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Ep. 27 Crop, Pan and Zoom in Filmora9

By - Jun 17, 2022 11:00 AM

These days’ videos have a lot of effects and camera transitions to capture the best frame out of it. If you remember a few scenes from your favorite movie where you were focused the most apart from the entire movie. Have you ever wondered why those scenes were so astonishing? Because they were captured with different camera movements to show the entire movement in different emotions.

In this guide, you will learn about some wonderful secrets of editing such as pan, zoom and crop a video clip with the help of Filmora9.

What are camera movements?

Camera movements are the style that is added to a video to give the best shot. There are two kinds of camera movements today, one that is made with the manual tool fixed on the camera and the other one is done with editing by a pro tool. Camera movements are made to engage the audience and capture the best frame on the clip.

How to crop a clip in Filmora9?

1. Click the clip on the timeline and right-click to get the options.

2. Now, you will see many options on the line. Hover your mouse on Crop and Zoom and select the Crop option

find crop option

3. On the clip you need to adjust and move the area that you want to crop. There are default dimensions that you can select from however the custom selection would allow you to crop it from wherever you want.

start crop

How to pan and zoom a clip in Filmora9?

Also known as Ken Burns effect, that is used on a video clip to make an area of interest more focused in a video and pan the camera movement from one place to another. These are the instructions which you can follow to implement it on your video.

1. Drop the video clip on the timeline and right-click on it to get options, and select Crop and Zoom

    2. Select Pan and Zoom where you would find frames marked orange and blue over the video clip viewer.

    3. There are four presets you can select to pan and zoom your video from different directions. Or you can also click on Start frame and modify it with dragger and resizer until you get the desired results, and then select the End frame and use the play button to preview the changes you made.

    pan and zoom preset

    4. If you are done then click OK to save the settings.

    Pro tip: The Switch button in the right bottom and above OK would instantly allow you to change the start and end area according to your needs.

    How to zoom in and out a clip in Filmora9?

    To use the zoom in and out feature on, navigate to the upper right corner of the timeline and use the + and – icon to zoom in and zoom out.

    zoom in and out

    You can also use the Zoom to Fit icon to zoom in and zoom out so that your entire video is visible on the screen.

    There is a keyboard shortcut also that you can use by holding the Command key and use the + key to zoom in and key to zoom out.


    In this guide, you have learned about using crop, pan and zoom on a video clip. Though this process could be very complicated however using Filmora9 you can easily do that with the steps provided above.

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