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Ep. 25 Adding Animations, Shapes& Images to Titles-Advanced Level

By - Jun 17, 2022 11:00 AM

Are you ready with the video?

Okay! Let’s do something to enhance the authenticity of your video where you will learn to make it more sparkling and shining to catch instant attention. Isolated videos don’t have a deep impact on the users as everybody out there wants to see some kind of catchy title and description on a video. Be it social media or YouTube, videos are supposed to have an intro with better design and animations. 

In this tutorial, you will learn the finest way to add shapes, animations, and images to your titles with simple clicks.

Let’s dive into the guide and learn advanced level stuff the easier way.

What are titles used for?

Titles are the introduction of an image or a clip that you are playing. It could be the start of your video or a specific clip that requires an introduction in your video. The best example is that you have a video that is based on your visit to different cities. So, to show the better intro of each city you will need to add a short intro and city name when the city highlights are being on the video. Titles have more significance than you can even think if titles and animations are used precisely then with a bunch of images you can easily create a wonderful video that would help you a lot.

How to edit advanced title with Filmora9?

1. Go to the top of the screen and click the Titles tab

2. Pick a title template on the left of your screen and select one that you would like to embed on your video.

3. Then drag the title template above your video that you want to add on your video.

drag titles

4. Double click this title to bring up the editing area. Press Advanced to get the specific text editor opened on your screen. You can make any changes to your title on the advanced title editor on your screen now.

click advanced button

5. You can edit your text, adjust the font size, color or insert pictures, etc. to your titles.

custom advanced titles

How to add timing animations to titles?

1. Once you enter the Advanced edit panel, click on the Animation tab.

2. Double click to apply the animation you like to the titles, and it will start appearing on the preview screen.

3.  You will see two small bars on the title box. You can set the enter/exit time of the text animation by adjusting the small bars.

animation timing

How to add shapes & images?

1. To add a shape to the title, you need to click on the shapes button on the top menu

2. You will see multiple shapes. Select the shape you like, to the title

add shape

3. Then you can resize the shape, and edit the texts in the shape as you like

edit shape

4. Now, to add an image to the title you need to click on the button as shown in the image and select the image that you want to upload.

5. You can drag the image wherever you want on the screen and change the size accordingly.

add title pic


This article is super helpful if you are looking to edit the titles and add some cool animations on them. Most of the time these editings are not easy to implement but this article shows the best way to edit your video titles in the most - simplest way ever. If you find this article relevant to your needs then don’t forget to share with your friends and family. Write in the comments section if you got stuck somewhere and we will be happy to help you.

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