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5 Best Tools to Help You Distort Audio

The media industry uses multiple ways to distort audio and bring uniqueness to the product. The film editors create emphasis and add an element of humor and suspense through the distortion of audio. Let us begin in understanding the tools more clearly! Five popular audio distorters Wondershare FilmoraPro will be discussed.

Part 1: 5 Popular Software to Help You Distort Audio

The video audio distorter has their need in the market to bring a musical effect to the audio. It is essential to have access to good audio editing software to make the process flawless. The section introduces five software to distort video audio. Let us have a look, shall we?

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition has to be a good choice for handling the audio distortion with minimal effort. Offering an interactive interface and good audio editing features, Adobe Audition provides multi-track editing. It makes the user experience worthwhile. The Adobe Audition distorted audio works on an Al technology that determines places where low volume is needed.

adobe audition interface

It helps make the vocals, speech, and sound clearer. Essentially, Adobe Audition plays a vital role in integrating multiple audio clips in one file and helps repair audio breaks. It surely is a good package, isn’t it?

Another workable feature of this audio distorter is that it supports various audio formats, including WAV, OGG, CAF, MP3, AIF, AIFF, AIFC, FLAC, and PCM. The video formats include AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.


The global market recognizes Aduacity as the premiere pro distorted audio software that is free of charge. The tool has become popular due to the multiple advanced features it brings to the table. For instance, professionals can count on this application to add effects such as bass and treble. The tool does a phenomenal job in noise removal and distorting it.

audacity editor interface

Aduacity comes first in a user’s mind if several analysis tools are the need of the hour. From beat finder to silence finder and sound finder, Aduacity has got you pretty much all covered. Covers pretty much, right?

Aduacity helps record audio, digitize recordings from other media, insert effects, and add plugins as a cross-platform. It supports multiple formats such as WAV, MP4, OGG VORBIS, AC3, FLAC, and MP3. The user is also free to enable keyboard shortcuts for faster workflow.


To have access to distort audio premiere pro software, WavePad has to be your first choice. The tool acts as an exceptional audio editor offering basic as well as advanced features. Creative professionals can use WavePad for music production and regular recordings in the media industry. Additionally, the application does an impeccable job in supporting the major audio formats.

interface of wavepad editor

WavePad can be relied upon for significant reasons. The user can cut, trim, copy, amplify, split, equalize, and normalize the audio tracks in a matter of seconds. Feels right for your use, does it?

The batch processing feature enhances the productivity at the workplace multifold. With this, WavePad distorts audio like a pro and handles all processes to distort video audio simultaneously.


Finding the best tool is exhaustive. Ardour is another audio distorter that is reasonably workable for musicians in the industry. The musicians use the software to audio record and distort audio to give it a quality and a meaning. Additionally, Ardour is more focused on the enhancement of recorded audio as compared to the editing of audio and music.

ardour application design

Ardour is effortlessly free, which makes it popular among different creative professionals. The software does an exceptional job of cutting, moving, copying, pasting, aligning, trim, renaming, crossfading, zooming, transporting, quantizing, dragging, and stretching the audio.

One can count on this application to work for several hours. It also gives the musician complete control over the tool usage. Does it truly helps you in making music this perfect?

Sound Forge

Sound Forge is on the list of perfectly designed audio editors and audio distorters, acting as the Premiere Pro audio distortion tool. Even if it offers advanced features, a significant ratio of amateurs and beginners can use Sound Forge for audio editing, mastering, recording, and processing. Sounds like a tool for you, does it?

sound forge editor design

Sound Forge is in the market with a diverse range of versions. The Pro version is designed for professionals and offers multi-track recording, voice activity detection, Disc Description protocol, and much more. The application can be relied upon for it works on artificial intelligence to bring nothing but the best.

The Audio Studio of Sound Forge lets the user record, edit, restore, and master songs with professional effects. The Windows and Mac users can safely use the tool effortlessly.

Part 2: How to Make Sound/Audio Effects in FilmoraPro?

Wondershare FilmoraPro takes the lead without any exaggeration as we rate the audio and video editors in the market. The professional tools offered by Filmora let you create anything while accelerating the process. One can use FilmoraPro to compress audio, reduce noise, and access the automatic audio sync feature. Does it sound like an ideal tool to you?

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

The section is responsible for informing the users about the audio effects in FilmoraPro and how they should be used to distort audio and other relevant editing. Wish to know more about the effects? Look into the details featured below.


The first audio effect is Balance, whose value is set to 0 by default. The user can pan the audio within the stereo field of the projects. After the effect is added to the clip, its properties can be adjusted from the Control Panel.

balance effect

Channel Levels

The Channel Level effect helps adjust the left and right audio channels. The left audio channel plays a role in determining the volume level of the left audio channel. The source volume is originally set to 0DB. The right audio channel is the vice versa of the left audio channel having the same source volume.

channel levels effect

Audio Reverse

The Audio Reverse effects aid the user play the imported audio in reverse. There are no controls for this feature effect. It just starts working in reverse.


The following sound effect is Compressor. The Compressor feature reduces the peak in the audio while keeping the loud parts loud so that they can be identified and perceived. The faint sounds can also be made louder through Compressor. Feeling in control with this feature?

compressor effect

The Knee permits the user to control the transition from compressed to uncompressed, and Limiter limits the peaks to a constant level that audio extremes cannot exceed.


The Equalizer effect plays a pivotal role in strengthening the specific frequencies in the audio file. There are multiple presets that optimize it faster. The presets include Bass Boost and Low Pass.

equalizer effect

Noise Reduction

Professionals use the Noise Reduction feature to reduce the noise from the background. The effect allows you to choose how much DB the sound has to be reduced. One can also reset the noise print by repositioning the playhead from the timeline.

noise reduction effect


The Echo effect adds echoes to the audio to offer the audio a unique outlook. The user is free to set the delay and fall off of echoes.

echo effect


The Pitch effect to the audio counters the pitch change that often occurs after a playback speed. The low and high-pitched sounds can be created effortlessly.

pitch effect


Tone sound effect helps the professional choose from Sine and Square options. The Preset menu offers multiple tones with a constant frequency.

tone effect

Wrapping Up

It is essential to distort audio in the music and media industry for a diverse range of reasons. An overview of five audio distorters is covered that can be used for phenomenal results. Wondershare FilmoraPro was also introduced with its multiple effects that are handy for creative professionals in the field.

This tool puts you in control of your audios. Make sure to get to know everything about distorting audios with FilmoraPro.

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