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Ep. 40 Animation Keyframing in Filmora

By - Oct 26, 2023 16:40 PM

Keyframes indicate the start or end of a transition in a shot. A series of keyframes can give the illusion of movement of an object. Keyframes include several parameters such as Scale, Position, Rotation, and Opacity. These values can be adjusted and customized to make animations using keyframing

Even though keyframing isn't a cakewalk, Wondershare Filmora makes it incredibly easy to use. Even beginners can use keyframe animation to create stunning videos. Plus, the keyframe templates are an added benefit. If you are short on time and need a quick fix, using Presets in the Animation tab is your best bet.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of using keyframes to make your own animation.

Animating position

First of all, you need to set the position of the image you wish to animate. To select a starting point, follow the steps below

  • • Download and install Filmora. Launch it. In the Files tab, click on Import Media and then tap Import Media Files.

import tutorial video

  • • Drag and drop the video to the timeline. And then set the position of the video (For example, you want to make the logo move from point A to B).

set logo position

Adding keyframes

Once the starting position is specified, it is time to start adding keyframes

  • • Move the playhead in the timeline where you want to start animating—double-tap the image. Go to the Animation tab and click on Customize. Finally, press Add. A circle will appear in the timeline, indicating that a keyframe has been created at that point in the timeline.
  • • To animate, move the playhead further in the timeline and move the logo to a new position. A new circle/keyframe will instantly appear on the timeline.

add keyframe

Moving keyframes

In case you want the animations to be fast, you can drag the keyframes close to each other, reducing the distance. A shorter distance between the keyframes will make the animations faster. Similarly, you can increase the distance to slow down the animation.

move keyframe

Changing keyframe values

Suppose you don't like a keyframe you have created. There is a simple one-click way to fix that.

  • • In the Animation tab, tap Customize. Press the arrow keys on either side of the Delete button to reach the keyframe you wish to change.
  • • Now change the position of the logo to a new one. Play the video to see that the keyframe will be changed to the new position you selected.

change keyframe value

Animating rotation

Apart from Position, Filmora X allows us to customize the Rotation, Scale, and Opacity. Adjusting these values can give our animation a very refined look. The process, however, is simple.

  • • Move the playhead further on the timeline, change the Rotation value, and a third circle will appear.

rotate keyframe

  • • To make the animation complex, use the arrowhead to go to the first keyframe. Set the Opacity to zero. Now it will seem as if the logo is materializing from thin air.
  • • Add more complexity by moving the playhead further along and pressing Add. No line will appear because all the animation attributes are the same as the last keyframe. Move the playhead further and set the Scale to zero. Now play the video. The logo will shrink to disappear. Cool, right?

change keyframe scale

Deleting keyframes

Sometimes, you wish to delete an excess keyframe or erase every keyframe to start all over again. There are three easy ways to do that.

  • Animation tab- Use the arrow key to select the keyframe you want to delete and press Delete.
  • Timeline- Right-click the keyframe and tap Delete Keyframe.

delete keyframe

  • Reset- Above the timeline, there's a Reset button. Pressing Reset will erase all the keyframes.

reset keyframe setting

Preset animations

If you don't have time for customizing keyframe animations, you can use the preset animations for a quick edit.

  • • Go to Animations, and in the Preset tab, choose the animation and drag and drop it to the timeline.
  • • Drag to increase or decrease the distance between the keyframes to adjust the speed.

apply animation preset

To conclude

Keyframing can bring static images to life by introducing animations.  With the super-easy keyframing tool in Filmora, you can now make cool videos. From basic to complex keyframing, Filmora has got you covered. The customization feature lets you unleash your creativity and take your editing to a professional level. Make your logo pop by adding keyframe animations.  Better yet, you can also animate text.

Follow this guide to create stunning animations!

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