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7 Best Wedding Invitations Video Templates You Need to Know

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

A new trend has been sweeping the globe in digital times. The Millennials are of marrying age – and with that, comes the wedding invitation video. What better way to invite friends and family to witness your joyful coming nuptials than with a video?

Say you have a hundred guests and you want to personalise each invitation though; how do you go about it in a quick and easy manner? You can use one of these tailored, specially designed templates with wedding video editing software. We have put together 7 best wedding invitation video templates to make things even faster for you.

7 Best Wedding Invitation Video Templates

Wedding invitation video templates let you put together digital invitations that are unique and personalized – but without all the time consuming hassle. Choose from one of our favourite video templates to quickly edit all you need for an excellent invite… digital style!

1. The Classical Wedding Invitation

This classical, white, simple, and elegant styled wedding video template is a fabulous choice for beginners. Even if you have never edited a video together before, you shouldn’t have a problem with this video template. It is effective, yet chic, conveying the message in a stylish way that will always be remembered. Better yet: it will ensure that you are remembered for all of the right reasons, regardless of your skill level in the editing booth!

It is worth mentioning that all of our free wedding invitation video templates come with editing instructions, so it isn’t as hard as it might first seem!

Wedding Invitation

2. The Wedding Invitations Pack

This wedding invitations pack contains three separate wedding invitations. Sometimes, having that little extra choice is all you need to make a firm decision. All three options in this free wedding video template are simple, give a diverse range of options, and use different colour schemes in red tones. They are also really, really, sweet… some of them even using Love heart sweets to spell out the message of marriage. Any sweeter and we swear you would need a trip to the dentist!

Wedding Invitations Pack

3. The Story of Us – Sweet Wedding Invites

The first of our favourites to contain music you haven’t had to add yourself; this is a splendid option for personalising your wedding invite video. This template allows you to commemorate things like the first date, when you and your spouse first met, and even places emphasis on the couple’s two different worlds colliding. This video has a countdown timer, in hours, so your guests will always know to save that date!

The Story of Us has the opportunity to add hundreds of photographs of yourselves as the happy couple, or even of your family, friends, or guests. You can make the story as long as you like or short and to the point. The choice is entirely yours.

Sweet Wedding Invites

4. Creative Wedding Invitation

The Creative wedding video template comes with all of the above. It has music, photographs, plenty of commemorated dates and the timer – this time of how long the couple have been together. It measures out how many hugs, how many hours, how many conversations – everything a couple has shared together, including the games they have played and the things they learned about each other on the way.

If that wasn’t extensive enough, it goes on to share all of the photos, give detailed accounts over the proposal, and generally make your friends and family sorry that you ever invited them… we are kidding, but you get the idea.

Creative Wedding Invitation

5. The Free Wedding Invitation Video

This is the first of our videos with a punchy RSVP straight off the cuff. Everyone underestimates the importance of the RSVP on an invitation and so few people send it back. There are all sorts of legends about how much of a percentage of people invited you should allow for as extra attendees on the day. Some say around ten per cent of people will show up having forgotten to reply…

This wedding video invitation is easy to edit, adaptable to your needs, and negates the RSVP problem with a prompt reminder. The 10% will probably still show up, but at least you can legitimately nag them for it if they were warned in the video.

The Free Wedding Invitation Video

6. Elegant Wedding History Slideshow

This version of a free wedding invitation video template goes into detail of the past history of each partner. If you have ever been at a wedding and a video is playing on loop in the background silently, with old photographs of the couple? Then this is the type of video that was playing. It is sweet because you can use it to invite your loved ones to enjoy your big day with you – but then you can use it on the day itself, too.

This is a really wholesome idea that is made complete by taking a movie theme. At the start, the video is presented with movie titles that just make it so quaint. Guests will love it and so will you!

Elegant Wedding History Slideshow

7. Digital Wedding Invitation Template

This video template for your wedding invitation contains a full video tutorial on how to edit it together. It has more of a cartoon quality to it than the other videos have, and can be adapted for more occasions and styles because of the animations. This template also uses pictures of the happy couple combined with digital art imagery to give a beautiful, sugar-coated effect that will make you fall in love.

Any messages can be displayed over the lovely slow scrolling of the camera moving down the aisle. Any photos can be used, or images shared. The music can be changed if you so desire. When you choose this video template to create your wedding invitations you have a myriad of options at your disposal. All you need is the imagination to put it all together!

Digital Wedding Invitation Template

Stuck for Wedding Invitations? Go Digital!

With the digital wedding video a waste-free alternative to expensive invitations – what are you waiting for? Get E-friendly, go paper-free, and be the first one to jump on the wedding video invite bandwagon. You may just save yourself enough to hire the band of your dreams, buy that dress, or splash out a little on the cake, in the process! Act fast and get your wedding invitation template today. The last thing anyone wants is to have the last choice in videos for their big day.

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