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Ultimate Guide About Choosing Free Voice Recorder in 2024

Are you looking for a list of high-quality but free voice recorders? Here are the top 10 free sound recorders you should download to your computer.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Dec 03, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Have you ever forgotten a class lecture or business meeting? If you have, then you are at the right place. This article includes the top 10 voice recorder apps for PC that you can install on your laptop and record everything you want to remember. These are free-to-use tools but do they offer appropriate features to record and edit audios? Let’s dive deep and find how these 10 free voice recorder apps for PC helps users record different sounds, music, and even lectures. So let’s get started:

10 Best Free Audio Recording Software for PC

Here are the top 10 free to use voice recorders that you must have on your computer:

1. Free Sound Recorder

Whether you want to create videos, record podcasts, or make music videos, a free sound recorder can be the best tool to record and edit the voice and sounds. The free audio recorder has a simple interface for beginners. Also, professionals can use this tool and mix their audio for clear sounds. This is a high-quality and efficient software for voice recording. To get started with Free Sound Recorder, simply:

  • Download the software

  • Connect microphone

  • Choose sound card

  • Adjust recording settings

  • Start recording

Although Free Sound Recorder is a free to download software, it offers users with professional-grade production quality that most popular paid tools don’t provide.

free sound recorder interface

2. GarageBand

GarageBand is an exclusive voice recording tool for macOS and provides a complete range of professional tools, music lessons, and virtual instruments. Furthermore, you can connect a premium quality microphone and record voice, vocals, and instruments. Like Free Sound Recorder, GarageBand is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that offers a wide range of drum tracks, synths, virtual amps, and effects. This free voice recorder tool isn’t compatible with devices other than iOS. Also, you can integrate third-party plug-ins with GarageBand to transpose and edit your music, voice, and other sounds.

garage band audio recorder

3. Audacity

Audacity is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is an open-source recording tool that you can customize according to your needs. You can use a line-in jack, microphone, or live stream audio with this tool. It has a clean and lightweight interface that novice users can easily understand.

Besides beginners, professional musicians, podcasters, and recording artists use this tool. With advanced features such as tempo, speed, and pitch control, you can control the recording and editing process. Furthermore, the tool offers built-in reverb, noise remover, and compressor tools. On top of these features, Audacity enables you to expand your options by integrating third-party plug-in.

Audacity audio recording tool

4. Ardour

Ardour is also an open-source voice recorder tool that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a highly versatile recording tool that offers multi-track recording features. With this tool, you can record, edit, and export audio tracks without a hitch. Besides the audio recorder, Ardour is an audio editor and a centralized tool to bring life to your audio track. Whether you want to record for a live session or want to create an album, Ardour is a perfect voice recording tool.

Ardour audio recording tool

5. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is a smart editing tool that enables users to perform a wide array of tasks. The automated response features make it a unique tool for sound editing. You can eliminate background noise or add effects to your audio file without any hassle or confusion. Users can also download and install Ocenaudio on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Needless to say, Ocenaudio is an excellent cross-platform audio editor with multiple features and a user-friendly interface.

Ocenaudio sound recording tool

6. QuickTime

QuickTime is a popular audio editing tool for Mac users. It enables users to record ongoing audio and enhance the sound quality. Although this tool offers basic editing tools, many professional recording artists use it for recording. You can use this tool to record college lectures or office meetings. Once you are done with the recording, you can easily edit, split, and trim audio clips. QuickTime delivers synchronized video, sound, graphics, and music and much more.

7. Cleanfeed

Cleanfeed is a convenient and intuitive tool for radio and audio recording. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to download the software. Instead, you can register on their website and start recording the audio. This means that you can use this tool on a PC as well as a mobile phone.

This tool operates on auto-pilot mode. Once you click the record button on the browser, it will record, mix, and edit the audio for the best sound quality. Also, you don’t have to download and integrate different third-party plug-ins to enhance sound quality. Simply register with the website and start recording.

cleanfeed audio recording tool

8. Zynewave Podium Free

Podium is a 64-bit, fully functional sound recording tool with third-party and VST compatibility. You can also connect MIDI devices with this tool. Podium had many other advanced features as well. The free version of this tool does not include some features from the premium version. But, if you want to record high-quality sound, this is the best free audio recording software. Although the tool is a bit complicated for beginners, with little practice, you will learn advanced features such as customization as well.

zynewaye podium free audio recording tool

9. Cakewalk

Cakewalk is an audio production tool with an easy interface. The simple recording and mixing process makes this tool an ideal option for beginners. The tool allows you to record and export MIDI devices as well. You can download the 30 days trial version for the basic recording feature. For musicians, this tool offers a wide array of features such as integrated staff view, track templates, and high-quality virtual instruments.

cakewalk audio recording tool

10. Sound Forge Pro

Sound forge pro is an advanced free audio recorder with powerful editing features, multi-channel recording, and a plethora of plug-in options. The professional user interface and 64-bit support enhance its audio processing performance. You can also integrate a variety of built-in and third-party plug-ins with Sound Forge Pro to increase your control over sounds, and export audio with clarity. The multichannel environment makes it possible for you to record and edit different audios.

sound forge pro sound recording tool

Closing Word

Using the advanced free sound recorders mentioned above, you can record, edit, and share high-quality sounds. You can use these tools for a myriad of purposes such as music producing, sound recording, seminar, and lecture recording. Furthermore, you can record voice for your YouTube videos and podcasts. However, for video recording and editing videos you have to download a professional video editing tool such as the Filmora video editing tool.

Filmora is a drag and drops video editing software that enables us to combine audio and video. Furthermore, with overlays and filters, you can enhance the quality of your video and eliminate camera-shaking effects. Some advanced Filmora features include:

  • Audio Equalizer

  • Color tuning

  • Scene detection

  • Video stabilization

  • Audio mixer

  • Noise remover

If you want to learn more about Wondershare Filmora or download the tool for audio and video editing, you can visit this link.

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