Ep. 9 Adding Motion Graphics to Your Videos

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By Jun 01,2018 11:10 am

Adding Motion Graphics to Your Videos

Motion graphics (elements) are so much fun and really add character to your movies. Filmora offers all kinds of Motion Elements for different video themes such as vacations, Valentine's Day and more.

To preview each element, you can double click its thumbnail and it will play in the video preview to the right.

filmora video editor

When you've found the elements you would like to use, simply drag and drop them to the timeline. You can place multiple elements on your timline at once and make an endless combination of motion graphics in your video.

If you are working with multiple elements and want to place them elsewhere in you video, hold click on each element while holding the shift key. Once you have highlighted all the elements you'd like to move, release the shift key and drag them to where you would like them to appear.

filmora video editor

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