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Wondershare Filmora9 Tutorial: How to Fade Graphics and Layers (Episode 32)

By - Apr 30, 2024 14:31 PM

Add professional-looking intros and dynamic content effects to your videos with the help of elementary Fading Graphics and Image Overlay features. All included under the Filmora9 video editing software. Here is a detailed guideline of how it works, and how you can implement it on your own without much ado.

Understand the Fade-In Feature

The idea behind the use of Fade-In and Fade-Out effects is to create a smooth and soft gradual transition of an overlaying text or video clip whilst an ongoing video, ideally a Picture in Picture (PIP) clip. Whether you add text or different videos and images, the elements appear and disappear in a fading style whilst being in sync with each other, and without needing the background to change. It creates visual interest and enlivens an overall cinematic experience by focusing on particular shots to define a sequence. The most popular examples of its usage include intros and credit displays, or to textually describe something within a video or to show-off before and after videos side by side.

How to Use Fade and Overlay Features in Wondershare Filmora9?

The good news is that if you’d love to use the Fade-in or Fade-out effect on your videos, you don’t have to be an expert video editor or need expensive software. In this detailed tutorial of Filmora9, you can learn how to use these effects and also add layers to scope a smooth and gradual transition between PIP clips. Let's get started.

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Step 1: Choose the PIP Clip

To begin with, you need to import the video/image clips, all on the Filmora interface. After importing, drag and drop the clips into the timeline area, and streamline the portion where you want to place the transition effect. You must understand that for effect to have the smoothest sequence, you need to decide the perfect time in the video, which will mark the beginning of the transition. Adjust the placement by rerunning the preview.

Add PIP Clip

Step 2: Apply Dissolve Transition Effect

Once your PIP clips are added neatly to the timeline, you can go to the “Transitions” tab at the top of the Filmora9 Toolbar, tucked under the “Basic” category. Then simply use the search bar to find the “Dissolve” feature within Transitions (or you may browse through a host of effects if you have the time). Simply drag and drop the Dissolve effect down to your clip sitting at the timeline with a sweep of your mouse. Place one Dissolve effect at the very start of the clip and one at the very end of it. Again, preview it at the preview window and adjust the placement of the effects to make it perfect.

Apply Dissolve

How to Fade Text?

While you can dissolve two PIP clips seamlessly into one, there is still more to it, where you can further add textual content in the same field, or you may do it on a separate video clip. To do that, you first need to have the text in place in order to fade it in.

Adding text is simple too - go to the Titles tab at the top of the Toolbar, there you will find a host of title fonts and styles. Simply drag and drop on the clip in your timeline and double click, you can now preview the look on the preview screen. Thus, you can browse and select the ideal text/title and get on with it.

Add Text

Now that your text is in place, you can now add the Fade or Dissolve effect to it as well. To do that, visit Transitions back, and look for Dissolve or Fade, to your liking. Now drag and drop the effect right over the clip where you’ve placed your title. Again, use the effect twice, once at the starting, and once at the end.

Fade Text

So now, your title/text will appear and disappear with the Fade-in and Fade-out effect, just like in the movies!

How to Apply Fade Elements?

The elements section gives you more room to be creative. The process the same way, as the text goes. You can add Fading Graphics to your elements as well, and to do that, you’ll first have to insert the element on your clip.

To do that, you don’t have to look any further than the overhead toolbar, there you will find the “Elements” tab. Click on it to explore the elements library, where you can find about 150 different objects, emojis, icons, etc. choose one that fits your project, and do the drag and drop drill to place it on your video clip at the timeline.

You may use the Focus feature to enlarge the area in the video clip to point out exactly where you need your element to be placed.

Add Elements

When you have successfully added the element on your video clip, then it’s time to style it up. Now go back to the Transitions field and do the same drill - drag and drop the Dissolve or Fade effect on the portion of your clip.

Apply Elements

Once you are satisfied with the look of your video, then go and save the file on your drive or use the iCloud storage of your Filmora9 software.

Tips: Adjust the Duration of Your Fading Effect to Make it a Perfect Video

Remember, that the duration of your Fade-In Graphics is the key to making your video look and feel neat and cinematic. So, before you save the hard-worked file, do your rounds of previewing it, and readjust any overlapping portions in the video.

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