
  • Allows you to share on any platform
  • Offers a text editor that allows you to change the text's color, font, and size.

2. GIF & Memes app

It is one of the top GIF meme makers for quirky and funny memes. GIF meme makers allow you to create the web's best GIFs. Make one for yourself and share them on any online social media platform in just a few steps. This website is free; anyone can use it and later can also download the memes.

You can create memes easily through this app by selecting a template, or you can also add a picture of your own. Customize the meme by adding text, GIFs, and effects on it. Add extra things if you want to, and transfer the meme to the platform you want to.

gif and memes app

Features of GIF & Memes app

  • Allows you to create a short video
  • Offers you permission to do live video editing
  • It has the most prominent asset library
  • Allows you to change the facial expression
  • You can also use the feature of auto lip-sync
  • You can adjust complex animation in just a few clicks.


A meme is a behavior, style, or idea transferred from one person to another to transfer a particular theme. People often use memes to share a feeling. offers a wide range of services to all users. You can customize the meme by adding different elements, and you can attach edited text on images and change the font of the text and background color of the picture.

memes com

You can also search for the memes you are looking for, as our website contains a lot of memes. Our website allows you to transfer the meme to any platform without any charges, and you can also download the memes numerous times without buying any subscription. You can get this app on both platforms, so go and download it.

Features of

  • Easy to use with an outstanding user interface
  • You can download videos as many times as you want
  • You can process a meme automatically
  • Permits you to add text and change the font of it
  • Wide stock of memes
  • Friendly interface and excellent customer support service

4. Imgur

It is the simplest way to enjoy and discover the magic of the internet. It's the perfect place to find informative and inspiring, funny memes and visual short stories offered to you in different sizes. This app is developed by people worldwide, and anyone can join the pool to share cool GIFs and vote for the best. Imgur ensures you never leave the place empty-handed; they always try their best to brighten your day by making you smile.

imgur app

It is an American-based online image hosting and sharing website to create memes based on trending topics. This platform makes many viral memes, and most work is posted on Reddit. This app came to notice in the year 2009. You can use this app to create great memes, and you can also use the in-built iPhone camera memes for customization.

Features of Imgur

  • Albums came on the market in 2010, and the album layout is embeddable and customizable.
  • Imgur accounts allow users to manage the images and create custom photo galleries. It allows you to access the feature, including deletion, embedding, and album creation, and offers permission to write your thoughts on viral images.
  • A picture with less reach will get removed after three months due to the need for space.
  • Imgur allows its users to create an image macro.
  • Imgur allows its user to link video URLs to make a GIF directly on the website.
  • It is available for iOS and Android, go and download the app to utilize its benefit.

5. Imgplay

It is a mobile and desktop GIF creation app; users can create a video using animated GIFs, and live images, burst images, and videos. Users can crop or edit the video and apply filters to it, allowing the user to share them with everyone through social networking sites. This app is available for both iOS and Android. Developers created this app in 2015 in South Korea to offer world-class memes to all users with additional benefits.

imgplay app

You can download any video without restriction and customize your own video by adding elements and texts to the image. You can also purchase the subscription to experience add-free meme making. You can also customize and add your picture to the GIF. It is the coolest and best editing and meme-making app in South Korea.

Features of Imgplay

  • You can remove the watermark of any video or photo by purchasing the Imgplay pro.
  • You can do any customization and can also add a watermark on your own.
  • Customizable text and sticker animation; you can also change the size, font, and other factors.
  • Imgplay and Imgplay pro offer almost the same quality as GIF, but you can download the video in a better quality using the pro features.
  • Imgplay pro offers additional frames to edit, and you can also add your customizable frame.
  • Easy interface, anyone can use the lmgplay.

6. Meme Keyboard

Since the invention of the GIF, it has become trendy among people of all age groups. It is a way to express how and what you feel and to try to explain it to the other person by sending him a short funny, or sad video. GIFs have changed the shape of communication skills widely. You can use iPhone camera memes to create short videos or search for meme apps for iPhone.

iPhone users don't have features like android users, so they can use meme apps for iPhone to download and share funny memes with others. These keyboards fit in place of your standard keyboard so that you don't have difficulty searching for animated short videos and images. Some platforms don't need any additional animated keyboard because they already own one; some include Tinder, Bumble, Messenger, etc.

meme keyboard

Features of meme keyboard

  • It offers a wide range of memes, and you can send them several times without paying additional charges.
  • It allows you to reply to comments on a different platform.
  • It permits you to save your favorite meme on the keyboard to send it to someone quickly.
  • You can use the speak-to-search text feature to search for your favorite meme, making it very easy to search.
  • You can add your or other pictures to create a customized image.
  • Its flexible nature makes it fit easily inside a regular keyboard, and you won't have difficulty using it.

7. Meme Soundboard

It is the most fantastic application you will get, and this app helps add your favorite or appropriate music to the meme. If you are making memes on your iPhone, don't forget to add this feature, as this feature will make your meme look more relaxed and hot. You can also add your recorded audio to the meme to make it look cooler.

Apart from a few latest models, other iPhone models don't have the feature of a meme soundbar, so if you have the newest version, it's great, or you can also download a third-party application. If you are choosing a third-party application, make sure you select the genuine application, or you will end up sharing your details with other non-trusted websites. Please go through the website review before you add it to your phone. 

meme soundboard

Features of Meme Soundboard

  • It permits you to add the sound of your choice and also permits you to crop the sound at the part you want.
  • All the benefits are free, and users can add almost all types of sound to the meme on iPhone.
  • You can also create your music by adding several music and ringtone.
  • You can download any third-party application on your phone; check it once before downloading it.
  • You can also share the video after adding music to the meme or short video.
  • When you are making memes on your iPhone, check whether your phone allows you to add customized music or not.

8. Meme !!

It is a type of expression we use during our daily conversation, and we prefer using a meme to show what we are feeling. Nowadays, almost all the latest mobiles carry meme generator features; if in case your phone doesn't have it, you can download a third-party application to create or download one. You can also create your meme on your iPhone and share it on various platforms.

We know that iPhone is famous for its security and privacy, so before you download any application on your phone, check the app's originality, so you don't get into trouble. Many apps allow you to download memes numerous times without asking you to purchase a subscription and go through the review section to gather more information about them.

Features of meme !!

  • A meme can help you show your emotion to your friends and family.
  • Users can create memes at a very low rate to be used for marketing.
  • It can help you get immediate feedback.
  • Funny memes can help you get attention in a group.
  • It is an excellent source of communication
  • It can help others explain what you are trying to say.
  • It can help you grow socially and allow you to interact with others.


We all want to make our conversation funny, so we can enjoy texting. Using memes during a conversation can help you grow your bond. You can either check whether your phone has the feature in-built or do you need to download the application. If you are considering downloading the application, make sure your app is genuine and follows all the norms. You can also use memes to promote any business.

The report claims that 90% of people use memes as a mode of conversation as it helps in creating a bond. You can use it as a mode of marketing as you can make it create at a very cheap rate.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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