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12 Amazing Collage Examples ​and How to Make Them

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jul 23, 24
12 Amazing Collage Examples and How to Make Them

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Whether you are using dark or burst of colours for your collage, you can always make sure to get the countless number of emotions, feelings attached to your pictures. By combining great looking images, printed-material or even found objects, an artist can immensely create striking-works of the collage which can dazzle the eyesof viewers or audience &offers a unique-blend of nature’s perspective & great artwork.

Collage Examples

Whether you are looking for a unique-gift or an interesting way to beautifully incorporate the meaningful memories for your home-decor, then photo collage is one such great way for you to consider turning digital-photos into a good looking, stylish art-piece. You can easily create one-of-a-kind memento for your loved ones to commemorate graduation, birthday, anniversary, or a holiday.

Part 1 What is a Collage?

Ever given a thought to your imagination about what exactly a collage is or how it came into our lives? Well, the collage is actually a form of visual-arts under which different visual-elements can be combined all together in order to create a good a new picture which can easily conveys the desired message or an idea. The Collage comes from a French-word ‘Coller’, which literally means ‘To-Glue,’ and it has the primary means of combining pictures in a collage-art. Collagershas an ability to draw thosepictures from the newspaper-clippings or a print advertisement, or even cull them all-together from the different materials in terms of photographs, wood, fabric, or sometimes ephemera. The Collagers can easily apply different kind of pictures to the desired surface of any other work of art just like a canvas for creating new single picture.

What is a

Different sorts of subgenres of a collage, including the photomontage, decoupage, fabric and collage are there and each & every can delivers a great variation of their basic formation. With the modern technology that has given rise to the digital Collage of photos on wall or an e-collage, mainly created by an app or a computer based editing/designing software, it popularity is going to the next level.

Part 2 A brief History of Collage in Art

Alright, thanks to the likes of Pablo-Picasso & Peter-Blake who are one of the greatest artists of all times, the collage making technique has now developed into the latest style of modern-art over the span of 20th century. Right from the beginning, the artists far or wide have been designing collages that actually represent as well as reflect on the current-events, popular culture, trends etc. The artists were also capable of describing featuresin their artwork like a surreal element, dreamlike which had the tendency to challenge the viewer’s perception with the world around them.

At the 20th century, when collage hit mainstream, art-historians state that the origins of the collage is actually trace-back to the 10thcentury. At that time, Calligraphers in Japan utilized the tactics while crafting a poetry.

Let’s have a brief historical-overview to understand how the art-world embraced the formation of collage over the period of time:-

01Getting Entry into the Modern art

The modern-art form of Collage-Art started earlier in 20thcentury and this was the time when the renowned artists like Pablo-Picasso & Georges-Braque began gluing materials like a piece-of-paper, fabric & sometimes objects in order to make the canvases & other different surfaces at the former part of 20thcentury.

In 1912, Picasso’s Still-Life with Chair-Caning featuring an oilcloth glued to the canvas, as well as in the same year Braques’ Fruit-Dish & Glass both were a form of ‘Papier-Colle’ (a kind of collage technique under which paper is usually adheres to the flat mount) with the patterned-wallpaper beautifully glued to the canvas.

02The Dadaists & Surrealists Embraced its form

It was the time when, the Dada-art movement embraced the collage-art. It was the form of collage-art featured by the Hannah Hoch in her works. At the Weimar period, she was the one who glued photographs as well as adscut-out of the magazines for creating her photomontage "Cut-with-a-Kitchen-Knife" and to design a photo collage.The same then utilized by the German artist Kurt-Schwittersin his wood-collages. Later on, collage becamepart of Surrealism too, where the artists reveled in terms of juxtaposing the existing elements in order to create a single brand newwork. The Surrealist artist Joseph Cornell also adopted the collage techniques as a part of its creationswith a dream-like pictures just before the World War II.

03Pop-Art Putting Influence

Coming to the era of mid-twentieth century, the art-collage was a big influence on the Pop-art movements, right from the playful work of the British artist Richard-Hamilton,& then later on in 1962 at the exhibition at the Sidney-Janis-Gallery in New-York that showed all the works of Andy Warhol & Roy Lichtenstein.

If we talk about today’s scenario then collagists are employing both traditional as well as modern methodsto design a collage and giving new looks to their artwork for further eye-catching digital works.

Part 3 Types of Collages

You don’t need to get worried about the layout or a need to showcase some extraordinary photo-editing skills as there are few tools which can make it comfortable for you to easilycreate customCollage designwith some attractive collage designing-templates as well as online tools. You can select the one as per your needs from the range of photo collage template right from the class toned, vintage looking templates to the modern ones. It just takes hardly 15 minutes to make them with all your beautiful imagination. However, before moving on the list of tools and methods to make them, here are

Types of Collages

There are many different types of collages are available for you to consider from the bucket of art:-

01Papier Colle

This word is mainly taken from a French word that means "pasted paper" or better known as the paper cut-out. The papier-colle or generally known as the paper-collage, is the collaging-technique through which decorated-paper or a printed paper can be applied to the given surface like canvas in order to create the new picture. This is the earlier collage-work style utilized by the famous artists Picasso, Braque, as well as the Spanish painter Juan-Gris.


In the late 17th century, decoupage was mainly a popular word which was described as an artwork for furniture-making as well as for some sort of decoration. The literal meaning of the word ‘Decoupage’ is to cut-down that involves pasting & arrangement of colored-paper-cutouts that is mainly layered upon the picture and later on this can be sealed with the varnish. Famous artist Henri Matisse produced various notable decoupage art-works, namely Blue-Nude-II in 1952 but after suffering from illness, the decoupage became more difficult for him.


A collage example crafted by the cutting as well as gluing of various photographs in order to form thelatest picture is better known as the ‘photomontage’ or in other words compositing. This new picture can be frequently photographed in order to generate seamless elements to aphoto collage. A true prominence of the digital picture-editing app has mainly led the process of creating photomontage in an easy manner.


A kind of technique through which 3D images are generated by the inclusion of found objects under the flat surface. Assemblage can be said to be a type of visual-art in relation to collage. In the 20th century artists like Pablo Picasso utilized the assemblagein which you can make use of metal-scraps. Robert Rauschenberg was also one of the greatest assemblage artistswhose mixed-media art combined found-materials& paint in order to generate reliefs, which is a sculpture technique.

Part 4 Collage Templates and How to make them?

Whether it is about looking for the options to deliver a unique blend of emotions and happiness in your gift or wanting to incorporate some meaningful memories as a present for your home decor ideas, collage sample is a great way to turn the digital images into a stunning art-piece. The customizable designing templates collage can give you easy-to-use options from the varieties of designing templates stylishly.

If you are looking for some inspiration then here is a small list of photo-collage ideas you can get for different occasions:-

01Surprise your mom with this stunning collage

mother-son duo collage

If you are thinking about giving a heartworm surprise to your mother then the idea of creating a mother-son or mother-daughter duo collage is the perfect match. By attaching all the stories of mother’s day or your stunning fun loving moments in terms of wallpaper can be a good idea to consider. It is guaranteed to make your mother feel pretty special.

02Take Father’s day Celebration at peak

custom template for collage

If you want to showcase how much you love your father then it is the best you can share with custom template for collage. There are different varieties of templates are available and one can choose the one as per your needs & comfort. Putting some amazing colors like blue, grey or green to your template can showcase how much you love your dad.

03Make it personal with a lovely heart shaped collage

Heart Shaped Collage

After your parents, it is your partner who is very close to you and if you want to make your wedding or anniversary day very special then Heart-Snapshot style of photo collage can make it very convenient for you to consider. This customizable collage can be utilized to celebrate the lifelong memories of your in a stylish way.

04Make a teachers day special event

Teacher’s Classroom Apple-Collage

Treat your teachers with great gesture of love and emotions with unique gift of Teacher’s Classroom Apple-Collage that can be easily enjoyed for the years to come.

05Have some collection of Polaroids collage

Polaroids collage

It is a perfect gifting option for those who are from a modern-day family and particularly wants to provide a pure vintage-look in a few minutes to their pictures.

06For your baby’s day out

photo collage-idea of baby’s day out

Be it a first year of just a lovely day out, the photo collage-idea of baby’s day out can be a perfect blend of emotions and love.

07Make your years of college pretty special

Whether it is about celebrating your last year of putting all your graduate’s in a single image, and putting all the accomplishments in a creative collage idea.

08Geometric photo Grids for your family photo

Geometric photo Grids collage

This ever amazing, versatile picture collage can be a better idea for you to consider for your family members in a single frame.

09Show highlights of your amazing moments

It is a fun loving photo-collage for your lovely wife or a partner to tell everyone about the timelines of your precious moments.

10Circular photo grid

Circular Photo Grid

A perfect collage idea that can showcase a complete Family Circle then this circular photo grid is the most interesting option to consider.

11A blend of emotions with tile photos

photos collage

Searching for a perfect quality of photo-art gift for your family members or friends then this state of the art photo collage can allow you to showcase your photos realistically.

12Put the Combination of Different material

For your artwork, if you want to put together all the elements with your pictures then it is the most suitable option for you to consider. One can make use of it for reflecting creativity in your terms.

RecommendationWondershare Filmora Video Editor

One can be a little bit of artistic just like Pablo-Picasso, for creating the amazing layered collage with the help of ever professional collage making tool:

Wondershare Filmora

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Filmora. This will help you to create stunning looking photos as well as video collages and then share the same with your friends on any other platform. This video editor has all the things that you need the most for being creative and extraordinary with its capability to build custom-animations, generation of Effects with a built-in pack and effective visualization filters.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Be it a birthday, graduation, holiday or your anniversary, with collage templates, you can turn any moment a life-long nostalgia.

You don’t need to be skillful in creating any collage as photo designing and editing skills available today can make the task easy for you.

With digital collages, users can have a lot of benefits in terms of collages without even making some investment on a pen & paper.

You can also experiment varieties of exciting collage making tools for grabbing the attention of your friends.

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