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Master the Art of Shooting a Cinematic Wedding Video

Gianni Originally published Apr 12, 24, updated Apr 12, 24

Over the recent years, cinematic wedding videos have become famous as they go beyond traditional wedding videos. These are more like fancy cinematic wedding films that not only capture the moments but also resonate emotions in visually stunning ways. As a videographer, knowing how to make cinematic videos for weddings is very important. Therefore, let's explore the tips and tricks that can help you master the art of cinematic weddings.

In this article
  1. Part 2. The Art of Cinematic Shots
  2. Part 3. Top Tips To Get the Best Cinematic Wedding Film
  3. Part 4. Make Your Wedding Video Better With Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
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Part 1: A Complete Step-By-Step Process of Shooting Cinematic Wedding Video

In this easy step-by-step guide, you can gain insight into how, as a videographer, you can excel in cinematic wedding videos.

The Process of Shooting Cinematic Wedding Video

1. Gearing Up for the Day

Before the big day, it is very important to meet the couple on the eve and understand their preferences and visions. Moreover, you need to discuss the desire for any specific shots, moments, and schedule. Make sure that you have a memory card, batteries, and camera backup.

getting ready for wedding videography

2. Filming Pre-Ceremony Events

Capturing the pre-ceremony event includes the bride and groom getting ready. You can film the emotions and first interactions with the family and relatives. Film the details of venue decor, dresses, and accessories for a greater vibe.

pre ceremony event shoots

3. Strategic Positioning or Ceremony Documentation

During the event, strategically position yourself to capture the main highlights of the ceremony, for example, Exchange of Rings, Vows, and Processional. Use multiple cameras from different angles to induce creativity and target the emotions of the couple and the reactions of guests.

positioning for wedding videos

4. Capturing the Reception

Start by filming the speeches and the first moves (dance). Move around with the observation to capture candid moments of celebration and joy. To improve or enhance the ambiance of the venue or location, you can always go with the utilization of the lighting technique.

reception video recording

5. Creating Cinematic Shots

Around the day, you should aim to capture cinematic wedding production film shots that resonate with its emotions and beauty. While experimenting with the different camera angles, moments, and compositions, you can use elements like depth of field, slow motions, and drone shots.

cinematic shot taking in wedding

6. Post-Production

After the end of the event, carefully organize and review all the footage. Edit the cinematic matrimony production to create a cohesive narrative by adding transitions, sound effects, and music. You can improve colors and adjust brightness and contrast to get a cinematic look. To create a memorable viewing experience, always add a touch of storytelling and pacing.

making post production perfect

Part 2: The Art of Cinematic Shots

If you want to create cinematic wedding films, it is very important to master the art of cinematic shots. These shorts are something beyond the normal videography, adding depth that aids in cinematic feels to the finalized product:

Understanding Cinematic Shots:

1. Aerial Shots

Aerial shots are captured using a professional drone. It provides breathtaking views of the landscape and the venue. They offer a completely different perspective that drenches the viewers in the majesty of the event. These shots are for showcasing the beauty of the wedding locations.

aerial cinematic shots

2. Slow-Motion Shots

Slo-mo shots are used to add emotions and elegance to the cinematic nuptials. By slowing down these shots, it allows the viewers to savor every moment. They are effective in special intimate moments such as the exchange of vows and kisses.

slow motion cinematic shots

3. Tracking Shots

These shots involve the camera moving along the determined path to follow the action. They induce a sense of movement and dynamism. For instance, if you are following the bride through the aisle or filming the moments from the dance floor, these shots add excitement to the video cinematic weddings.

tracking cinematic shots

4. Crane Shots

Such video shots provide a bird's eye view of the wedding scene by lifting the camera high above the actions. These shots offer a sense of spectacle and superbness, while these are perfect for dramatic bride or groom reveals.

crane cinematic shots

5. Glide Cam Shots

Glide cam shots are added using the stabilizing device to achieve smooth, fluid camera movements. These shots generally add grace and elegance to the cinematic nuptials and aid in seamless transitions between shots. It is perfect for capturing shots of the guests at the reception or the bride walking through the aisle.

glide cam cinematic shots

Part 3: Top Tips To Get the Best Cinematic Wedding Film

Creating the best cinematic nuptials takes a lot of care, planning, and attention to detail. We are here with comprehensive and practical tips for videographers that make sure that they capture the essence of the day and provide charmful cinematic matrimony:

Tips To Have The Best Cinematic Wedding Film:

1. Plan Thoroughly

Schedule a meeting with the couple beforehand to understand their vision and perspective and get guidance on what moments are important to capture. This will help align and set the stage for a successful shoot.

2. Scout the Location

Pay a visit to the wedding venues before to understand them and familiarize yourself with the layouts, lighting conditions, and videography spots. You need to take notice of any challenge or opportunity that the venue represents.

3. Investment in Quality Tools

As a cinematographer, you should be equipped with high-quality tools and equipment such as lenses, cameras, drones, and audio gear to ensure the sound is sharp and clear. Also, having the equipment in the backup is one of the most important things in case of unforeseen technical issues.

4. Focus on Emotions

Always prioritize capturing the candid interactions between the families and guests. These precious moments are the heart of the memorable cinematic nuptials. In addition, the natural emotions are the beauty of the ceremonies.

5. Master Lightning Technique

Experiment with the artificial and natural lighting setup to create the desired ambiance and mode. Understanding how light can be manipulated effectively can improve the footage.

6. Diversity and Composition

By incorporating dynamic camera movements such as panning, tilting, and tracking to add depth and visual interest to your cinematography. Experiment with the different perspectives and angles to create a complete story.

7. Maintain Subtle Presence

It's significant to capture the key movements. All you have to do is Try to blend into the background, and it remains unobtrusive. This will allow you to document the moments without disrupting the flow.

8. Edit With Intention

To craft cohesive narratives, take your time during the post-production processes. Always pay attention to the pacing, music, and color grading to evoke the desired environment and emotions in the final product of a cinematic wedding film.

Part 4: Make Your Wedding Video Better With Wondershare Filmora

While you’ve been learning essential details about perfecting cinematic shots in videos, you might have forgotten about making further edits to these videos. It might also be possible that you would be facing difficulty in finding an appropriate editor to enhance your wedding videos. Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video editing software that helps people improve their digital shots and enhance their cinematic matrimony to new heights.

While you can find multiple AI editing functions for enhancing videos, Filmora also provides a dedicated platform for accessing resources for pragmatic editing. Filmstock stands as a great option for adding cinematic resources to your wedding video to enhance storytelling with depth and emotion. Filmstock offers a variety of assets like transitions and music tracks tailored for cinematic wedding videography, enhancing both visual and emotional impact.

12 Best Effects for Wedding Videos | Titles, Transitions, Filters and More!

Free Download
Free Download

Step-By-Step Guide on Adding Cinematic Resources From Filmstock to Wondershare Filmora

To make your cinematic wedding films better, use Filmstock within Wondershare Filmora. For this, you have to choose wedding-themed assets, download them, and add them to your timeline. To understand how this process is polished to perfection, look across the provided guide:

Step 1 Search for Cinematic Wedding Pack on Filmstock

Before leading onto Wondershare Filmora to edit your wedding video, you need to download some resources from Filmstock. As you access the official website of Filmstock and log in with your account, type in your query across the "Search" bar at the top.

access filmstock and search
Step 2 Download Cinematic Pack to Filmora

As you search for cinematic wedding resources, look for the appropriate wedding resource pack. Once in the next window, select "Download Now" to download the cinematic wedding template directly onto Filmora.

download right cinematic wedding pack
Step 3 Open Filmora and Import Media

Launch Wondershare Filmora on your desktop and continue to create a “New Project.” This opens the editing window where you need to add the respective wedding videos and other media. On clicking “Import,” import the media and drag them onto the timeline.

import media to filmora
Step 4 Access Appropriate Section for Editing Wedding Video

Once the video is in the timeline, you can look for the wedding resource pack downloaded on the top toolbar. Either lead into "Titles" or go for "Effects" or "Stickers" to access it. In the "Mine" section on the left, lead into the "Material Pack" to discover the downloaded Filmstock pack. Drag the respective pack onto the timeline and adjust it accordingly.

access pack elements and adjust
Step 5 Export Final Cinematic Wedding Video

After you are done making essential edits to your videos, proceed to the "Export" button on the top right. Define the parameters for exporting the video and click "Export" to finally save the video wedding cinematic on your computer.

export final wedding video


To make videos stunning, it is very important to pre-plan, plan strategically, and edit them with attention. Adding cinematic touches like aerial views and slow-motion brings extra excitement and vibes. Tools like Wondershare Filmora and associated resources from its Filmstock library can help you create better cinematic wedding videos. It helps in capturing all the emotions of the wedding day to cherish forever.

Gianni Apr 12, 24
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