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12 Stunning Happy New Year Video Templates for You in 2024

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jul 23, 24
Abundant New Year Video Templates - Wondershare Filmora

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A New Year is an event that is celebrated by every country where each country follows its traditional ways. Whereas, many countries follow the common tradition of eating seven, nine, or twelve times to show the man's power or strength they will have in the New Year. Leaving some food on your plate is also good in a way that it will make your ancestral spirits happy.

Other than following customs, people make memorable videos or use a New Year video template to make a New Year video for their loved ones. In this article, we will introduce the viewers to all available happy New Year video templates.

Part 1:Free and Online New Year Video Templates

Numerous online and happy New Year video templates are freely available with different video effects so you can choose your favorite template and you can make a New Year video. Some of these recommended online New Year video template free are discussed below:

Time Square

Time Square is a free library resource of Filmstock that is an HD video with MP4 format, 1920*1080 resolution, 12 seconds duration, and 23.98fps frame rate. The video presents a slow-motion view of the New York tower from up to down, where people are on the roads and celebrating New Year's night.

time square template

Red Firework

Fireworks are a very important part of New Year celebrations as they bring glow and announce that it's a New Year with the voice when it explodes. In many countries, using red fireworks is also a mandatory thing to do in the New Year. The New Year videos are incomplete without fireworks; that's why Filmstock is presenting a red firework New Year video template.

Whereas Red Fireworks has 1920x1080 resolution, 3-second video duration, no alpha channel, and it is in MP4 video format.

red firework template

Beach Party

Sometimes groups of friends, colleagues, family members planned to entertain themselves in the New Year by hosting a beach party. The Beach Party video template brings visuals from a beach party that can describe your New Year celebration event. Such party videos include music, dancing moves, entertainment, drinks, club lights, etc.

To buy this premium library resource of Filmstock, you first need to sign up for a Filmstock account. Beach Party video template has a total duration of 16 seconds.

beach party template

Colorful Fireworks

Some countries follow their traditions and use red fireworks, while others use colorful fireworks with no restriction of colors. This video template presents how colorful fireworks make the dark nightglow, and the voices of fireworks explosions make things look very nice. You can use this template and can make your New Year video more attractive due to colorful fireworks.

colorful fireworks template

Flatlay Notes

Flatlay notes are those notes in which you write the resolutions you want to take with you next year. Flatlay Notes is a premium library resource video template introduced by Filmstock in an MP4 video format and has 27 seconds of video duration. The template presents notes where people write some of their resolutions to make things easy in the coming year.

flatty notes template

New Year Party

New Year's parties are now a fashion whether it is organized in families, institutes, organizations, or some other workplaces. This New Year party video template presents a woman in the party who is holding up a clock to show the New Year's countdown. The duration of this premium library resource video template is 8 seconds with a resolution of 1080x1920.

new year video template

Part 2:Chinese New Year Video Templates

Like every country, the Chinese celebrate the New Year in their traditional way because they believe that performing these traditional things will bring luck in the coming years. Moreover, they celebrate the New Year by eating reunion dinners, giving red envelopes, exchanging gifts, putting up decorations, watching dragon dances, and using firecrackers and fireworks.

Many Chinese New Year video templates have quite good visuals and effects that one needs to use to wish for the New Year. Some of these video templates are discussed below:

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese celebrate their New Year by putting up many decorations in the streets, inside and outside the house with red color combinations. The Chinese New Year celebration video template simply shows how a red decoration piece is decorated above the table. Furthermore, it is a 4K video template with MP4 video format, 9 seconds duration, and 3840x2160 resolution.

chinese new year celebration template

Light Candles

Lighting candles is a traditional thing that people do in different situations or events, and it becomes necessary in a New Year celebration. Chinese light candle video template shows how Chinese people light candles of red or whits colors because it's their tradition, and it brings good luck to them.

Light Candles is a premium library resource of Filmstock that is an MP4 formatted video having 2160x3840 resolution, no alpha channel, and a duration of 13 seconds.

light candles template

Gift Giving

Giving gifts is a way of wishing the New Year to the beloved ones, and it brings happiness and prosperity between people who are exchanging gifts. The giving gifts video template is a premium library resource of Filmstock that is an MP4 formatted video with a duration of 8 seconds. The video presents how partners exchange gifts and make each other happy.

gift giving template

Table Setting

Setting tables with different dishes is a tradition that is followed by Chinese people in the form of reunion family dinners. The Table Setting video template presented by Filmstock is all about how the Chinese set their tables with red napkins on the table for joining dinners. Moreover, the template has a duration time of 15 seconds with no alpha channel and 3840x2160 resolution.

table setting template

Red Pocket Giving

Chinese have a tradition that people who are married will give sustenance to their parents and children in red pockets. The Red Pocket Giving video template shows how a father is giving sustenance to his daughter on a New Year's celebration. This template includes 3840x2160 resolution, 15 seconds duration, and no alpha channel.

red pocket giving template

Chinese New Year Greetings

Not everyone can celebrate their New Year with their beloved ones. With the help of technology, now Chinese people wish good luck to their beloved ones on video calls in the New Year. The Chinese New Year Greetings video template presents a whole family that is on a video call with their beloved ones to celebrate the New Year with them in a possible way.

Chinese New Year greeting template is a premium library resource of Filmstock that is in MP4 video format and has 3840*2160 resolution. Furthermore, the video includes about 19 seconds and no alpha channel.

chinese new year greetings template

Part 3:Wondershare Filmora Overview and Linked with Filmstock

Wondershare provides us with countless technologies, and each one of them plays an inconsistent role in providing users with the best experience. Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editors introduced by Wondershare that is responsible for all available video effects, sound effects, and video templates available in its library.

The user interface of Wondershare Filmora is compatible with every action performed by the user and responds to those actions as quickly as possible. The interface is crystal clear, simple, and organized in every way. Moreover, the video editing of Filmora is amazingly simple in itself, so that users with basic knowledge can also use this editor fluently.

wondershare filmora interface

Wondershare Filmora is linked with Wondershare Filmstock as you can access all video effects, sound effects, video templates of Filmstock even by staying in the video editor of Filmora. All these effects and templates offered by Filmstock are highly compatible with Filmora. We will now discuss some steps that can help you make a New Year video template using both Filmstock and Filmora.

Step1 Choose a New Year Template

First, you need to choose a template from hundreds of New Year templates available in the Filmstock library. You can also explore your creativity by creating your video from the start.

Step2 Enhance Template Design

You can edit the whole template by customizing and editing each element, including video clips, texts, animations, and images. You are also allowed to upload and use your assets in the template or use Filmora built-in assets.

Step3 Add Sound Effects

You can add music or different sound effects to your video template by choosing a track from the tools library or uploading your track.

Step4 Download your New Year Video

Once you are done with your video template, you can download it at both high quality and recommended quality on your computer and share it on social channels, respectively.


The above article covers the importance of video templates that we are going to use to wish our beloved ones a happy New Year. We have talked about different lunar New Year video templates and Chinese New Year 2021 video templates. The article also presents the best video editor to the viewers, that is Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is compatible with all sound effects, video effects, and video templates available in the library of Filmstock.

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