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Ep. 38 How to Edit Images in Filmora9

By - Jun 17, 2022 11:00 AM

 Combining still images with videos can give your project versatility and help you tell your story in a more engaging way. However, photos often contain imperfections that can be easily corrected with photo editing tools.

Luckily you don’t need photo editing software to edit the photos you want to include in a project you started in Filmora9, because this video editing software grants you access to all photo editing tools you need to enhance a photo. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to edit images in Filmora9.

How to Set Up the Photo Editing Options to Get the Best Results?

You can import photos into a project in Filmora9 the same way you would import any other media asset. Once you’ve imported all images you want to use, you should set up the photo editing options so that they match the requirements of your project.

Choose the Preferences option, from the File menu, and go to the Editing tab where you can set the default duration for all photos you add to the timeline.

 Filmora9   Image Duration Settings

Simply set up the new Photo Duration value in seconds into the appropriate box or choose the default photo duration in frames. Keep in mind that the value you add here is going to be applied to all photos you place on the timeline, although you will still be able to change the duration of a photo directly from the timeline.

You can find the Photo Placement menu directly below the Default Duration menu, so simply click on the drop-down menu and select one of the available options. The Fit option is going to fit the entire picture into the frame, although you may see black bars around the photo if you are working with a horizontally oriented image. Filmora9 offers several different ways to get rid of the black bars around vertical photos and videos and improve the viewing experience.

 Filmora9  Photo Placement

The Crop to Fit option in the Photo Placement menu will adjust your photo so that it fits the entire frame, but parts of the picture may be cropped in the process. However, choosing this option is the best way to ensure that photos you add to the timeline cover the entire frame.

The Pan & Zoom option adds camera movement to a photo which enables you to highlight a particular area of the picture or make a static image dynamic. This option is commonly used in photo montages and slideshows, although there are countless ways to use it creatively in your projects. Make sure to click on the OK button in order to confirm the changes you’ve made, after you’ve selected your preferences.

You can now add your photos to the video track on the timeline and drag one of its edges to left or right if you want to customize their duration. Double-click on the picture in the video track to gain access to Edit panel.

Head over to the Image tab if you want to scale, rotate, or change the photo’s position. Furthermore, the Compositing menu grants you access to a broad range of blending modes, and it allows you to change the opacity value of your photos.

 Filmora9  Image Editing

In addition, you can also use the Chroma Key menu if you want to create the green screen effect as well as any other effect you can find in the Image tab. Click on the Color tab if you want to adjust the photo’s white balance or fine-tune the Saturation, Contrast, or Brightness values.

 Filmora9  Image Color Correction

All changes you make in the Color tab are going to be displayed in the Preview Window as soon as you make them.

How to Add Animation Effects to Images in Filmora9?

Filmora9 also offers a quick and easy way to add animation to still images. Simply click on the Motion tab, that is located next to the Color tab in the Edit window, and start browsing the video editor’s collection of animation effects.

 Filmora9  Image Motion Effects

Once you find an effect that fits your project, you should double-click on it to apply it and press play to view the result in the Preview Window.


With Filmora9, you can easily color correct, or color grade your photos after you add them to the timeline. Each photo editing tool you can find in Filmora9 is easy to use, but finding creative ways to combine photos and videos may take some time and practice.

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