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10 Best Wedding Countdown Clock Apps for Android & iOS

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Wedding is the most special day in lives of all and to make the memorable there are tons of preparations to be done. Keeping the track of the time you have before your D-Day is important to ensure that there is no last-minute hustle-bustle with any preparations. Gone are the days to mark the special days on a calendar. With everything taking the tech route, apps for all types of tasks are available these days and the wedding countdown is no exception to this.

Yes, there are several wedding countdown timer apps available for Android and iOS devices that will help you keep a track of your special wedding day so that you can manage the arrangements and prepare yourself accordingly.

This article will help you to know about different apps in the category and their features and functions.

wedding countdown clock app
In this article
  1. Part 1: Is it Necessary to Set a Countdown Clock before the wedding?
  2. Part 2: Best 10 Wedding Countdown Apps for both Android and iOS
  3. Pro Tips: Make an Impactful Countdown Video Opener for Your Wedding Vlog

Part 1: Is it Necessary to Set a Countdown Clock before the wedding?

Though it is not a necessity to set a count clock before your wedding, if you are someone who wishes to make your special day memorable without any last-minute rush, these apps will be of great use.

Setting a digital wedding countdown clock before a wedding offers several benefits. By having a clock, you know exactly the number of days you have in your hands before the wedding day. When you know the exact time available, it is easier to plan and manage the tasks. You can delegate and assign the task to the number of people depending on the days you have. In case you have hired a planner, the countdown clock will assist you in checking the tasks completed and the ones left. Other preparations like the guest list, invitations, wedding dress, and other arrangements can be kept well track of using a wedding countdown clock.

Part 2: Best 10 Wedding Countdown Apps for both Android and iOS

There is no dearth of wedding countdown apps for Android and iOS devices and selecting one among them is a daunting task. So, to help you with the same, we have shortlisted the most popularly used app in the category below.

  1. The Big Day- Wedding Planner

This is an Android and iOS-based app that will help you keep track of the upcoming days of your wedding and also the days that have gone by. The app comes with multiple features that can help you prepare and plan the details of your wedding. There are several menus in the app to help you write personnel, compile the guest list, create invitations and plan other things.


Available on: Android (4.3 rating), iOS (4.8 rating)

Best For: If you are looking for an app that not only lets you keep a countdown of your wedding day but also helps in organizing the event, this is the right choice.

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Allows creating countdown for multiple events including a wedding.
  • Comes with Before and After section where the number of days left as well as the one gone by can be tracked.
  • Option for widget customization.
  • The free version has ads
  • To use the complete features of the app, IAP has to be done.
  1. TheDayBefore

This is a good app if you are looking to calculate the number of days before your wedding day or any other special occasion. The interface of the app is simple and it let you calculate the days left in different unique methods. You can choose the notification center from the widget icons.

the day before

Available on: Android (4.4 rating), iOS (4.8 rating)

Best For: People who are passionate with recording details before wedding and insensitive to price.

  • Easily calculate the days left for an event in 7 different ways.
  • Stylish icons to choose options from the notification center.
  • Allows creating a story over time.
  • High frequency of ads.
  • In-app purchases have to be made to use all the app features.
  1. Bridebook

This app is available both for Android and iOS devices and along with keeping a countdown of the date, it also helps you plan using the personalized checklist. The app also lets you keep a check on the expenses made so that you can meet your set budget.


Available on: Android (3.1 rating), iOS (4.7 rating)

Best For: The app is best suited if you are looking to plan your wedding within a budget. Using the app, the wedding expenses can be kept well-tracked by adding all details.

  • Allows setting a countdown for the special day.
  • Expense tracking can be done for various things like wedding venue, dress, cake, and more.
  • Allows you to manage the guest.
  • The help of the wedding experts can also be taken using the app.
  • To use the advanced features of the app, VIP paid membership is to be taken.
  • Customized invitations cannot be made.
  1. Wedding Countdown Widget

Activate the countdown clock for your wedding in an interesting manner by adding photos using this Android and iOS-based app. You can use either the album from your own device or can also choose from the library available in the app.

Available on: Android (3.3 rating), iOS (4.5 rating)

Best For: To make your wedding countdown interesting by adding pictures.

  • Create a countdown clock for your wedding using the app has a simple interface.
  • Add your own images or from the app library for the countdown.
  • Allows adding widgets to your home screen.
  • Have ads.
  • A lot of users complain about the widget function not working properly.
wedding countdown widget
  1. Wedding Counter

Simple to use, this Android-based app will let you keep track of the number of days to your wedding. To make the countdown even more interesting you can even add the images and also use different styles and themes available in the app.

wedding counter

Available on: Android (3.3 rating)

Best For: This is a suitable app for creating a countdown using pics or using a customized template for the countdown.

  • Create a wedding countdown using pictures and images.
  • Multiple styles and themes are available.
  • Comes with built-in templates for creating countdowns.
  • Features are limited in comparison to other apps.
  • In-app purchases are to be made for using all the app features.
  1. Dreamdays Countdown

Developed by Guxiu Design Inc, this Android and iOS-based app lets you create the countdown for several events based on categories and time. Using the app, you can even customize the countdown by adding a recorded voice, or a background. Additional features include a widget in the notification center, setting voice memos, creating live previews, and more.

dreamdays countdown

Available on: Android (rating 3), iOS (rating 4.7)

Best For: The app is perfect for creating countdowns in different categories along with the option to personalize the event by adding voice memos and background images.

  • Allows setting customized countdown clock with the option to add background and voice memos.
  • Allows toggling between time in terms of days, h/m/s, and y/m/d.
  • Comes with 6 default categories.
  • Allows backing up of data over iOS devices.
  • Allows sharing events with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and another platform.
  • Users complained about the Android version having issues on the OS upgraded device.
  • Crashing issues on Android devices.
  1. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

This is a free Android-based app that supports DIY wedding planners including setting a countdown to your big day. The app interface is simple and allows planning and preparing everything quickly.

ladymarry wedding planner

Available on: Android (rating 4.6)

Best For: The app is best for users who want to go for DIY-wedding-planning and preparations.

  • Free to use simple app for wedding planning.
  • Allows creating a monthly checklist along with tips for day-timeline.
  • Create a customized wedding checklist.
  • Only available for Android devices.
  • Does not work in several locations.
  1. Time Until

The app allows you to set a countdown clock for various different occasions, be it a wedding, anniversary, or other. You can even customize the clock using the free images available at the app library. So create a wedding countdown clock or wedding anniversary countdown clock using this excellent app.

time until

Available on: Android (rating 4.6)

Best For: The users who want to create a stylish looking countdown for their wedding and other events, this is a good app to consider.

  • Create a countdown for events in the future or past.
  • Features an online gallery having a collection of free images.
  • Allows settings live backgrounds to add motion to the countdown.
  • You can visualize the events in time using the timeline.
  • A lot of users have issues with the widgets.
  • Contains ads.
  • IAP to use all the features of the app.
  1. Wedding Planner by MyWed

Using this Android app, all types of wedding related planning and information can be tracked in a simple and hassle-free manner. Though the app is free, you can go for IAP for the additional features.

wedding planner by mywed

Available on: Android (rating 4.8)

Best For: If you are in search of an all-in-one wedding app, this will look after your requirements.

  • Allows managing all the planning and tasks of a wedding.
  • Allows syncing data across all devices.
  • Allows planning a wedding with the spouse and family.
  • Need to opt for IAP to use the advanced features.
  • This wedding day countdown clock comes with ads.
  1. Joy-Wedding App and Website

The app is developed by Joy Life, Inc and is available for free download on Android and iOS devices with the IAP option. In addition to setting a countdown, the app can be used for several other tasks like adding gifts to the wedding registry, uploading and playing photos in a slideshow, creating a guest list with personalized schedules, and more.


Available on: Android (rating 4.5), iOS (rating 4.8)

Best For:

  • Free-to-use app for Android and iOS
  • Allows setting Joy wedding registry with an option to edit and also shop online.
  • Create a guest list and also make travel recommendations along with map support.
  • The layout of this countdown clock to wedding day app is not very clean.
  • Guest list uploading issues faced by a few users.

Pro Tips: Make an Impactful Countdown Video Opener for Your Wedding Vlog

If you are someone who wishes to keep everything about your wedding day special and unique, creating your own wedding countdown vlog will be a good idea. The vlog will help you jot down all the details of your special day using videos that will surely make it a creative piece to cherish for a lifetime. The starting of the vlog has to be something exciting and this will be a countdown video opener.

However, creating such type of video will not be a cakewalk and to make this done efficiently you would need the help of a professional video-making tool.

One such software that can help you create a memorable and eye-catchy customized countdown video opener for your wedding vlog is Wondershare Filmora. The software supports all basic as well as advanced video editing features, using which creative videos like a professional can be created in no time.

The latest countdown feature of the software will further help you create an impactful video opener with a countdown for your vlog.

Free Download
Free Download

Steps to create countdown video opener using Wondershare Filmora

Step1Download, install, and run the software on your system, and then using the Import Media area, browse and add the video. Next, drag and drop the added video to the timeline at the bottom.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 1
wondershare filmora countdown clock 1b

Step2The next step is to choose the countdown type or design. Click on the double arrow button and choose the elements option. The software will open multiple designs from which you can choose the one that matches the type of countdown you want.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 2
wondershare filmora countdown clock 2b

Step3After the desired design is selected, resize it and then relocate it by double-clicking the same. You can place it at the desired location over the video.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 3

Step4Now the number needs to be added to your countdown. Choose the desired one from the Title Tab and then drag and drop it to the timeline which is above the elements overlay.

Step5You now need to adjust the number duration and change it to 1 second. Choose the text and then copy-paste as many numbers of countdowns as needed. The number can be changed by double-clicking the text.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 4

Step6If needed, you can also add a sound effect or music to your countdown using the Audio tab.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 5

Step7When all the desired settings are done, preview the created file and then click on the Export button to process the video and export your countdown video to your desired system location.

wondershare filmora countdown clock 6

Final Words

Keeping a wedding countdown ticker is a great idea to keep everything planned and perfect for your D-Day. Choose from any one of the above-mentioned apps that suits your requirements. Also, share your special day with your loved ones by creating a wedding vlog and adding a customized countdown using Wondershare Filmora software

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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