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The 10 Best Trending Background Music for YouTube Shorts

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Even though it has only been a while since YouTube Shorts has been released, it has already become quite popular instantly. For instance, each day YouTube Shorts get a view of more than 6 billion the world over. Though, if you also want to make your YouTube Shorts videos more appealing, then consider adding some interesting background music in them.

Here, I will make you familiar with 10 trending YouTube Shorts music options that you can also consider adding to your videos.

Part 1: What are YouTube Shorts All About?

Recently released, YouTube Shorts is a dedicated feature in the app that lets us view or post short videos of 60 seconds or less. To access this feature, you can just go to the “Shorts” option from the bottom panel of your YouTube app. This will automatically load all kinds of short videos that you can browse on YouTube.


Part 2: Top 10 Trending Background Music for YouTube Shorts

While there are thousands of options to YouTube Shorts songs, I would recommend going through the following picks for your next videos:

1. Fun Background Mix

This is one of the most popular songs for YouTube Shorts that you might have come across in the past, too. Since it is a copyright-free track, you can use any part of it in your Shorts videos without any issue. In most cases, this YouTube Shorts music is recommended to add a funny or relaxing appeal to your videos.

2. Tropical Mix

If you want to add all kinds of unique music for YouTube Shorts, then you can explore this mix of 15+ different tracks. All these background songs are based on a fun and light tropical feel, letting you add a chill and relaxed appeal to your Shorts videos for sure.

3. Upbeat Music for Shorts

Are you a fitness blogger on YouTube or would like to come up with some motivational content? In this case, you can explore this YouTube Shorts background music that has an upbeat and uplifting appeal. It would be best suited for motivational and fitness videos and can be used for free.

4. Motivational and Uplifting Score

This is another recommended choice of YouTube Shorts BGM for motivational or inspirational videos. The track starts with a soothing appeal and gradually grows to an uplifting rhythm with the help of drums and guitars. You can simply clip its best parts while using it on your YouTube Shorts video.

5. Soothing No Copyright Music

This is one of the best YouTube Shorts songs that can go flawlessly with almost every kind of video. From a romantic to an inspirational charm, the track has different lows and highs that would compliment all kinds of content for sure. After loading it on YouTube Shorts, just make sure you clip out the best segments according to the type of video you are posting

6. Dreamer by Hazy Ambient Music

For all those who post emotional or romantic content on YouTube Shorts, this would be an ideal background score. The ambient music has soft rhythms that would add a soothing appeal to your videos, letting your audience focus on other important things.

7. Ethnic Hip Hop Music

Having a blend of ethnic and retro appeal, this would be an ideal YouTube Shorts copyright music that you can add to your videos. It has tons of musical instruments (both old and new) mixed flawlessly. It will certainly grab the attention of your audience and will make your Shorts stand out.

8. City Calm Track

From fashion bloggers to lifestyle influencers, everyone can take the assistance of these YouTube Shorts songs. It has a calming yet modern appeal that would make your videos sound unique for sure. You can explore this music for YouTube shorts and simply clip out the best segment for your video.

9. Peaceful Piano Music

This is a copyright-free YouTube Shorts music that would let you add a peaceful effect to your videos. The best part is that this is a royalty-free track, which means you can seamlessly add it to your videos without any hassle. It is a highly recommended track for those who create inspirational and emotional content for their audience.

10. Catwalk Funny Music

Lastly, you can also explore these YouTube Shorts trending songs as a background score for funny and cute videos. The track is often used for video content related to pets, slow dances, makeup tutorials, and so on. You can use this royalty-free music directly on YouTube Shorts without any conflicts.

Part 3: How to Add Background Music to YouTube Shorts Videos?

I’m sure that after going through these YouTube Shorts songs, you can easily find the perfect background music for your videos. Though, if you want to add music for YouTube Shorts, then you can do it via its native recording and editing feature. To add or edit YouTube Shorts BGM, you can just follow these steps:

Step 1: Record a Video on YouTube Shorts and Select the Clip

You can start by launching the YouTube application on your device and visiting the Shorts section. Now, tap on the red (recording) icon to shoot a video and let go of it to stop the recording. As the video would be recorded, you can go to its dedicated section from the top and select it.


Step 2: Search for Songs for YouTube Shorts

Great! Once you have selected the video segment, you can just tap on the “Add Music” button from the top panel. This will automatically load all the trending music in different categories that you can preview in advance.


If you want, you can just enter the name of the song, genre, artist, or any other keyword on the search bar to look for anything specific.

Step 3: Add Music to YouTube Shorts

After finding the right track for the video clip, you can tap on it, and it will automatically be loaded on the interface. You can further tap on the “Adjust” button on the side to make changes to the added music.


This will let you clip out the specific part of the song that you want to add to your video on YouTube. Once you have found the right segment of the track, you can preview it, and tap on the “Done” button to clip it.

That’s it! This will automatically add the selected music for YouTube Shorts, letting you post it on the app. If you want to make any changes, then you can tap on the track’s icon from the top. This will let you delete the added track for your video or change it with any other background music.


Bonus Tip: Add Stunning Edits to Your Videos with Filmora

Now, when you know how to add YouTube Shorts music to any video, you can easily come up with some great content for your channel. Though, if you want to make better edits and make your videos even more interesting, then you can use Wondershare Filmora.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

The desktop application has tons of editing features to add transitions, captions, filters, overlays, and so much to your videos. There are also inbuilt AI-integrated features to automatically remove the background from your videos and implement other effects.

Besides that, some other features in Filmora are animation keyframing, auto reframing, audio ducking, silence detection, speed controls, and more.


I’m sure that after going through these suggestions, you can pick some of the best YouTube Shorts music tracks for your videos. Since YouTube Shorts has a wide range of music, you can find all kinds of background tracks for your funny, inspirational, romantic, or any other videos.

Besides that, if you want to make better edits to your videos, then you can also try Wondershare Filmora. It is an ultra-smart and user-friendly editing tool that would let you come up with some of the most visually appealing videos in no time.

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