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Ep. 39 Motion Tracking in Filmora

By - Oct 26, 2023 16:40 PM

Motion Tracking is the feature that enables you to track or follow the movement of an object, person, or area. You can then have a title, element, or a masking effect follow the target.

If you wish to censor the face of a thief on the run throughout the video, you can easily use motion tracking through Filmora to achieve this effect. In case you want to blur some area in an unnecessary or unappealing video, use the motion tracking option to blur it out and stay blurred throughout the video. Even if the location of the unwanted area changes in the video, the motion tracking feature will follow it and keep it blurred for as long as you want in the timeline.

This tutorial will show you exactly how you can use motion tracking in Filmora.

Set the clip to track

The first step is to select a clip that contains the person or object you wish to track. Once you make a choice, you will have to import it to Filmora.

  • • Download and install Filmora. Launch it.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

  • • Select New Project. Click on the Files tab at the top, tap on Import Media, and click Import Media Files. Choose the clip on your computer and tap Open. The clip will be imported to your library.

import source video

  • • Now, drag and drop the clip to the timeline.

add motion track video

  • • Click on the motion tracking icon just above the timeline. Then, move the playhead to the point in the clip from where you want to start tracking because the motion tracking effect will be applied from the point where the playhead is placed.

find motion tracking option

Selecting the target

Now that you have the clip in place, the next step is to identify and select the target you wish to track.

Identifying the target- To ensure that the motion tracking feature gives you the optimum results, you need to keep the following points in mind. The target:

  • • You select must be in contrast with the background so that it is visible and prominent.
  • • Does not move out of the clip.
  • • Is not hidden or obstructed by anything.

Selecting the target- After the target is identified, you need to specify the target in the tracking box.

  • • Move the tracking box to the object or person you want to follow.
  • • Adjust the size of the tracking box so that it only covers the target. Be accurate in scaling the tracking box and exclude any background area. A correctly adjusted tracking box will ensure a beautiful motion tracking effect.
  • • Click on Start Tracking. The effect will load as the playhead moves to the end. Once complete, a highlighted bar will appear above the video on the timeline. This colored bar will indicate that this portion is being motion tracked.

get motion tracking box

  • • Click on Start Tracking. The effect will load as the playhead moves to the end. Once complete, a highlighted bar will appear above the video on the timeline. This colored bar will indicate that this portion is being motion tracked.

start tracking objects

Applying the tracking

After the target is selected, you can now apply an element to follow the target. The element can be an object, animation, or text.

  • • In the Elements tab, select the object or emoji you like. Drag and drop it to the video track above the video. Place the element where the motion tracking bar covers the clip.

find emoji object

  • • Double-tap the clip in the timeline. Then in the drop-down menu in the Motion Tracking tab, select the element you placed on the timeline and click Ok.

place emoji to video

  • • Now, double-tap the element in the timeline. In the Transform tab, adjust the size of the element by changing the Scale Also, move the element location to the target. Ensure the element on the timeline stays in the colored bar area for the motion tracking to work.

select transform value

Motion tracking options

Wondershare Filmora offers a wide range of options that are just a click away. You can choose from a library of elements or download more elements through Filmstock

In the Motion Tracking tab, you can click on the eye icon to change the tracking box option. If you cross the eye icon, the tracking box will no longer be visible.

Moreover, if you want to change or add more elements to track the target:

  • • Go to the Elements tab and drag and drop another object to the timeline. Then click on the clip and select the newly added element in the drop-down menu.

apply new element

  • • In the drop-down menu, select Import from Computer if you want to add an element saved on your computer. Then choose the image file on your computer and follow the process mentioned above.

change tracking option

To conclude

Motion tracking is a powerful editing tool that can take your video to the next level. You can follow this easy tutorial to give your videos a cinematic effect with little time and effort. Thanks to Filmora, motion tracking has never been easier.

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