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8 Best Wedding Videos on YouTube and Vimeo

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The day of wedding is always special and happiest to everyone and the wedding video doubles that happiness since it makes the day memorable. To make your wedding celebration and video meaningful, you should plan it in a unique way. If you have no idea how you can do this or if you just wish to get that amazing wedding atmosphere, we have brought some of the beautiful wedding videos for you.

Part 1: Best Wedding Videos on YouTube

1.JK Wedding Entrance Dance

One of the funniest wedding videos you will ever see is this one right here. The video is packed with hilarious moments, especially the moves of those two gentlemen in the beginning. This is what we call a ‘different’ wedding celebration. If you want to do something out of the box, this can be a great idea. At the end, you will find your wedding full of happiness like this video making your day simply unforgettable. Take your call and gather as much contentment as you can.


By watching this video, you’ll be crying and being happy at the same time. This couple is setting the strongest example of what true love is. We are certain that the sweetness of this wedding video will make your heart melt forcing you to utter that ‘awww’ expression. After watching this perfect wedding video, we wish the bride, the daughter and the man who have shown such a true love a very happy future and god bless such a beautiful soul.

3.A Wedding That Will Move You

Oh! And this one! You can’t miss this heart-touching and beautiful wedding video. You will surely get moved and get goose bumps while watching this. The bride and the groom are so devoting to each other making this video no less than a fairytale. The boy started getting diagnosed with liver cancer. The last wish was to get married and the love between the couple made people compelled to make the hospital a church. The man died happily within 10 hours of wedding.

4. My Wedding Speech

Among loads of stories available there, this is one of the best wedding videos ever. The groom’s speech is a song that truly makes the girl pleased and smile. Well the man gave us an idea that when speech bores you just write a song and sing it. The groom, with rewriting his lovely speech, oh we mean song, simply handles all the nervousness and touches each one’s heart in the crowd. Probably every girl in the world expects such an adorable man as her partner!

Part 2: Best Wedding Videos on Vimeo

1. The Wedding of London and Nathan

When there is such pure love between couple, they do look beautiful together. And the best wedding video naturally shows the love glowing on their faces. The groom’s brother expressed his touching childhood wish of having a baby sister. He said with his brother’s wedding, god has gifted him the sister he always so earnestly wished for. This melted the couple’s hearts. The blushing couple in every scene of the wedding video reminded of the fairytales that say ‘happily ever after’.

2.IyaVillania and Drew Arellano’s Wedding

The white flowers, sunset, the cliff across the beach, what more could a bride ask for to make the wedding the most memorable event of her life. This is one such perfect wedding video, where the couple exchanged their own set of cute wedding vows. The sea in the backdrop was a testament of their beautiful love story unfolding under the golden dawn. And their first dance under the stars touched people’s hearts.

3.Greatest wedding toast of all time!

The most beautiful wedding videos often have a different kind of celebration. The groom’s friends raised the wedding toast in very different way adding more highlights to the celebrations. The newlywed couple kept on bursting with laughter with the toast being sung. Well! Those girls wrote the composition and dedicated it to the bride. How adorable that was! Everyone ended up dancing to their hilarious poem at the end.

4.Kelly and Dustin

Watching the perfect wedding video always brings goose bumps, when you see the couple so in love with each other. They have exchanged love notes and got teary eyed reading them. What a romantic backdrop for a wedding that took place amidst greenery. The groom even surprised the bride with a gift hidden under the couch. The cutesy invites and the wonderful couple so in love made everything look breathtaking. The recent downpour made the surrounding looks so fresh and lively.

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Final Verdict

The list ends here and those were some wedding videos you must watch. We wish that the one reading this post will share his/her story and beautiful wedding video too one day. So, which one is the best wedding video according to you? Tell us your choice and we hope that you like this list. Thanks!

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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